Headline News for April 16, 2019

KADOKAWA and is known for the development of the 'monster strike' de la gate , pre-up part Poor's has announced a new smartphone game project of the summer service scheduled to start 2019 'Shachibato! (Provisional)'. The main illustrations are Mr. Yoshizaki Kannon of 'Kemono Friends' and 'Keroro Gunso', the main scenario is Yusaku Igarashi who is known for 'The Secret of Haruka Nogizaka ', the game director is Masahiro Yamamoto of the ' Makai Senki Disgaea ' series and the executive producer Yoshiki Okamoto, who was in charge of 'Sonson' and 'Every Party' in the former Capcom, will serve.

New smartphone game app 'Shachibat! (Provisional)' development materials will be released in Gacha!

In addition, in commemoration of the project announcement, a campaign has been developed on the official site that development materials in the game will be released as a gacha. Please be sure to challenge anyone who is concerned about the portrait containing Mr. Yoshizaki's autographed signature.

By the way, such an article was published on the same day in the past on the same day.

It seems that people who want to make a work without paying the creators by any means seem to say-A Collection-GIGAZINE

Hubble Space Telescope captures the shape of 'Einsteinling' created by light that is twisted by the gravity of the galaxy-GIGAZINE

The world's first high-performance eye mask 'Neuroon' reviewing brain waves to improve sleep quality-GIGAZINE

Finally, worldwide sales of digital distribution music will exceed CD sales-GIGAZINE

Premium iPad used by Pope pops off at auction-GIGAZINE

In Forest, which published 'Kotobiki ageha', etc., went bankrupt and debt 3 billion yen-GIGAZINE

New and old various mobile phones, pagers and smartphones arranged side by side and played with ringtones 'Mobile Orchestra'-GIGAZINE

Two explosions at the Boston Marathon goal kill 3 people, more than 120 injured-GIGAZINE

The excrement that has fallen from the plane hits a private house, penetrates the roof and falls into the bedroom-GIGAZINE

◆ neta (memo, various other)

◆ Science (Science, Learning, Technology)
Commentary: The first private landing on the moon is 'a big step forward' | National Geographic Japan Edition site

Why only jellyfish swim? Secret is a slight gene | NHK News

Even though jellyfish are corals and sea anemones, why did they only swim in the sea? Research teams in Japan and Germany have found that the difference is in a very small number of genes.

What makes Jellyfish Jellyfish? Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University OIST

Transparent jellyfish, colorful corals, sea anemone on the seabed. Although they look quite different, they all belong to the same class in the phylogenetic tree of animals. Actually, jellyfish also adhere to the seabed at the early stage of growth like corals and sea anemones. Researchers at the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University (OIST) have identified a group of genes that enable jellyfish to graduate from the fixation stage and swim into the sea.

Fujitsu aims to start post production of 'K' in 2021: Nihon Keizai Shimbun

Utilization rate 0.1% server 'I want to respond to increase'

The enemy is a hole in the nest → repaired by self-destruction Aphid larva behavior found: Asahi Shimbun digital

When a natural enemy such as a moth larva opens a hole in a hump and invades, the aphid moth fights, and it discharges a special solid fluid that occupies more than half of the body volume and closes the hole in the invasion path.

Construction of large-scale telescope 'Subaru', death of Abe Nobuo: Technology: Yomiuri Shimbun Online

The number of measles infected people in the world quadrupled January to March, over 110,000 people and WHO-Mainichi Shimbun

Toppan Printing Develops Tube-Type Package “Tube-Native Pouch” That Can Be Easily Squeezed | Press Release

Umezu and Tohoku University associate professors at the Saruhashi Prize ... Half Metal Research: Technology: The Yomiuri Shimbun Online

When I ate a restaurant in a Thai restaurant, the plate automatically exploded. 'I want to scientifically verify this phenomenon.' 'There is an explosion of a tempered glass plate'-Togetter

◆ Society, politics, economy (case, world news, business)
Harbor unions can not load containers on weekdays for the first time in 22 years | NHK News

Set meal 'Yayoi eken', alternative stores for pay at some stores Opinions from 'unfair feeling' from customers-Mainichi Shimbun

'Seven-Eleven headquarters has neither blood nor tears' A convenience store owner wife who has been forced into a closed store in a store crowd and disappeared and sued at a press conference

