What is the 'most dangerous substance in the universe' that the planet collapses just by touching it?

The science of humanity is now capable of collapsing the Earth, but the universe surpasses it.

Its existence has not been proved yet, but the hypothesis is that the science-based YouTube channel Kurzgesagt explains in animation the ultra-hazardous “ strange substance ” that can collapse any planet with just one.

The Most Dangerous Stuff in the Universe-Strange Stars Explained-YouTube

A ' neutron star ' is a densest object next to a black hole .

It is hypothesized that what constitutes the central part of a neutron star is the ' strange substance ' which is the most dangerous substance in the universe.

Strange matter is a substance that twists the law of the universe, infects with other substances, and destroys ...

It is also thought to be a substance that may indicate 'the origin of the universe'.

In order to understand how strange materials are strange materials, this movie first explains the basic knowledge quite simply.

Neutron stars of large mass stellar

supernova occurs a result that caused the explosion.

In supernova explosions, the stars themselves

collapse due to their own gravity. Due to the inward force of the star's own gravity, the nucleus and particles become mixed in the center of the star.

Stirred electrons are pushed into protons, combined, and transformed into neutrons.

The particles completely fill the inside of the atom with sizzling, but the particles continue to resist each other so that they are not crushed by repulsion.

If the particle is completely crushed by gravity, the star becomes a black hole, and if the repulsion of the atom wins, the star becomes a neutron star.

Neutron stars are only as large as the human city, but they have mass similar to the sun.

Because the principles of nuclear physics are different inside a neutron star, there is a theory that as a result there are strange materials that are not dangerous.

The movie next explains 'how strange materials are formed'. The particles that make up the nucleus, protons and neutrons, are made up of elementary particles called '

quarks '.

Quarks can not exist alone, but always exist in combination with other quarks.

In normal space, even if you try to isolate a quark, repulsive force works.

When you apply energy to a quark, it has the property of using that energy to create a new quark.

There are various types of quarks ...

Quarks other than ' up quark ' and ' down quark ' decay immediately and become either up quark or down quark.

It is argued that these quark laws are different inside a neutron star.

The force acting inside the neutron star is very close to the nascent universe right after the

Big Bang ...

Neutron stars tell us 'the past of the universe', just like fossils.

Learning the behavior of quarks inside neutron stars leads to learning the laws of the universe.

At the center of a neutron star, the bonds of the quarks that make up the protons and neutrons are released, and there exist intermixed quarks that exist ...

A single quark forms a huge mass called 'quark matter'.

Although they appear to be exactly the same as neutron stars, stars composed of quark matter are called '

quark stars '.

What is inside that quark star is the most dangerous substance in the universe, the

strange quark .

When the pressure inside the quark rises above a certain level, the quark begins to change to strange quarks, and the change continues.

There is no proper phrase to describe the characteristics of strange quarks, but dare to say, strange quarks are 'strong'.

Once strange quarks are created, they produce ' strange materials '.

It is believed that strange materials have perfect density and stability, are not destructible, are more stable than all materials, and can exist outside the neutron star ...

The serious problem with strange materials is that they are 'infectious'.

It is believed that all substances that come in contact with strange materials become strange materials.

All protons and neutrons are decomposed and become part of quark matter, and they are transformed into strange matter.

The only way to remove strange materials is to push them into black holes.

However, strange materials are inside neutron stars, so you don't have to worry about them.

The only exception is when a neutron star collides with another neutron star or black hole, and it is believed that the collided neutron star emits a large amount of '

strangelet ', which is a fragment of strange matter.

Strangelettes, smaller than

subatomic particles , travel the universe for hundreds of millions of years before colliding with other materials.

If even one Strangelet collides with the Earth, all of the Earth's atoms will turn into Strange matter, and it will become a mass of asteroid-sized Strange matter.

When a stranger strikes the sun, the sun becomes a strange star and the sun decreases. As a result, the earth becomes frozen and becomes a planet of death.

Some hypotheses claim that there are more Strangelets than the number of stars in the galaxy.

It is believed that these streaklets are formed immediately after the big bang, when the galaxy is still at a temperature and pressure like the center of a neutron, and that dark matter may actually be a streaklet.

But that is just a hypothesis.

Planets such as the Earth and the Sun have not been invaded by Strangelet for at least billions of years.

So it seems good to think that nothing will happen at least soon.

Thinking about strange materials and strangerlets is the key to thinking about the formation of the universe and the way of the universe today.

When scientists conducted experiments on electrons using magnets and wires, it would have been impossible to imagine what science and technology the experiment would be after hundreds of years.

The hypotheses that scientists today make to neutron stars and strange materials have the potential to lead to a future that we can not imagine.

Of course, there is also the possibility of ending with a mere hypothesis. All will prove time.

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