Amazon's 'Dash Button' can be shopping just by pressing it to the end of sale

I found that Amazon is planning to finish the sale of "Dash Button" which the favorite items set by just pressing the button are delivered. Supporting the existing "Dash Button" will continue.

Amazon stops selling Dash buttons, goofy forerunners of the connected home

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"Amazon Dash Button" is a device announced on April 1, 2015, if you associate it with your favorite items, you can order items on just by pressing a button and the items will arrive. In Japan, service is offered from December 2016.

Starting "Amazon Dash Button" which receives favorite items just by pressing a button in Japan - GIGAZINE

In 2017, "Virtual dash" which can order can appear by tapping the button on the screen with smartphone or PC without the "Dash Button" terminal appeared.

Amazon tiny "virtual dash" delivered just by tapping on the button on the smart phone reviews - GIGAZINE

Amazon's Daniel Rauschu vice president told the news site · CNET that the discontinuation of Dash Button's sale is due to the expansion of Connected Home gadgets ( smart home terminals), which had not spread so much in 2015, It was a victim of success. "

As Amazon's smart home terminal, there is Speech Recognition Assistant released in 2017 · Smart Speaker with Alexa · Amazon Echo. Users who use voice shopping with smart speakers tend to purchase everyday items, and it is certainly true that Amazon Echo has taken on the role of Dash Button.

As for the Amazon Dash Button, the ruling on the Consumer Protection Law violated in the Bavaria State High Court in Germany, saying "We do not provide sufficient information on purchase to consumers."

German court ruled that Amazon's dash button violated consumer protection | TechCrunch Japan

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