A hamburger restaurant 'Mr. Bartley's' in front of Harvard University can enjoy a satiric exciting burger.

Before the eyes of the American Harvard University, there is an established long-established hamburger restaurant " Mr. Bartley's Burger Cottage ". The restaurant near the prestigious university had a unique hamburger menu reflecting the American society.

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The prestigious prestigious "Harvard University"

There is a hamburger restaurant "Mr. Bartley's Burger Cottage" opposite the Harvard University campus across the street.

The location is as follows.

According to the signboard, it is a long-established restaurant founded 59 years ago.

There were counters and long tables inside the shop, and 40 persons were lightly seemed to come in, but it was said that they will be full at the peak.

Every "American" items are lined up on the wall.

In the menu are unique naming hamburgers such as "GOVETNMENT SHUTDOWN (Government Closure)", "JEFF BEZOS (Jeff Bezos)", "TRUMP TOWER (Trump Tower)", "BREXIT (BREAKIT)". Since things with a red frame are especially recommended, I ordered "GOVETNMENT SHUTDOWN (closed government agency)" ($ 16.25: about 1800 yen).

A drink "Cola" ($ 2.75: approx. 300 yen) arrives first. The drink was also American size.

"Government institution closure" arrives in about 15 minutes.

It seems that Onion, Bacon and Jalapeno are used for hamburgers. Jalapeno spilling down imagines an exciting taste.

A heavy American hamburger is a reckless thing to coat ... ... with a knife and a fork for it.

Just after expectation of Patty 's flesh spreading throughout his mouth, Jalapeño' s pungent hit as expected.

Medium rare Patty is a full-fledged taste that you can not see at the fast food store. It evokes the satisfaction of "I am eating a real hamburger!"

There is also spicyness of jalapeno, the fork advances. Even so, it is painful ... .... It might be a work of making a strong criticism spirit to the closure of government agencies of the American people ... ....

Relaxing the pungent taste of jalapeno is firmly fried and full of sweetness onion ......

Acid is refreshing pickles.

Complete quickly while drinking the caller together. A huge burger and a heapy potato were too heavy for lunch.

Once in the menu there was also a "Zuckerberg" burger of Harvard graduate. If you visit the long-established burger shop "Mr Bartley's" where you can enjoy menus reflecting current events, you will be able to know the American society.

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