One day suddenly a company that destroys another's building with a shovel without permission is not an 'anti-social force'?

On February 16, 2019, landowner Y and Power Estate Co., Ltd. suddenly destroyed the GIGAZINE 1st warehouse with a shovel. Isn't it 'building damage' to ignore and destroy all legal formal procedures? The day after the police received the notification of damage, on March 28, a new landowner, Nissin Planning Co., Ltd., forced a second excavator car to destroy it. And on April 1st, Nisshin Planning Co., Ltd. was found to come to the third destruction.

◆ March 29, 2019 23:00

If one day you suddenly destroy your own building with a shovel, will it not be a 'building damage'? -GIGAZINE

◆ March 31, 2019 20:00
If one day suddenly another person destroys your building with a shovel, will it not be a 'building damage'? -GIGAZINE

◆ Excavator appeared three times

During the second day of destruction by Nissin Planning Co., Ltd., someone stole the 'copy of register', 'nameplate', etc., for defense, from GIGAZINE's first warehouse. According to the police, I was told that it would be impossible to complain if I was in a state of 'putting in' , so I went to Conan to prevent this from happening.

It is a quick stop, but the purpose is not to put it in the 'sud-to' state, so you buy a stand-off card or tape for barriers.

I also get a sign rope (Tora Rope).

I will also put stickers etc. to notify that the security camera is recording.

If there is a risk of taking it away, write the name.

It was possible.

It is prohibited from entering and the security device is in operation.

The door of the front door is also not disposed easily because the dismantling contractor arranged by Nisshin Planning Co., Ltd. has disposed of it.

It is prohibited from entering and security camera is in operation.

Then, on April 1st at 8:30 am while updating the April Fool article, a truck equipped with a shovel arrives.

What is definitely different from the first and second times is that there are many GIGAZINE readers who read and rushed to the article, and that all the neighbors know about this case.

A number of GIGAZINE readers who take pictures of GIGAZINE's first warehouse and shovels on the grounds that 'the excavators really came'. Furthermore, it turns out that this dismantling contractor is the same dismantling contractor as the first time. It should not be possible to dismantle any more than you already know the first circumstances (= the owner of the GIGAZINE First Warehouse is the editor in chief).

The male in the center of the photo is the same person as the driver of the first excavator.

We have also confirmed that there are several other workers who were the same as at the first visit. The first time I could not ask for the name, so this time I asked the company name, name and contact information. 'We can not answer anything because they have just been told from above.' 'Please ask above.' Just repeat. 'Tell us the company name, name and contact information of the' on ',' and 'it can not be taught.' We asked workers in the field to give us their company name, name and contact information, but no one told me.

Furthermore, it is this man that workers had consulted for instructions on the spot.

Apparently 'a man who ordered a dismantling contractor', that is, it seems like an orderer of dismantling work. I also asked the company name, name, and contact information for this man.

A man who arranged a dismantling contractor 'Don't even tell me' 'This kid (= driver of the shovel car) is also sorry' 'I'm told (from above), because it's coming'

There was an incoming call to the 'man who arranged the dismantling contractor' here.

A man who arranged a dismantling contractor 'Hello, president, I can not work anymore' 'Can be taken with the camera' 'Can't be helped to say to me' 'I can not even understand' 'Otaura, with me Do it together, too.
Editor in chief 'Who is the president above?'
A man who arranged a dismantling contractor 'Eh.
Editor-in-chief 'What is your name and business card?'
A man who ordered a dismantling agent

When I handed over the register and tried to teach this name , I was accused of saying , 'Such a monk, this kind of mon, you idiot!', And the registered register was thrown away on the ground. All this series of scenes took place in front of the eyes taken by a large number of GIGAZINE readers, and have been recorded as videos.

In addition, the 'man who arranged the dismantling agent' made a false 110 call to the police on the spot that 'a person surrounded by a large number of people', and the Nishiyodogawa police rushed immediately.

