Baking the stuck MacBook Air in the oven proves that it is completely broken

by MartinHots

Because of God's patronage, some people in the world have put a dead MacBook into the oven and brought it back. Blogger Alistair Wooldrich, who actually tried to burn the stuck MacBook Air in the oven after seeing the writing, completely killed the MacBook Air, saying that 'a miracle is not a universal visit.' It proved me by myself.

Baked MacBook Air: A cautionary

It all starts with the fact that Mr. Woold Rich dropped the MacBook Air from a height of about 30 cm. Wool Drich's MacBook Air seems to have been working without problems when it was dropped several times before, but that day it was a bad place, even if the power switch was turned on, the power could not be lost at all .

The image below is Mr. Wooldrich's MacBook Air when it was running without problems.

The next day, according to the support guidance of the Internet, Mr. Wool Drich ' NVRAM / PRAM reset ', ' SMC reset ', 'Reconnecting all connectors of logic board', 'Reconnecting power board of logic board', etc. I tried to fix it. However, MacBook Air remained broken.

Knowing on the Internet how to bake a MacBook in the oven, Wooldrich decided to burn the MacBook Air's logic board in the oven to remake it. The principle of this “oven repair method” seems to be the same as reflow soldering performed after preheating the substrate and parts at 150 ° to 170 °. Old Rich removed the logic board and digital I / O board of the MacBook Air using a pentalobe driver and a torx driver and placed them in the oven.

The oven used for Mr. Wool Drich's 'Repairing the Oven' looks like this.

According to the recipe on the Internet, logic board is recommended to bake at 170 degrees for 7 minutes, and 'Whether preheating is necessary' or 'Whether to apply egg yolk for glossing' etc. is not described About. Mr. Wooldrich did not think that 'the surface of the logic board should be glossy like a commercially available apple pie', so he decided to bake the logic board without preheating and without egg yolk.

The logic board heated to 170 degrees seems to 'do not smell so good', but Mr. Wool Drich solves the problem with a simple and elegant method of opening the door connected to the outside. After 6 minutes of baking, it seems that some thin wires 'turned in an unnatural direction', but Mr. Woold Rich was quite confident in the situation of the oven repair, and the last 60 seconds During that time, I decided to raise the oven temperature to 180 degrees. When I actually raised the temperature, the resistors and parts that came with the logic board made a popcorn-like noise, blow out the smoke, and the logic board itself bent in the middle.

This is the image of the logic board and digital I / O board after baking.

If you look at the arrow, you can see that the CPU has been lifted from the logic board.

The USB port and the MagSafe connector are hanging down.

Of the three arrows, the top arrow points to the place where the original resistance had come off, and the resistance pointed by the lower two arrows is said to be loose.

Wool Drich cleans the smoke generated by the oven and then solders the logic board to try again, but the MacBook Air never recovers. 'Don't have a warranty, and if it's brought to the Apple Store, the logic board can only repair hundreds of dollars,' Wool Drich said, 'Don't you bring it to the Apple Store and ask for repair?' I knew it would cost me a few thousand yen, so I stopped it now, but now I'm considering taking it with the Apple Store representative to see what I'm going to do with my oven repair method. ' It answers with.

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