It turns out that the state agency that controls illegal immigration has obtained the location information of the license plate of the car

by Steve Cadman

The Immigration and Customs Enforcement Administration (ICE) , under the umbrella of the United States Department of Homeland Security , is responsible for the expulsion of illegal migrants in the United States. Such ICE has obtained a large amount of location information of the license plate of the car for immigration tracking, and some local governments share personal information with ICE despite being prohibited by the law. It became clear.

Documents Reveal ICE Using Driver Location Data from Local Police for Deportations | American Civil Liberties Union

Report: ICE database tracks near 60% of US population without a warrant

ICE is an agency of the US government established to investigate immigration cases and acts of terrorism, and is responsible for investigating cases relating to goods and people in customs and for arresting and expelling illegal immigrants. You Under the Trump administration, it is said that it is actively engaged in migrant exclusion activities and is strengthening surveillance of immigrants in the United States.

In order to track immigration, ICE gathers people's location information with that kind of hand, and it was reported in 2018 that "ICE uses Facebook's user data to locate immigration."

National agency "ICE" to crack down on illegal immigration uses Facebook user data-GIGAZINE

Meanwhile, was established for the purpose of defending the freedom the American NGO organizations and American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), the American Freedom of Information Act was obtained on the basis of the (FOIA) (PDF file) document by, ICE is Vigilant Solutions It revealed that they were accessing the license plate recognition (ALPR) database of cars collected by private companies. According to the ACLU, ICE signed a $ 6.1 million contract with Vigilant Solutions in 2017, and over 9,000 ICE agents have access to license plate location information collected across the United States It became possible.

Vigilant Solutions collects car license plate information recorded by cameras installed by private companies such as insurance companies and parking lots in the 50 most populated areas in the United States. The scope covered by Vigilant Solutions is said to be 60% of the total population of the United States. The Vigilant Solutions database already contains more than 5 billion license plate locations, with a new 150 million to 200 million locations added every month.

by Tony Hisgett

According to ACLU, ICE also accesses not only the database collected by Vigilant Solutions, but also the license plate position information collected by local law enforcement agencies. More than 80 law enforcement agencies in more than 10 states have agreed to share license plate location information with ICE, including providing information to ICE despite violations of the law. There are also law enforcement agencies that

California prohibits local law enforcement agencies from sharing license plate location and personal information with non-state or federal government agencies for entry control purposes. Under the Act, law enforcement agencies providing information to ICE argue that the law is being violated by the ACLU, requiring that information sharing with ICE be discontinued.

“The ICE has long used technology to target immigrants and increased surveillance of vulnerable immigrant communities. We have recaptured our own information, and local agencies provided information to ICE. Need to see if it is

by Elvert Barnes

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