As the police who rushed to you were the same people as the policemen who came for the second time, I was able to understand the current situation smoothly, so 'Because this was a civil matter, I told you to discuss it properly. It will be. '

However, even if we asked the company name, name, and contact information in the first place, we did not answer it, and even if we asked the company name, name, and contact information of the 'responsible person' on that, we did not answer at all . On the contrary, it must be a person in charge of Nissin Planning Co., Ltd. since it is in front of GIGAZINE 1st warehouse, but it is said that 'it can not be answered'.

After all, the third dismantling began, but the police and the GIGAZINE readers kept watching on the spot, so it was not possible to destroy the GIGAZINE First Warehouse.

On the contrary, it continues to be pointed out by a large number of GIGAZINE readers who are present on the spot, one after another.

The driver of the shovel car who finally noticed that 'the security related to security was not good and it might be a crime if you continue dismantling as it is' from the 'public security' of the GIGAZINE reader who rushed, 'this state 'I hate to work in the office,' I called the president of the dismantling company, and the president of the dismantling company came to GIGAZINE First Warehouse.

One hour later, I explained the circumstances so far to the president of the dismantling contractor who came in, but said, 'I can not afford to continue such troublesome work' 'I will never accept the case of Coco (GIGAZINE 1st warehouse)' , Withdrawal. At that time, I asked the company name, name, contact information, but it was ignored.

At that time, a man who seems to be an employee of Nissin Planning Co., Ltd. who was witnessing the second destruction appeared again. I asked the company name, name, and contact information, but I did not answer.

After talking with the man who arranged the dismantling company, they both went away.

After that, I came back with a young man this time, so I asked them both about their company name, name, and contact information, but still they did not answer.

So, the destruction by the third excavator was successfully avoided by the cooperation of many GIGAZINE readers. I'm really thankful to you.

◆ Advance the procedure

In addition, GIGAZINE readers have received information that 'you should have done this procedure' as a mountain.

First of all, go to the Legal Bureau because there is a possibility that the registry will be altered in any and all ways, not only “Proposal of loss registration”, and

“one day suddenly another person destroys his building with a shovel Isn't it 'building damage' too? ' Show, further first-second-third describe the situation up to this point sprinkled with photo documentation for the destruction of, was told that it is also accepted already damage report, the' unauthorized registration prevention proposal book ' I received it.

The biggest reason is, of course, unauthorized damage to buildings . Since the database has been locked, it needs to be updated regularly on this side, but it has become easier to counteract even if the registration has been rewritten without permission. Even if you try to rewrite your register under the guise of a formal procedure, it is easier to get back later.

In addition, after this procedure, all relevant land and buildings were thoroughly examined by the Legal Affairs Bureau. As a result, it leads to having it known in the legal department. As a result of this survey, I understood a lot.

Next, we will head to Osaka Station 2nd Building.

I came to Osaka City Umeda City Tax Office.

Go to the property tax clerk (land, house) window,

'If one day you suddenly destroy your own building with a shovel, will it not be' building damage '? ' For the first time, second time, third time of destruction in the fact that explain the situation of the past with a photo documentation. Based on the fact that I am paying tax, I received a certificate saying 'This building is on this land'.

At a glance, it is a procedure and a certificate that seems to be 'What does that mean?', But it works when Nissin Planning Co., Ltd. tries to continue dismantling further. In other words, it won't work unless Nissin Planning Co., Ltd. etc. is doing any more complicated things.

There are various other procedures, so we are proceeding in parallel.

◆ Aren't 'anti-social forces'?

・ Wednesday, April 3
A man who named Nissin Planning Co., Ltd. came to GIGAZINE First Warehouse and put a phone number to contact Nisshin Planning Co., Ltd.

・ April 4 (Thu)
In order to confirm the facts to Nissin Planning Co., Ltd., when I called from GIGAZINE new headquarters, 'Niyama' appeared that 'it is a person of advisory like Nissin '. Two people will visit GIGAZINE's new headquarters in Tochigi on April 7 (Sun). I asked him why he didn't say his name, why he didn't give out his business card, and he said, 'I don't feel like receiving a little business card or not.' People pointed out that people who don't give out business cards are suspicious. 'You're innocent and I'll get you to talk about that,' said 'a real estate agent.'