Trump's Press Purizer Prize for NYT and WSJ 2 papers 1 photo International News: AFPBB News

Okinawa US Marine Corps top Prefecture people's feelings consideration instruction female murder case received | NHK News

Fraudulent telephone calls to China? Taiwanese men and women in arrests Japanese vacancies abuse | NHK News

Former Iranian ambassador kisses a subordinate woman or woman criminal charges | NHK News

Report of 'parting talk trouble' from the US Army Military Corps Okinawa · 2 men and women remains of the body after killing women-Mainichi Shimbun

WEB Special Feature Why Private People Are So! ? | NHK News

I noticed that I was interviewing to find out the real of Kasumigaseki. 'There are a lot of people from the private sector, surprisingly!' What actually happened? ('The real of Kasumigaseki' coverage group)

Welfare pension participation, 70 years old or more The Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare considers payment obligation: The Nihon Keizai Shimbun

Similar incidents around courier company robbery related investigation Tokyo Ota Ward | NHK News

Sex with a daughter, an acquittal shock 'Strictly difficult to resist' wall: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Column: Bought-to-buy JDI, no excuse for salvation-Reuters

New banknote, Tsuda Umeko's photo flip or portrait of 5 thousand yen bill, Tsuda Keidai pointed out |

Paris Notre Dame cathedral fire almost extinguished | NHK News

North Korean Textbook, Obtained Independently Aim to Teach Children 'Lits': Asahi Shimbun Digital

Sakurada Olympics' resignation 'too late' 62% Asahi Public Opinion Survey: Asahi Shimbun Digital

In a nationwide public opinion poll conducted by Asahi Shimbun on the 13th and 14th, when asked that Mr. Yoshitaka Sakurada who had a series of missteps resigned from the Olympics, 62% said he was 'too late'. It greatly exceeded 24% of 'I do not think so'. Fifty-six percent of the former deputy ministers of Japan and the United Nations said they have relentlessly announced the intentions of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and others in the road project.

Free trade destroys democracy Protective trade appealed by Emmanuel Todd: Asahi Shimbun GLOBE +

Rules for handing over children in divorce unanimously approved bill | NHK News

Professor Makes MDMA Synthesize to Students Dai Matsuyama, Suspected Drug Violations Act Violations |

Gone allegedly charges Renault for 380,000 yen scooter charges inappropriately-Officials-Bloomberg

CNN.co.jp: Mr. and Mrs. Bezos, the divorce mediation is established Mrs. Amazon shares 4 trillion yen

CNN.co.jp: Yo-Yo Ma Concert at the US-Mexico Border 'A Bridge, Not a Wall'

Tokyo Olympics / Para traffic measures to validate this summer | NHK News

Off the Senkaku Offshore China Maritime Police Station ships 4 connecting waters | NHK News

◆ Lifestyle (life, life, health)
Gossip Legend of the 18th and 19th Century European High-class Widows (Part 1)-History Log-World History Blog-

Bats have stuck to the laundry! Corrective measures, advice, points to be careful, etc. gathers safely to nature 'Hand wash disinfection when touched'-Togetter

Congratulations to the entrance ceremony of the University of Tokyo Chizuko Ueno-YouTube

Do you understand the difference between the 'next train' and the 'next train'? Voice that is puzzled by 'Tokyo dialect' used in Tokyo station 'Doesn't even understand people in Tokyo' 'Like Hankyu or Keihan'-Togetter

Korean reporter 'Japan's Starbucks still lag behind with disposable plastic and paper'-Togetter

'I want to work even if I get cancer'-How to balance treatment and work-Yahoo! News

Remains of the old days, hot springs that continue to go to ruins ... Mystery and pleasure of 'Raiden Electric hot spring' in Hokkaido! Among the ryokans that operate only 1-Togetter

Can you use the 150 yen hand mixer you can buy at Daiso? I think .... And those who make various modifications to make them more useful goods-Togetter

Awarded for German translation of Oe Kenzaburo work Kodansha, presentation ceremony in Frankfurt | Joint communication

◆ IT · gadget (net, software, hardware, mobile)

The world that aims at automation of UI test of Melkari Web version and the world created for it Selenium Grid ・ Zalenium environment on Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)-Mercari Engineering Blog

