The movie 'THE DEAD DON'T DIE' trailer released by sheriffs Bill Murray and Adam Driver in the zombie town

The latest trailer for

Jim Jersch 's zombie comedy movie ' THE DEAD DON'T DIE ', featuring gorgeous casts by Bill Murray , Adam Driver and Tilda Swinton , has been released.

THE DEAD DON'T DIE-Official Trailer [HD]-In Theaters June 14

A police car running through a leisurely town.

There is an atmosphere like a peaceful country town ......

The graveyards where the dead are buried can be eerie.

Hands sticking out of the night and night ground.

When a woman is closing the store ......

A strange figure appears walking out of the shop.

A woman who noticed that someone appeared opened the door and said, 'Sorry, I'm already closed.'

What a zombie comes in is. The woman screamed, 'A-A-ah !!', but it was overthrown.

Another woman left in the store is also found in zombies ......

It will be attacked.

A police car arrived after receiving a report.

She was riding on to Sheriff's Cliff Robertson (Actor: Bill Murray) ...

Ronald Peterson (department: Adam Driver).

'I have never seen such a bad scene,' says Robertson.

Chloe Sevigny's subordinate sheriff responds, 'Is it wild animal work?'

'What do you think?' Peterson asked Robertson, 'I think it's a zombie,' replied. We continue to face Robertson et al. With a subtle reaction, saying 'Undead.

Zombies come back from the graveyard.

The staff at the morgue, played by

Tilda Swinton, will make up the face of the corpse artistically.

I'm a woman who said 'very gorgeous,' I'm satisfied ...

The eyes of the corpse opened up perfectly, and it looked astonished 'What a matter!'

People hear the news that zombies have appeared in town ...

Conversations such as 'A zombie eating human flesh?' I have no sense of tension.

However, people are being attacked by zombies steadily ...

It also turns out that the corpse is getting out of the graveyard. Robertson and others will be forced to fight with zombies.

Watch out for zombies walking out and waving a racket on the tennis court ...

'Because zombies are drawn to a place where they lived,' Peterson notes.

Look at the zombies that

Carroll Kane plays with ' Chardonnay ...' ...

Petersons who said, 'Shall I say Chardonnay?'


Iggy Pop has appeared as a zombie ...

The rapper

RZA also appears.

Selena Gomez, who had been suspended for a while, returned as an actress in this film.

The number of zombies attacking people is increasing ...

Residents also enter the war situation.

A woman playing Swinton holds a Japanese sword in a Japanese style room ...

'I have the confidence to protect myself,' he says.

Shakin, with a sword and ...

I was cutting down Bassavas and zombies.

'I can't believe it,' says Robertson.

Robertson and Peterson headed ...

Graveyard full of zombies.

The two men exchange attention ...

I started fighting with zombies.

'THE DEAD DON'T DIE' will be released in the United States on June 14, 2019. The publication in Japan is undecided at the time of article creation.

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