The following is a part of Nisshin Planning Co., Ltd.

When I showed the above Kushimoto and asked, 'Is it really a real estate agent?', 'For now I want you to understand, I've put up a signboard properly. In Osaka city, it is not such a company like “Eh” when I say Nisshin planning, “a real company, real estate agent”. I asked why there is so much even though it is a real estate agent, 'Now, this is also a general-purpose real estate agent who is also a ramen restaurant, for example. Yep, eating and drinking.' I asked the question, 'Is a real estate agent a real job?'

・ April 7 (Sun)
Nisshin's advisory presence 'Niyama' and another one, two people in total, visited.

The following is the person who seems to be 'Nisshin adviser'.

Looking at the face of Mr. K's business of Ems Japan Co., Ltd., one other person who accompanied me was saying , When you were destroyed for the third time, “ This is something you know, this kind of person, you're stupid! ” It was the same as the person who came.

I was asked to write in the 'visitor record' list by autographing, and at that time I was asked Ms Japan K Co., Ltd. to put out a business card properly, but somehow the advisory presence of Nisshin Planning Co., Ltd. ' 'Niyama' moved to a large conference room, claiming that 'I will put up a business card later.'

After confirming the facts, the following explanation was received from Mr. Sales K of M's Japan Co., Ltd.

Q: Did you check the building register in advance?
A: I did not check. 'There is no problem' from Power Estate Co., Ltd. and landowner Y.

Q: If you do not investigate why you tried to destroy a building that you do not know who owns without investigating
A: The Power Estate Co., Ltd. and the landlord, Y, told me that there was no problem.

Q: Who instructed you to break the building
A: Nisshin Planning Co., Ltd.

Then I told the following three from here.

1: I want you to apologize for destroying with the shovel
2: I want you not to destroy it any more
3: I want you to repair the destroyed part

Then, the adviser 'Niyama' replied, 'I can not do that,' and started standing up and making a loud voice, and 'I'll call you if I can call the police!'

Several police officers rushed from the Tochigi police station.

The advisory 'Niyama' was asked for identification by the police, and he sought to escape from the meeting room quickly while searching the inside of the bag.

However, the police officer was immediately chasing from behind and was hearing the circumstances.

Also, because there was a GIGAZINE reader at the Tochigi police station, the story went very smoothly with the question, 'What is that article about that excavator?'

The contents that Ms Japan Business K Inc. talked in the presence of police and editor-in-chief are as follows.

・ Ms Japan Inc. has heard that it has some kind of capital relationship with Nissin Planning Co., Ltd. Ms Japan Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Nissin Planning Co., Ltd.
・ I heard that the president of Ms Japan Co., Ltd. and the president of Nisshin Planning Co., Ltd. are friends.
・ If Nissin Planning Co., Ltd. says 'Please disassemble the building,' it is your job to arrange a dismantling company. We also receive dismantling requests from other companies.
・ We received the first dismantling request from Mr. Y of the original landlord.
・ We received the second and third dismantling requests from Nisshin Planning Co., Ltd.
・ Nisshin Planning Co., Ltd. has heard that Power Estate Co., Ltd. paid 3.5 to 4 million yen as an intermediary fee.
・ In the explanation from Y, a former landlord, and Power Estate Co., Ltd., it was supposed to be bought at 'Sorachi,' but 'A house is built on the ground, but the editor-in-chief only harassing 'I have no problem.'
・ (Anyone is believed to believe that claim) 'I just say from above, I do not know the basis'

is what they said.

Finally, I gave it to Ms Japan K Co., Ltd. to sign 'the pledge on the exclusion of antisocial forces' and gave it,
'It's impossible, I can't'
It was said that it was rejected. As there was a police officer from Tochigi police station on the spot, it turned out to be a hurry with a steep face and eyes as soon as I understood that I could not sign, and I was impressed that I was looking at M's Japan K Inc. It is

At that time, from Tochigi police station,
・ As damage report has already been issued about the first destruction, please contact Nishiyodogawa police about this matter
· It is better to sue immediately for the second destruction and the third destruction
・ This time the man's behavior and behavior that presume an employee of Nisshin Planning Co., Ltd., the violent violence so far, the act of not giving a thorough name, “Oath on the exclusion of antisocial forces” in front of the police 'The act of refusing to sign', everything is indeed suspicious
・ In order to make sure, you should consult with / report to the Osaka Prefectural violence expelling promotion center
is what they said.