【Update from time to time】 Tips useful for Kaggle Table Data Competition

Tig came to Windows and put together a tutorial-Qiita

[With postscript] There is no wait for the Chrome extension of Rakuten web search to be deleted by the update of madness! -HHS

New iPad mini Logi's 'CRAYON' has higher cospa than genuine Pencil (Kanda Toshiaki)-Personal-Yahoo! News

Protagonist Extends Analytics to Multilingual Content with Amazon Translate | Amazon Web Services Blog

Story of Dynamic Pricing-Pricing Strategy Key to Profitability Improvement--Platinum Data Blog by BrainPad

Released the world's first CD featuring AI singing synthesis as vocal. Will the day when singing voice synthesis technology surpasses humans? | | Ken Fujimoto's 'DTM station'

'Highly-long-time work' in high-tech industry, essential for passionate young workers-Mr. Maun-Bloomberg

World of Microsoft Windows on AWS | Amazon Web Services Blog

A comment on 'Native app developers are endangered species?'-Nakazan Dot Net

About 'The Society to Save Yohei Takahashi,' which was the most embarrassing of all the mischievous sellers in Mercari-Togetter

TELLBO (Terubo) Robot communication robot that carefully watches over the important family

It is a site of the robot 'TELLBO (Terbo)' to watch the important family gently. This is a bear-type communication robot with Wifi. In conjunction with sensors such as door sensor, room sensor, human sensor and key sensor, we support safety and security. You can feel free to communicate with your separated family.

Yahoo! car navigation app with Apple CarPlay-Yahoo! car navigation

◆ Anime ・ Game ・ Manga (Sub-Carl)
TV anime 'Sankei san of caring fox' Episode 2 WEB notice-YouTube

'PSO2' 'Animation Puso Komi' Episode 15 Welcome to Arks Onsen-YouTube

【Growth Record 40】 April 13, 2019 【4085/5834】-YouTube

BLOG | The Legend of Zelda Portal | Nintendo

What's New Kemono Friends 2 | TV TOKYO Anime Official

[Apology] About remarks on SNS etc.
Regarding the broadcast of 'Kemono Friends 2', the comments made by our employees on SNS included inappropriate ones that made the viewers uncomfortable.

The evaluation of the work is entrusted to the audience, and the producer must take the result seriously. I think that is an important quality as a producer.

We apologize deeply for this matter.

TV Tokyo publishes an apology sentence [Apology] about remarks on SNS etc.-Togetter

TV Tokyo apologizes for broadcast of 'Kemono Friends 2' I apologize for inappropriate remarks on SNS etc. of employees | Kemono Friends

An apology for TV TOKYO's 'Kemono Friends 2' is for the behavior of the same station anime production P. Oricon News reported that 'We repeated Twitter postings that the producer of the station sings' The name of the producer was once posted in the article Then delete | Kemono Friends

On the production of the TV anime 'Boyfriend and Her Circumstances'-Aesthetics of Selective Animation-highland's diary

The joy and suffering of living as a VTuber-In the case of Ebara Ogawara | Melkuma | note

Strange relationship between VTuber and fans, In the case of springing | Mel Bear | note

The reason why you get so angry is that the Inabai team must be a flat organization with the top of Inaba. 'The otaku yang ka is bad. The yin ka otaku is credible,' says, look at me without making a faction. If you love everyone instead.

A story that saw the first Gundam

Meaning of TV 3000 ~ 23 works · 175 times · audience rating 3000% overlapping with the rise and fall of Ghibli ~ (Suzuki Koji)-Individual-Yahoo! News

How do you use the old school building on the stage? Strategy Asked by the Mayor of Election: Kyoto Shimbun

Ships of the world to learn with Mitaka Dai-senpai # 1 Battleship Mitaka-YouTube

The only way to revive the near-destroying publishing industry | Kazuma Miki | note

I believe that the publishing service developed by 'user (writer) first', not 'medium first', is the only way to win in the pervasive publishing industry. (Internet users are also defined as people = writers who not only receive information but also send).

