Magazine exchange diary Episode 1 'To my sister'

Synopsis - The girl "Mel" who is not talented at all and does not have any good things, to make it a neta of the diary that keeps writing the delusion he has kept writing just for himself, . A magical woman like "Moschna" emerges no matter how you look from anywhere as it is impossible to buy a prompt decision as soon as it gets listed, and descending into your room. "It seems that he thinks he is incompetent, but he has only one talent," Mel takes a mouth and moves to another world. And forcibly take the role of sister "Ru" is assigned, know the awesome means of making a mage.

... ... The second episode "Flame of Revenge" continues.

The future publication schedule is as follows.

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Mage Ordinance Exchange Diary Seventh episode "To My Sister"
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◆ Production planning / original work profile

Manga · Character Design: Mr. Oshika (Hajimami Io)

Original · Screenplay: Miki Kyui (Miku ki Kei)

◆ Make a chira show named afterhand after posting "Furukara Manga" Trail of making a mage order exchange diary "

Although the first episode was started with the goal of posting at the end of October 2018, production work was started, but it was about to be imagined not to imagine one after another, and it was about 4 months late February 28, 2019 the first episode Has been completed. Fierce battles like the following were spread.

...... I understand well that drawing managers are cutting various things.

Unlike the previous work " Princess and Gamer ", it is categorically "fantasy", but it is the point that "it is on the extension line of the modern world".

Moreover, in addition to the fact that the main characters are slightly increasing compared with the previous work, in addition to the challenge of creating parts that can not be contained in the main part in the form of "spin off", further due to circumstances such as ordering of logos and ordering supportive illustration, In order to share information preliminarily with multiple members from the beginning, we decided to use " Confluence " which was introduced for wiki creation more seriously and compile all the settings intensively.

As for the progress management, use " Trello " as same as last time. At the same time, we chose to fully adopt ' Synology Drive ' which was experimentally introduced from the second half of the previous work for the original file creation we created.

In this way, when multiple people can share the file at the same time, if you share the progress with the editorial department, each one can refer to and use the original file almost in real time. Even if files are overwritten or deleted, because "Synology Drive" automatically manages generations, it is also a reason for adopting it from the control panel immediately.

Furthermore, Toggl is used as the total work time of each person in charge as before.

This time it's also experimental to say "Continue work from the iPad Pro ", so the Toggl application running on iOS is also used.

I am looking for a person who will help me. I'm looking for a person who plans to help me. Iwaku "Because I'm seriously continuing to paint by myself as I am, I'm looking for someone who can help me as someone else!" Specifically, the following It is producing like this in order from the top, in the end I want you to help the part with "★" at the end! It will be requested. The tool used is "CLIP STUDIO PAINT EX".

· Flow of whole work - Name ↓
Insert a letter along the name ★

Draw down ↓
Pen ↓
Specify the shadow of the character ↓
Divided for each part of the character ★

★ Color based on color palette ★

Background painting ↓
Finish (put effect)

Finishing of character insertion ★

· Click here to apply for help

This work is also a sample / prototype of the entry work of the "GIGAZINE Manga Award", and if you say "I want to debut with such full color full digital comic books", please see the details from the following link Please apply. Well then, thank you for your consideration.

"GIGAZINE Manga Award" Starting recruitment in March, 2019 & top drawing making something like this - GIGAZINE

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