As there was a possibility of 'anti-social forces', I reported the information to the public assistance foundation Osaka Palliative Force Promotion Center by fax on the day, and there was a call back on the next day, and I understood the following things Yes.

* Public interest foundation Osaka Prefecture Violence Promotion Center
・ We already search on the internet and know about the case
・ Because it is no surprise, even if Nishi-Sasakawa Police seems to have no intention to face up, there is no way to do anything as long as it has received a notification of damage.
・ Since it has been accepted by the police, I can not say to the police from here, but I would like you to number 110 immediately if you let the other party have something antisocial.
・ In addition, I hope that the newly acquired information will continue to be actively provided to the Nishiyodogawa Police.
・ Because it is received in the first case, even if the police insisted that the second and third cases are different civil matters, it does not mean that the buildings being destroyed are the same.
・ It is better to sue just in case
・ Also, it is quite troublesome that the lawyers do not know the contact information of the other party who came to the site (= GIGAZINE 1st warehouse) even if they are going to take action.
・ Even if the person can not be identified, I would like you to actively record and record the number of the car you've been riding, the face picture, the picture of the whole body, the picture, etc. .
・ By accumulating such records, it is extremely useful when the police can identify the other party or when the lawyer makes an inquiry and finds out the other party's identity. You can always catch the other party.
・ Also, even if it is not anti-committee, it is not forgiven to see anyone acting in a way that seems to be anti-committee, or even unilaterally destroying with a shovel without taking confirmation .
・ Despite that, it is obviously strange that “do not apologize”, “refuse to promise not to break” and “repair and repair” over this period.
・ In other words, you should request 'apologize', 'do not break' and 'fix' .
・ Additionally including that area, you should provide consultation and information to Osaka Prefectural Police. In a police organization, such is immediately coordinated. Why not contact me once?

Following the Tochigi police station the day before, the Osaka Prefectural Violence Promotion Center had already grasped the contents of the article, so the consultation was very smooth, and I was specifically advised on various things. There seem to be GIGAZINE readers in various places.

So, next time, I consulted with Osaka prefectural police.

