Dave · Bautista fighting overwhelming power 'Yip Mann Gaiden master Z' Making special 3rd release

Dave · Bautista who plays the character making use of the big body like Sappa · Morton of fugitive replicant that appeared at the beginning of "Destruction King" Drux that appears in "Guardian of the Galaxy" and "Blade Runner 2049" to the main character The 3rd bulletin of the making movie of the standing stand " Ippan Gaiden master Z " was released.

"Yip Mann Gaiden Master Z" Making Special Report 3 Dave Bautista Edition - YouTube

Dave Bautista plays is Davidson, the leader of the trafficking organization. Even the police are moving giant, it is a strong enemy boasting overwhelming power even on the physical side.

It is a power type that can defeat an enemy with a single shot, and the destructive power is terrible.

As Yuen Woo Ping said, "I wanted to emphasize the power of Dave", I will show its power in the battle with the main character Jung Tin Chi who is acting Max Max. Tinchi once again stood up to protect her loving family and friends despite Wing Chun fighting desperately attacks ... ...

I will show the difference in power to hopelessness that it will not move too much even if you eat from the front.

Kicking off with master Tony Jar, plenty of "Yip Mann Gaiden master Z" with plenty of fighting with the brilliant Michelle Yaw is a road show from Shinjuku Musashino-kan and other events from Saturday, March 9, 2019 is.

· "Yipman Gaiden Master Z" Work information - Director: Yuan · Wuping Productions: Raymond Wong, Donnie Yen Action Director: Yuan Shuniy Screenplay: Edmund Wong, Chang Tyrie Starring: Max Chang, Dave Bautista , Tony Ja, Michelle Ye, Shin Yu Original title: Master Z: The Ip Man Legacy / 2018 / Hong Kong · China / Color / Cinema / Cantonese / 108 minutes / Subtitle translation: Suzuki Mariko Distribution: Twin
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