Specification change so that Twitter spreads personal address and telephone number quickly to deal with tweets, content is like this

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On 8th March 2019 Twitter improved on "reporting offensive tweets containing personal information". Based on this change, we will be able to report more details about offensive tweets that spread someone's phone number, address, account number, etc., so that the administrators of Twitter can respond more quickly.

Twitter gets more specific for reporting tweets with personal info - The Verge

Twitter collects tweet information that violates aggressive acts and terms of use according to "user's reporting system" and deals with freezing account etc. when problems are recognized. Regarding such a tweet reporting system, it is now possible to report more detailed information on 'Tweets containing personal information such as phone number, address, account number'.

The new reporting system has already been released as mobile version application, desktop version application, browser version Twitter etc. Open Twitter in a browser and click the menu icon in the upper right corner with the appropriate tweet.

Click "Report tweet".

Select "Include inappropriate or aggressive content" and click "Next".

If you select "Include personal information" and click "Next" ...

About the personal information included in the tweet, "contact information (example: telephone number, mail address)" "address and actual location (ex: GPS coordinates)" "financial institution account information" You can choose from among "Identification Certificate or Number" or "Other". Since one tweet may contain a lot of information, multiple selections were possible.

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