* Osaka Prefectural Police Headquarters Investigation Section 4 Gangbang Countermeasures Office
・ If you have already filed a report of damage to the Nishiyodogawa police and the department in charge is the 'forced offender', there will always be a contact also on the same section as the 'xioned offender' of the same Nishiyadogawa police.
・ If the Tochigi police station came the other day on April 7 (Sun), that information will be shared with the Nishiogawa River police and will be shared with all the police in Osaka Prefecture. When the Osaka Prefectural Police is contacted, it sends information to the responsible police station.
・ Be sure to mark and make inquiries, especially if it is a person who takes anti-company or anti-company behavior. It is very malicious like this time.
・ It is not that we are arrested and investigated immediately because we are anti-company or because we are acting anti-company, but it is true that we continue to do 'no name' in this matter. Funny.
-The fact that the Tochigi police station has already visited the other party on the spot the other day has already confirmed the identity of the other party (= the advisory presence of Nisshin Planning Co., Ltd.). However, in the future, if the other party takes anti-corporate behavior like this one again, it will immediately hear the circumstances, and in some cases it may be possible to arrest him. So if you have something similar to this, please report 110 immediately.
・ If the other party is reliving, sitting down, not revealing one's identity, starting to make an unreasonable request, making unreasonable speech or behavior, or just 'not an ordinary company' 'I should not do such a thing Please feel free to call 110 if you feel that it is.
・ Also, violent acts, destructive acts, threatening acts, etc. are not limited to anti-corporate activities, and no one should do such things. Harassment is also outrageous. Please call 110 immediately.
・ When the other party's company called out a person who called it “advising existence” and said that person “it will be put out later because you are handed over a business card” or “locally famous” etc. Or let me be anti-corporate. Funny.
・ In the case of a real estate company, it is quite common to come out with such “anti-business-like appearance and movement strength people” when a problem arises. Malicious. It is not anti-company, but sometimes it tries to advance the story advantageously by doing anti-company like things. Even in such a case, please report 110 immediately. Don't do that.
-It is also doubtful that he strongly refused and rejected from the beginning the sign of 'the pledge on the exclusion of antisocial forces' from the beginning. Conversely , if you do not sign, you will be asked to sign the “Oath on the Elimination of Anti-Social Forces”, it is natural for you not to talk with the other person. Because it is anti-social behavior that forces unilaterally to negotiate and promises to make a promise, even if you do not sign the 'Oath on the exclusion of antisocial forces', call 110 immediately. I want you to call the police. It doesn't matter which police you call. Information will be shared later.
-Recently, the direct saying 'There is a set of 0 in the back' and the like has been reduced as it is, but a vicious company that acts like an anti-company like this, as it is. There is an increasing number of people who call it 'advisers', deliberately make rough statements, and say and act like yakuza. The police do not allow such a thing. I want you to report number 110 with confidence.
・ Information on such suspicious companies and people will be shared immediately. Whether it is the Tochigi police station, but the Nishiyodogawa police, I want you to report and report by telephone anywhere. As this case is the Nishiyodogawa police, I would like you to provide information if a new fact is found.
・ In addition, if you are unsure, there is a way to make a reference to the 'Police Countermeasures One' of the Osaka Prefectural Police Headquarters. If it is this window, it is possible to check in response to the inquiry 'is not this person a gangster' from a company or government office, and it can be answered whether it is registered at the present time. If the Tochigi police station or the Nishiyodogawa police tell you, 'Would you like to inquire,' please call us immediately.

Certainly, GIGAZINE has been to various companies until now, but at that time there have been many signings of the 'Oath on the Elimination of Anti-Social Forces' and conversely companies and people who visit GIGAZINE Many times I have been asked to sign the 'Oath on the Elimination of Anti-Social Forces'. It has never been denied. This time, I saw for the first time a person who refused to sign the 'Oath on the Elimination of Anti-Social Forces'.

In addition, if you look at the correspondence of the other side until now, you will find that you do not try to answer company name, name, contact information thoroughly. This was stated in the '10 rules for gangsters' of the Osaka Prefecture Purge Center for Violence.

Specific response points (10 groups of gangs) Osaka Prefectural Forced Promotion Center

Confirm who the other party is

Important for legal proceedings etc.
Same as usual
・ Require presentation of business cards
・ Must be filled out
・ Question and listen
Please check the other party's address, name, group name, phone number etc.
When calling an agent, be sure to confirm the power of attorney.

Thoughts of gangsters
If my name is said to the police, I will do it.
Listen to your name, don't be scared. One more push.

The written oath prepared this time was created based on a PDF file of a representation / confirmation by the public foundation corporation gang expelling movement urban center making linked to from the 'Ghost Exclusion Ordinance Q & A' of the Metropolitan Police Department , the other party and the contract I do not mean, but because the other party does not give too much, it is made for confirmation and self-defense.

After all, until now, no one who presents a Nisshin Planning Co., Ltd. employee has ever presented a business card. It can not be confirmed whether 'Niyama' who is 'the adviser existence of Nissin Planning Co., Ltd.' is really an employee, and I have not seen a power of attorney. And as one of the dismantling companies who destroyed the GIGAZINE 1st warehouse so far, I did not answer the company name, name, contact information.

Therefore, in the future, if a new dismantling company appears on the site, or if there is contact from Nisshin Planning Co., Ltd., we will first be asked to sign an 'Oath on the Elimination of Anti-Social Forces'. The police say, 'Because it is a civil matter,' but you may not be able to proceed normally with a person who will not be able to sign for the 'Oath on Anti-Social Forces' without hesitation.

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