Research shows that death metal does not promote violence

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It is often thought that "people who prefer content that includes violent expressions and cruel depictions do not really like the atrocities depicted in the content?" Content is sometimes criticized. However, research has also been reported that people who listen to violent lyrics such as death metal or aggressive music have the same level of response to violent depictions.

Implicit violent imagery processing among fans and non-fans of music with violent themes | Royal Society Open Science

A research team led by Professor William Ford Thompson at Macquarie University conducted experiments with 32 death metal fans and 48 non-death metal fans who belong to the university. The experiment uses the phenomenon of "a binocular rivalry ". In the binocular rivalry, “If you look at different images with two eyes, only the image seen with one or the other will be recognized initially, but the other image will change over time. "I see the phenomenon of seeing".

In the experiment, first, subjects were allowed to see "general images" and "violent images" in order, as usual, with both eyes, and then two images were simultaneously shown to the subjects simultaneously. When looking at the images one eye at a time, the subject appears to replace the violent image and the general image by the “eye view struggle”, and conveys “Which image is currently visible” with a button. I received it.


During the experiment, I asked them to listen to "violent music" and "pop music" respectively, and investigated whether music was related to "the appearance of the image". In this experiment, "Eaten" from the Swedish death metal band Bloodbath , in which voice and song pitches were biologically aggressive and the lyrics were also cannibalistic , "traditional song composition" and "consonant sound Farrell Williams' "Happy" was selected, each of which had positive emotions such as echoes and high pitches and had fun lyrics.

The image shows the Swedish death metal band Bloodbath

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In contrast to death metal, Farrell Williams's "Happy" can be seen from the following:

Pharrell Williams-Happy (Official Music Video)-YouTube

As a result of the experiment, no evidence was found to support the fact that death metal fans are more responsive to violent images than non-death metal fans. This result can be a counter argument to the prejudice that "people who are exposed to 'violent content' are violent." Also, non-death metal fans tend to choose violent images when listening to "Eaten" and general images when listening to "Happy", while death metal fans are less likely to be influenced by the music they are listening to A trend was seen. Death metal fans rated "Eaten" as well as "Happy" as high, while non-death metal fans rated "Eaten" low and rated "Happy" high, so it is possible that the appearance of the image may be affected. It is said that there is.

As a conclusion of the research, even though habitual listening to violent music does not change the response to violent images, the reaction to violent images is caused by the emotion recalled from the listening music Is said to have the potential to change.

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