Popular casts from 'ULTRAMAN', '7SEEDS', and 'Saint Seiya: Knights of Zodiac' gather at Netflix stage of AnimeJapan 2019

In AnimeJapan 2019, a stage event entitled ' NETFLIX Anime Festival Special Stage-Hushage, World!- ' Was held. At the event, the cast

of ULTRAMAN, 7SEEDS, and Saint Seiya: Knights of Zodiac , which will be distributed on Netflix, will be on the stage, and talks about works and characters will be held.

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The stage opened with Hirohashi Takahashi 's 'The Cruel Angel's Theses' and 'The Soul's Rufranc'. The overwhelming singing is described as 'the Las boss appearance' from the person who was watching the broadcast.

The Neon Genesis Evangelion will be on Netflix on June 21st, 2019 2019, and will be the first worldwide exclusive distribution on SVOD (Monthly Online Flat Streaming Service).

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The new trailer looks like this.

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Mr. Takahashi raised the stage's voltage at a stretch, and instead, from 'ULTRAMAN', Sadahiro Hadada / ULTRAMAN, Ryohei Kimura , '7SEEDS', from Iwashimizu Natsu, Higashiyama Nao and Aoda Arashi, Fukuyama Jun , ' Saint Seiya: From Knights of the Zodiac, Pegasus Seiya, Morita Seiichi , and Shiori Satoshi, Oriko Tomiko will be on the stage.

◆ ULTRAMAN : April 1st, 2019 ( Mon. ) Exclusive worldwide distribution
'ULTRAMAN' is a work derived from the special effects drama 'Ultraman'. Kimura-san, played by Shinjiro Hayata, is the son of Ultraman and Shingo Hayata. Since Harada Susumu was fused with Ultraman, the factor is inherited by Shinjiro and is characterized in that it is strong without being transformed.

The cast members of each work gathered on the stage this time are the generations who are touching any of the Ultraman series as a child. Especially, Mr. Fukuyama seems to have been the 'Ultraman Taro' generation, and because 'Jun' in the name is also received as the name of a woman, 'Why did not you give me a name as Taro!' He showed me the episode that I protested.

Since 'ULTRAMAN' is produced using motion capture, the movement played by the actor is the movement of Ultraman as it is, and 'animation although it is an animation' in which one's own character is put on while making use of the actor's play. Mr. Kimura said it was recording like this.

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◆ 7SEEDS : 2019 summer worldwide exclusive delivery
'7SEEDS' was created by how manga-like host, Mr. Naoki Yoshida , turned into an animation of SF manga serialized for 16 years. The reading completion rate was high even in the field, and it was revealed that it was turning into a manga cafe as well as the recording break time.

As for the story that survives after the world's destruction, Higashiyama, who plays Natsu, told me that he was playing 'fighting in despair'. It should be noted that Mr. Higashiyama and Mr. Fukuyama mentioned that many prominent casts are out, so Mr. Fukuyama stated that 'the scene has a sense of security,' and Mr. Yoshida described the work as 'Voice actor version Taiga drama'. was doing.

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◆ Saint Seiya: Knights of the Zodiac : Friday, July 19, 2019 Exclusive worldwide distribution
'Knights of the Zodiac' is a new series of 'Saint Seiya' drawn in 3DCG. Seiichi Morita is played by Seiichi Morita, who has taken over the role from Toru Furuya in 'St. Seiya-King Hades Limited Edition'. Also on this stage, he inherited the tradition of the 'red shirt' that Mr. Furuya wore when playing the role of Seiya.

'St. Seiya' is an explosively popular work in Japan as well as abroad, so this work is produced based on the English version, and it has become a form that Mr. Morita has revived. In English, 'Ryu' was not pronounced, and the English cast was struggling to say 'Pegasus Fist', but according to Morita, 'the whole work is full of Cosmos' Please expect it as a new series.

Saint Seiya: Knights of the Zodiac dubbed version Tiser PV-Netflix [HD]-YouTube

Mr. Kimura, Mr. Higashiyama, Mr. Fukuyama, Mr. Morita and Mr. Orika who made the stage on the stage.

Other than this, there was no announcement on the stage, but ' Kengan Ashura ' has decided to exclusively distribute the whole world from July 31, 2019 (Wednesday).

'Kengan Ashura' Teaser PV-Netflix [HD]-YouTube

In addition, Season2 production of ' Baki ' which was broadcasted and distributed in the summer of 2018 and the exclusive exclusive distribution in Netflix are also decided.

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