OpenAI's artificial intelligence 'OpenAI Five' defeats the human world king, and a campaign where anyone can fight OpenAI Five online will be held for a limited period of time

On April 14, 2019, OpenAI Five developed by the non-profit organization

OpenAI, which researches artificial intelligence, won the 2018 World Championship champion OG of the competitive real-time strategy game Dota 2 . Not only in chess and shogi but also in games, AI's progress continues.

Open AI's Dota 2 AI steamrolls world champion e-sports team with back-to-back victories-The Verge

Dota 2 is a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA), a game where you can select one character from more than 100 characters, control it, and fight with 5 people vs 5 people. As for the play, long-term strategies such as 'which character to select,' 'which skill to acquire by level up' and 'which item to equip' are questioned, while the battle progresses in real time, Instant thinking skills and reflexes are also required.

Dota 2 was developed by Valve Corporation , the world's largest gaming platform Steam, and is being continuously updated, and the 2018 World Convention- The International 2018 will have a prize pool of about $ 25.30 million (about 28). 10 billion yen) is recorded. OpenAI Five will play a one-on-one match with the former world king at the same time announced at 'The International 2017'. We made a brilliant debut of winning.

Open AI Development Artificial Intelligence Wins Human World Champion in 1-to-1 Battle of Game Dota 2-GIGAZINE

A year later, a team led by an active professional gamer won, and continuous progress was reported.

OpenAI artificial intelligence 'OpenAI Five' won against a pro gamer team 5 to 5-GIGAZINE

Then, on April 15, 2019, OpenAI Five won the OG World Championship 'The International 2018' in a friendly match held in San Francisco, California, USA. OG has won about 12.12 million yen (about 1.26 billion yen) for the prize winning of The International 2018, and is one of the top teams in Dota 2. In a series of games played in the form of victory in the third game · two pre-emptions, OpenAI Five pays money to forcibly revive the character 'BuyBack' which is rarely seen among human pros Take 'AI's unique strategy', such as using from the beginning, and pre-empt 2 bottles without losing once. I won the series victory.

The average match time for Dota 2 is around 35 minutes, but the match time for the second match is only 20 minutes. The OpenAI Five has a preference of 'focus on short-term profits' and plays in the lead in the early stages and wins in a way that is offset by the advantage gained by it.

This match was played in the form of a friendly match, and OG played with pleasure. In addition, Dota 2 can select more than 100 characters, but OpenAI Five can play only 17 characters and can not use some items or some commands. OpenAI Five is still in development, and this victory is more of 'the process of AI progress' than 'the result of AI progress'.

Also, OpenAI Five and Dota 2 from April 18, 2019 Pacific Standard Time 6:00 (22:00 for Japan time) to April 21, 2019 Pacific Standard Time 11:59 (22:00 Japan Time, 03: 59). There is a campaign where you can play In this campaign, you can not only fight against OpenAI Five, but you can also play with others.

OpenAI Five Arena

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