Is Chromium-based Microsoft Edge totally leaked, supports both Edge and Chrome extensions

Screen shots of the

new Edge developed by Microsoft based on the open source browser engine ' Chromium ' as the successor browser of Edge leaked, and The Verge summarized the details. However, soon after, it is reported that not only the screen shot but also the new Edge has flowed out.

A first look at Microsoft's new Chromium-powered Edge browser-The Verge

Microsoft's new Chromium Edge browser leaked online-The Verge

The user interface of the new Edge with Chromium is very similar to Google Chrome, but with the addition of its own animations and the like to add 'Windows likeness'. The new Edge seems to be implementing a function that can synchronize the existing Microsoft Edge with favorites, settings, browsing history, advanced functions, currently open tabs, passwords, password auto-input information, etc.

The new Chromium-powered Edge is compatible with both

Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome extensions .

Also, according to The Verge, a prototype version of the new Edge has already been completed and will be released soon. However, the link that can download the setup file of the new Edge has been leaked at file sharing sites etc., and it seems that the application itself has become available for download rather than screen shots. According to MSPowerUser of foreign media, the version of the new Edge leaked was, the same version as the screenshot obtained by The Verge. It is unclear whether the new Edge, which has been released to the public a while, is genuine, but at least it was confirmed to work on Windows 10.

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