We have been enjoying a specially made drink based on 'Yokioba' & 3 units of 'Love Live! Sunshine !!' with 'Anime Japan 2019'

The AnimeJapan 2019 not only fills the chest with many animation works, but also has a

food park where you can fill your stomach. At Anime Japan 2019, drinks and food were provided from the TV anime and movie version of “Love Live! Sunshine !!” as a collaboration menu, so I actually ate them.

Food Park | Anime Japan 2019

The Anime Japan 2019 food park is located in the east 7 holes.

Non-collaboration food also had

various stores .

Aim for love live! Discover '

Ura no Seisei Gakuen Kitchen Car ' offering drinks for Sunshine !!. The electricity in the car has disappeared for some reason, but when I asked, 'It is necessary to start the engine to turn on the lights in the car', so this time the car is still open with a dark interior.

This time, as a collaboration drink, drinks that image the group colors of 'AZALEA', 'Guilty Kiss' and 'CyaRon!' Were sold. This time I was wondering what the taste of 'a guilty kiss' is like, so I will order a 'Guilty Kiss' drink.

In the same way, SUN! SUN! Sunshine Cafe will purchase the menu you are looking for.

At each store's storefront, there was an alcohol for disposable chopsticks, cleaning and disinfection, and it was a self-service.

So the collaboration menu I ordered is like this.

This is 'SUN! SUN! Sunshine Cafe WAKU-WAKU-WAGON Yokisoba' (1000 yen including tax). Yokioba is 'Yo wa Watanabe special order yakisoba', and it is an article with a sign of Yoo Watanabe written with a ketchup on the om side, but since the lid is attached to the bowl at the time of offering, the ketchup is on the back of the lid I got stuck, the sign was broken.

When you order the menu, a specially made revival food coaster comes with you. You get one randomly from all four, and this time get a coaster with a summer swimwear theme.

Let's actually eat yokoba. When you break the inside, the fried noodles with a strong sauce of the sauce flicker.

When I try to eat it, it is a fried noodle with a firm taste of rich sauce. Perhaps because the taste of yakisoba is too firm, the impact of thin-baked eggs is thin. Occasionally it was a dish where you could enjoy the crispy texture of the cabbage.

“Love live! Sunshine !! Guilty Kiss image drink” (600 yen including tax) is like this. It is a drink where tiramisu syrup is put in iced coffee and whipped with color spray floats on the surface.

When I actually drank it, the bitterness was strong and the sour taste was low-key black coffee. Although the color spray applied to the whip does not taste, it has a texture like a crackling texture called crackling. Not only the color spray, but also the whip is sweet, there is no way out of the bitterness of black coffee. 'That's right, the taste of sin is bitter ...' I felt that the drink.

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