Sagami Railway unveiled the new model '12000 series', the front image is 'Shishiguchi' in Noh mask

A major private railway,

Sagami Railway, which connects Yokohama with Ebina / Shonandai, unveiled a new vehicle ' 12000 series ' at Kashiwadai Vehicle Center on Thursday, March 28, 2019. This vehicle was developed for the Sotetsu / JR direct line, which is scheduled to open in 2019.

Arrived at Kashiwadai Station on the Sagami Railway

The 'Kashiwadai Vehicle Center' is located adjacent to the station.

The steam locomotive, which is statically stored near the entrance, is the Type 3 train used by the Shinchu Railway, the predecessor of Sagami Railway. The twin-axle passenger car Ha 24 of the Shinchu Railway is also connected to the rear.

A press release was held prior to the announcement.

The Sotetsu / JR direct line will open in the second half of FY2019, and the Sotetsu / Tokyu direct line will open in the second half of FY2022. As a result, Sotetsu will get the long-awaited direct route to the city center.

After that, the real thing was unveiled at the rolling stock center. Seven trains will be manufactured, and operation will start on Saturday, April 20, prior to the opening of the direct line.

The left is the 20000 series operated by Sotetsu / Tokyu direct line, and the right is the 12000 series for Sotetsu / JR direct line.

After that, Sagami Railway and JR jointly announced the opening date of 'Sotetsu / JR Direct Line'.

Sotetsu / JR direct line opened on November 30, 2019, Hazawa Yokohama Kokudai station also opened simultaneously-GIGAZINE

We also saw the newly opened Hazawa Yokohama Kokudai Station.

I saw the branch station `` Hazawa Yokohama Kokudai Station '' of Sotetsu / JR direct line and Sotetsu / Tokyu direct line before opening-GIGAZINE

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