Headline news on February 28, 2019

"Revolutionary Girl Utena", "Mawaru", known for works such as Ikuhara Kunihiko to commemorate that the supervision of the latest work "Sarazanmai" will be broadcast from April 2019, in Tokyo Solamachi space 634 " several Hara Honda Kunihiko Exhibition - Desire to Connect Ourselves and the Survival Strategy of the Revolution ~ "will be held.

The holding period is from April 27 (Sat) to May 6 (Mon. · Holiday) in 2019. Advance tickets for tickets are 1920 yen · Advance tickets with limited goods are 3500 yen. Today's ticket is 2200 yen · Limited goods with the same day ticket is 3700 yen. The ticket sale will start on Saturday, March 9, 2019 at 10 o'clock.

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© 1999 Girl Revolutionary Utena Production Committee
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In addition, according to this Nico Nico Douga will broadcast a full-length director's work at the following schedule.
· March 7th (Thursday) 19: 30 ~: "Ringing Penguin drum" 1 story ~ 12 episodes
· March 14 (Thu) 19: 30 ~: "Ringu Pengudrum" 13 stories ~ 24 episodes
· Monday, March 18 (Monday) ~: "Girl Revolutionary Utena" 1 story - 13 episodes
· March 19 (Tuesday) from 19 o'clock: "Girl Revolutionary Utena" 14 story - 26 stories
· March 21 (Thursday, congratulation) 19 o'clock ~: "Girl Revolutionary Utena" 27 story - 39 stories
· March 28 (Thu) 19: 30 ~: "Yuri Kumarashi" All 12 episodes

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Project to mass-produce the "cat-shaped autonomous pet robot" of individual development "OpenCat" - GIGAZINE

"World fishery map" that nobody knows until now has been completed - GIGAZINE

A movie of "Forest sank in the flood" that looks like a fantasy world has been released and the number of reproductions exceeds 1.8 million times - GIGAZINE

I actually experienced the attraction "Edge the Harkus" that can cross over the roof of the tallest building in Japan with a lifeline - GIGAZINE

WHO (World Health Organization) Announces 12 Most Dangerous Super Bug Lists Without Antibiotics - GIGAZINE

Game industry develops lobbying effort to unite "Right to repair my gaming machine" bill to disposal - GIGAZINE

"The possibility that Airbnb will drive out hotel industry" Goldman Sachs pointed out - GIGAZINE

Open source project "Afforestt" to grow the forest at tremendous speed - GIGAZINE

"Spritz" - the word will jump into your eyes and you will be able to read sentences at a great speed - GIGAZINE

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Focus: Design risk for dark clouds, space X and Boeing in US space program | Reuters

"Killer T cell" that attacks cancer cells Elucidation of the mechanism of poor work - Mainichi Shimbun

◆ Society · Politics · Economy (Incidents · World News · Business)
North Korea talks denuclearization agreement does not reach White House announcement | NHK News

North Korea talks abduction issue is on agenda Foreign ministry executives | NHK News

President Trump 's press conference "There was a gap between each other" | NHK News

MOFA executive "If North Korea does not denuclearize, we will not do rice" | NHK News

Embassy of North Korea was attacked, staff members restrained for several hours Madrid: Asahi Shimbun Digital

South Korea's 18th birth rate, the first time breaking to the world's lowest level (Photo = Union · Collaboration): Nihon Keizai Shimbun

"There is Okinawa in Okinawa, country has democracy in the country" Defense Minister Iwaya holds | Okinawa Times + Plus News | Okinawa Times + Plus

President Abe 's fourth term President Kato General Affairs Chair as soon as public opinion moves | NHK News

Sudden survey of Manonlon surged in the largest number of virtual currencies in over 410,000 copies National Police Agency | NHK News

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"Net cafe refugees" who are drawing attention in the incident That "too strange" fact (Konno Konno) - Individual - Yahoo! News

The state of the "turning the country" where the person who was temporarily transferred to the central ministry of Kasumigaseki talks was too spectacular "the Ministry of Finance is strong" "Togetter

The matter of "pain in lecture by Aida Makoto", mainly by Professor Oono left Noriko. - Togetter

The lecture Makoto Aida sued for lecture - ← Zeisho →

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Proposal to revise the Radio Law Law, Easy to use tests even without technical skill Partial relaxation - Mobile Watch

Japan Manga Artists Association

AWS log management best practices

Current status and future of OSS - Technology search

DL illegalization "Necessary discussion was done" "Balanced content" ... Explanatory documents of the Agency for Cultural Affairs - Acquisition of lawyer dot com

A story about making a location information application with React Native - Speaker Deck

[Presentation report] Mr. Sakata Mitsuuri High School and Hackasson held - Japan West Coast Plan

Mercari Engineering Blog Talking about making a system in which multiple machine learning models work by micro-service for each model

Smaho charge cable accident more than 80 cases "Chemistry burn" case | NHK News

Consider anti-piracy site countermeasures of "next" expansion of illegal DL target - story of P2P or that area R

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TV anime "Koisuru Asteroid" Official Site

Ep. 7: NATSU ☆ Let's do it! | First part | Idolisch Seven Vibrato - YouTube

【Official】 "Kotobuki Squadron in the Wilderness" Non Credit Opening - YouTube

【Official】 "Kotobuki Squadron in the Wilderness" Episode 1 "Bouncer of the Moon" - YouTube

TV animation "Slime was Reincarnated" Opening 2nd - YouTube

"Chocobo's mysterious dungeon Everybody! Trailer - YouTube

On the Concept of Boxing in the VTuber World - izumino's note

【Tanaka Keiichi series: Reverse trial version】 A reversal play of Takeshi, which brought a "court battle" game overcoming many pinches. "Learning from Failure" It was the moment when his serious attitude was collected as a "foreshadow" [Wakame]

About Tuna Nano 's Welcoming. | Ukyo_rst | pixivFANBOX

Recent publishing industry from current editor

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Contact for "Do not stop the camera!"

Ji Hokkaido "Prior to refurbishing the current station and setting up a new station": New Police Ball Stadium in New Hall Stadium "Police Bulletin"

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Hot Apple Pie's first new custard taste! "Hot Apple Custard Pie" that you can enjoy at affordable price of 120 yen for a limited time from Wednesday, March 6

(PDF file) March 7th (Thursday) Limited menu that colors Heisei's last spring appeared Shrimps! Enjoying Kaoru prawn fried shrimp and two prawns Funabashi Sakura Prairie Tempuru 」First debut with" Ebayashi Sakura Puppet Tempuru "and" Sakura Ooba "set" Cherry Blossoms Set "Popular Series Resurrected" Corn Potage Potato Heaven and Hana Musee bowl of rice "

Spring menu start! | Jolly Pasta - Pasta Specialty Store

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