'30% of the material is butter and 30% is sugar', the most fat pastry bread in Europe

Traditional pastry breads are being spread in northern France: putting butter loaves and large amounts of sugar on bread dough and wrapping them in dough .... A movie approaching this secret of pastry bread is available on YouTube.

Trying the Fattiest Pastry in Europe-YouTube

The most fat confectionery bread in Europe is Quinnie Aman from the Brittany region in northern France. Quiny Aman means 'Butter candy' as it is.

As the name suggests, Quini Amman is rich in butter, and is characterized by a ratio of '30% of the material is 30% and sugar is 30%.'

Among the Bretagne region, the commune of Duarnune is a small town with a population of around 15,000. The places to go sightseeing are also limited ...

The shop 'Boulangerie des Plomarc'h' in this town is famous for

offering the best quiny aman in the world.

Thierry Luca is the owner of this shop.

According to Luca, Quiny Aman was born in Douarnune in the 1860s.

This is a photo of that time.

At that time, it is Kuinui Aman that the baker who had cut out the ingredients devised it in time as 'a thing in the shop that can be made immediately'.

What remained in the hands of the person who was a baker and a confectioner was 'seed of bread' ...


And sugar. Quinie Aman was born by combining these three.

The following is the actual work site of Mr. Luca. Stir ingredients with a large mixer ......

I will make bread seeds.

Although it is a simple material, it is difficult to make, it is done by hand.

At first we spread bread seed ...

Aside from the bread seeds, use a rolling pin to stretch a chunk of butter with a gongon.

Put flat butter on bread dough ...

Zaba with sugar.

And we will put butter in the dough from the four sides.

The dough wrapped in butter is further broken and stretched repeatedly ...

Then I put the milk on the surface in the oven.

Luca's father is also a baker, and Luca learned how to make Quinie Aman at the age of 7-8. For the next 47 to 48 years, Ms. Luca has been burning Quiney Aman for many years.

Put the dough in the oven and wait for a while ...

A huge quyne aman is completed with such a feeling. Unlike Japanese confectionery bread, it seems like it is a style to be shared by several people.

The baked Kueny Aman is sparkling like a plump butter because of its large amount of butter.

Of course, it is possible to make Quiney Aman healthier if you reduce butter and sugar. However, Mr. Luca is obsessed with this '30% butter and 30% sugar'.

Following the traditional recipe is the style of Dualnene, and this Quinie Aman is not a 'healthy food' but a 'fun' food.

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