A legendary industrial designer, Dieter Rams, who influenced Apple, 'Ten Nice Designs'

Mr. Dieter Ramus , a legendary industrial designer who is said to have influenced Jonathan Ive , Apple's designer who designed the iPhone, advocates "ten of good designs". " Dieter Rams' 10 Principles of Good Design " which Mr. Ramus and "Director of the movie director Gary Hastwit " visualized 10 tastes of good designs are now being released for free.

Rams - Gary Hustwit

"Dieter Rams' 10 Principles of Good Design" can be seen from the following.

Dieter Rams' 10 Principles of Good Design on Vimeo

The movie starts with Mr. Lambs' s saying "All things interact, and at the same time they are independent from others".

"We have to think more thoroughly about what we are doing"

"How to do it, why do you do it ... ...."

"There is a basic consideration to shape my work as a designer"

"I also have the principles of design philosophy," said Lamus.

One of the ten essential principles is "Good design is revolutionary".

Design is always born in connection with revolutionary technology.

BRAUN 's " T1000 Radio " designed by Mr. Ramus was the latest technology at the time. You can also see that it is said to have "affected Apple" is a simple design of the aluminum body, when you remove the cover you will see a button arranged with exquisite balance.

The second is that "good design makes the product easier to use".

Appeared " MPZ 21 multipress citrus juicer "

When the section of the fruit was hit, the squeezer began to rotate. "A good design optimizes ease of use, ignoring unnecessary things and obstructive things for purpose".

The third thing is "Good design is aesthetic."

" RT 20 table radio " released in 1963 appeared.

Human life and well-being are shaped into what people routinely use.

Only things that were made firmly can be beautiful.

The fourth principle is that "good design makes products easier to understand".

A good design makes it easier to understand the structure of the product and it can even make it "talk" on its own.

If you just pile up white cushions you will find that things that were only mysterious objects by placing a black cushion on the top it is "sitting".

The fifth principle is that "good design will not come out".

The design is neutral, and you should leave margins that you can assert.

The cylindrical object was " T2 Cylindric Lighter ".

The sixth principle is "Good design is honest".

" T52 portable radio " can stand up like this, but ... ...

It is also possible to use the handle so that the button row faces forward. "Honesty" in design means not to make the product innovate more than the real thing, that it does not look like it is more powerful and worth more than it is.

"The good design lasts long" is the seventh principle.

If this is something ......

" 620 chair & table " designed by Mr. Ramus in 1962 for Vitsœ and continues to be loved as of 2019. Even in disposable culture, good design is different from "fashionable design", it will be used for a long time.

The eighth principle is that "good design is consistent".

There should not be things left behind and arbitrary things. Being thorough and accurate is a manifestation of respect for users.

" ET66 Calculator " is an easy-to-understand and beautiful design even on the way it's written on the back.

"The nice design is environmentally friendly" is the 9th principle.

" 606 universal shelving system " which has been made since the appearance in 1960 until 2019

A good design also plays an important role in environmental conservation, minimizing "contamination" physically and visually without minimizing resources.

And the tenth principle is that "good design is minimal in design".

It is important to return to "simplicity" "purity". The less design, the better the design will be.

In addition, director Hastwit has released Mr. Ramus's documentary movie including the above movie, and a movie of 74 minutes can be purchased at 1702 yen.

Rams - Gary Hustwit

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