Microsoft is developing lightweight Windows 'Windows Lite' for dual screen terminal

The Verge of foreign media reports that Microsoft is planning a new lightweight version of Windows for dual screen terminals. The name is " Windows Lite ", which means that we are assuming Google's Chromebook and Chrome OS as competing products.

Windows Lite: Microsoft's OS for dual-screen and Chromebook-like devices - The Verge

According to information gained from someone familiar with Microsoft's internal information, Microsoft is working on the development of a new UI with dual screen terminal in mind. This "dual screen terminal" is expected to appear even in the latter half of 2019 depending on the preparation by chip manufacturers and PC makers.

Windows Lite, which is a lightweight version of Windows, is being developed for installing this dual screen terminal. Internally it is called by another code name. It is reported that Intel is urging OEM to develop a new kind of hardware called "dual screen terminal", behind which the existence of two screen PC "Tiger Rapids" secretly developed by Intel clear.

The identity of two-screen PC "Tiger Rapids" developed secretly by Intel revealed - GIGAZINE

And Microsoft is also known for filing a patent on foldable dual displays, and given the emergence of smartphones with collapsible displays like Samsung's " Galaxy Fold " and Huawei's " Mate X ", dual There is no mystery even if Microsoft is planning the display-equipped hardware.

Microsoft filed a foldable dual display patent and installed it in a new Surface device - GIGAZINE

Although the interface of Windows Lite is similar to the existing Windows, it actually seems to be a combination of the Surface Hub shell (OS user interface) and " Continuum " that appeared for Windows 10 Mobile, a mobile version of Windows 10 It is said that. Petri of foreign media reports Windows Lite at the end of 2018, and in February 2019 OS mockup of Windows Lite is also released. In addition, The Verge says, "I understand that mock-up is accurate, I understand that the interface of Windows Lite is close to what it is, but the situation may change significantly before shipping" .

In addition, Windows Central reports that Windows Lite is developed under the codename "Santorini", it states that it will be a shell with a lot of look and feel different from ordinary Windows 10. Furthermore, ZDNet reports that "Microsoft plans to ship a device like a dual screen laptop, although it is unknown whether Windows Lite is installed."

From these information it is clear that Microsoft was developing Windows Lite for dual-screen terminals, but considering a long-term plan, the company planned Windows Lite to enhance competition with Chromebook and Chrome OS The Verge wrote that it is enough to think that it is doing.

When Microsoft releases Windows Lite, and ultimately what kind of name it will be, it is unknown at the time of article creation. Microsoft has been warming up the idea of operating system for dual screen terminal for years and it seems that lightweight Windows is likely to emerge from the point that Chrome OS is introduced a lot in American schools . Microsoft is planning to hold annual developer conferences in May 2019 and if you want developers to build native apps and web experiences for dual screens, to clarify information on Windows Lite "The ideal opportunity" and The Verge wrote.

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