LINE Novel Image Movie 'Future Imaginary' Full Version-YouTube

'Orphens is funny' 'Kermo-fure 2 is fun' 'Like girls like this' Air with a personality non-reply level flies in the air ... It is not good to deny the transmission of 'favorite' because each person is the standard Claim-Togetter

Recommendation of parent and child board game that thought of child spreads | Brother to see | note

[During recruitment] We are recruiting additional masterpieces of the board game “Millet carefully” to play with masterpieces. -Togetter

◆ Sports, Entertainment, Music, Film (Entertainment)
Movie 'Halloween' Main Feature [Open Scene]-YouTube

'Electric groove' work shipment stop 60,000 people in 79 countries in the world opposed sign | NHK News

Ishino table tennis 'Sony has many electric groove friends'-Music: Daily Sports

'Stolen theft' and protests Disciplinary supervision and guidance ban on supervision of Hoshijima | NHK News

The coach of Tolsier was suitable for Japanese people, but as a person ... Golden Generation 'Alumni Association'-Sports Navi

'If you keep fighting, you can get over it' / Woods championship interview [PGA Tour US Men] | GDO Golf Digest Online

Is there anything that movie fans can do to raise ticket rates for TOHO Cinemas?

However, as we saw in the examples of New York and Wyoming, foreign countries are usually not uniform nationwide rates, and there are regional differences. In New York State and Wyoming State, there is a 3-fold difference in minimum wages, and there will be considerable differences between labor costs and tenant costs, so it can be appreciated that there will be a difference in viewing fees. However, labor costs and tenant costs should be different between Tokyo and the region even in Japan.

Kochi Prefecture has the lowest minimum wage in prefectures with TOHO Cinemas, but Kochi Prefecture is 762 yen, compared to 985 yen in Tokyo. It is not as good as New York and Wyoming, but despite the difference between them, it is the wonder of Japanese cinemas that despite the differences it is not reflected in the viewing fee.

This time, TOHO Cinemas cites soaring labor cost such as part-time job as one of the major factor of price increase (reference), but there is no price difference due to the difference of labor cost. Considering prices and average annual income, the weight of 100 yen in Tokyo and 100 yen in Kochi Prefecture are completely different.

It may be that there are more regional differences in the watching fees for Japanese cinemas.

'Waited' for the ball training dedicated to the new National Stadium Government and competition groups start talks on the continuation of the track: Dosaca Blog

New National Stadium, track and ground track removal and turn to action Government and competition group discuss: Sports notification

All the reasons why I of Fukuoka prefectural did not enjoy going to the avispa game with a child with a free ticket for Tada Otsuka Takuma | note

No guidance given to Hoshi Tatsu / Hayashi director Sign theft suspicion in protest / Baseball / Daily Sports online

Shinji Okazaki to leave Leicester after the season ... British newspaper reports at once-Football-SANSPO.COM

[Sad news] Carp fan 'no holes in the circle' Hanshin Umeno 'Because you can easily attack because there is no circle': Baseball thread

8: Nameless 2019/04/16 (Tuesday) 07: 20: 36.59 ID: V7fbhpwMa
Calmly thinking, 30% and 30% exit rate is less than 50%, there is no reason to fill the hole of the center of the GG award
Hiroshima's defensive collapse is a problem before that

'Bohemian Rhapsody' Tops $ 9 Billion Revenue-Hollywood: Daily Sports

'The Giants are weaker than Lotte', Mr. Moto Kintetsu Kato is Mahjong teacher-Professional baseball: Daily Sports

To Chiba Jets Boosters | Hiroaki Kimura | note

Takayama Yoshiya Support Tournament 8 ・ 26 held at Korakuen Hall |

Hironori Goto finally revives: Iyao! Bulletin wrestling summary site

268: Your name is missing 2019/04/13 (Sat) 21: 37: 19.93 ID: VXLM5V9t0
Goto 'I've kept you waiting. Hiroki Goto will finally come back. The stage is Jay White, (※ pointing at a TV camera)!'

OK, don't say that it will come back! I believed it!

◆ New product (clothes, food, housing)
This year's udon is different from noodles! Fresh and refreshing 'Cold Udon' new release with good taste and Kosi! ~ Developed a product that changed the soup and ingredients according to the taste of the region ~ | FamilyMart | News Release

'Rinuki and fox' collaboration donut third release announcement | Floresta of donut | Nature donut

(PDF file) Congratulations! Recession! Limited package to commemorate the new era! 'Doritos' Congratulations 30% increase version Released in Japan from June 10 (Mon)

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