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Wacom's liquid crystal pen tablet series " Wacom Cintiq Pro " and " Wacom Cintiq ", a PC integrated liquid crystal pen tablet series " Wacom MobileStudio Pro ", and pen tablet " Wacom Intuos Pro ", it was unlikely Slim type special pen " Wacom Pro Pen slim " has appeared. Wacom Pro Pen 2 is a type that is easy to hold like a pencil with a diameter of 9.5 mm, so let's ask the illustrator's honoraru you to actually use drawing professionals to see how the comfort will change Saw.

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◆ Wacom Pro Pen slim Photo review "Wacom Pro Pen slim" is in a box like this.

There is a case made of metal inside ... ...

When sliding it, Wacom Pro Pen slim was stored inside.

The head of the special case was turned off and the lid was removed, and the replacement core for Wacom Pro Pen slim was stored inside.

So if you take Wacom Pro Pen slim in hand, it looks like this. The length is 157.05 mm, the diameter is 9.5 mm, only 11 mm grip part is slightly thick. It is similar in size to a slender pencil or ballpoint pen. Since Wacom Pro Pen slim adopts the electromagnetic induction method and can be used without batteries, there is no such thing as "I can not paint with pen's battery dead".

The left is Wacom Pro Pen slim and the right is Wacom Pro Pen 2. Both pressure sensitivity corresponds to the 8192 level.

When you look side by side, the length is the same, but you can see that the diameter of Wacom Pro Pen slim is considerably small. Also, Wacom Pro Pen slim has a grip part with anti-slip longer than the Wacom Pro Pen 2 on the pen tip side. The grip part was a feeling that Wacom Pro Pen 2 was so soft that it was close to the grip of a thicker sharpen pen, Wacom Pro Pen slim was rather solid and it was like a pencil.

Both grip parts have two buttons, you can assign your favorite action.

When actually bringing it in hand, the difference in weight was obvious, but when you measure it with the scale, Wacom Pro Pen 2 is 15 g.

Wacom Pro Pen slim weighed only 13 g and weighing only 2 g.

The special case is 62 g.

◆ Actually watched with Wacom Pro Pen slim <br> <br> <br> I got him to paint illustrator Horinaru Raru using Wacom Pro Pen slim at once. In addition, since Horikawa Ruru usually draws with the combination of " Wacom Cintiq Pro 24 " and " CLIP STUDIO PAINT ", he seems to be using Wacom Pro Pen 2 which is a thick pen axis. In addition, it seems to have Microsoft's " Surface " and a stylus pen " Bamboo Ink " so that you can paint even when you go out.

Wacom Pro Pen slim is used with Wacom Cintiq 16 of the liquid crystal pen tablet released on January 11, 2019 ......

A set of stands for Wacom Cintiq 16 .

When using it there is absolutely no need to do anything like doing, tracing the screen of the liquid crystal pen tablet and the line could be drawn as it was. After using Wacom Pro Pen slim, if you look at Wacom's tablet driver , Wacom Pro Pen slim is automatically added to the input device, you can adjust the position of the pen and set the pressure sensitivity of the pen as it is.

While actually drawing while comparing Wacom Pro Pen slim and Wacom Pro Pen 2, there is only a difference of only 2 g on the number, but when drawing a line it looks quite different in weight and comfort. Hoshino Ruru says that even when drawing on paper rather than digital it uses a thick shaft pencil or pen with pen axis, he seems to have never complained about the size feeling of Wacom Pro Pen 2 so far.

On the contrary, since we are using only the thick pen axis from usual times, it seems that Wacom Pro Pen slim was too fine, but when we actually used it, the weight was close to that of pencil, " If Wacom Pro Pen 2 is a pencil, Wacom Pro Pen slim is a pencil "It seems that the difference in weight was clearly felt.

The comfort is "Whether the line flows in a good way, moving the wrist makes drawing smoothly," and at the beginning "Wacom Pro Pen slim is likely to improve working speed when used to draw rough images On the contrary, Wacom Pro Pen 2 is solid and can draw a solid line, so I could use it more carefully to draw a line. "

The following is Wacom Pro Pen slim on the top and Bamboo Ink on the bottom. The thickness is pretty close, but ...

Bamboo Ink is a stylus pen that works with AAA batteries ... ...

Weight is also 19 g and there is considerable opening. If you actually pick it up and compare it with Wacom Pro Pen slim, the difference is obvious, and the weight will be different at a level that you can clearly see even if you close your eyes. Bamboo Ink also has its center of gravity closer to the head side of the pen, and it seems that the pen swings and gets tired.

Because the pen is light, Wacom Pro Pen slim seems to run a fairly pen, Hoshino Riru said "It's fun to draw crispy!" Wacom Pro Pen slim was particularly active in drawing lines with movement such as hair and clothes, "Personally I would like to carefully draw contours and eyes, but hair and shaking objects (clothes and ribbons There is movement, so the line with momentum seems like it looks like it draws carefully around the face and draws crisp hair etc .. It is fun to draw like that. "

To paint rough and line drawings it is quite nice to say that, Hoshino Ruru who rushes into color painting next.

Wacom Pro Pen slim and Wacom Pro Pen 2 's comfortable feeling, Mr. Hoshinori Hoshino said, "Wacom Pro Pen 2 draws the underlay" when drawing "drawing with analog" when drawing only underlay " When comment "Wacom Pro Pen slim" comment. Wacom Pro Pen slim had the feeling that a pen would run, and it seems that there was even a sense of running too much at first. Of course it seems that Wacom Pro Pen slim got used to Wacom Pro Pen slim when the drawing time passed, and it was able to be used without problems even when "polite coloring" that I was worried about before I started drawing.

However, it seems that it has overdoed the hair drawing more than expected by riding in tone as "Pen running and it is fun!" When stroking, "It is supposed to be ......!" Was struggling with struggle.

Actually using Wacom Pro Pen slim to paint, I usually did not feel "heavy" even though I used thick pen axis stuff, but when I actually compare it, it is "different like this It seems that the difference in weight has been felt as "Do what?" Wakom Pro Pen slim also seems to be pretty good at first, although it is Mr. Hoshinaru who was professing that it is a thick pen axis group at first, "From Wacom Pro Pen 2 to Wacom Pro Pen slim It seems there will be no problem even if I change trains. " Also, since Wacom Pro Pen slim is light, pen seems to run beyond imagination and he said "I draw crispy and painfully fun!", So people who feel that the comfort of Wacom Pro Pen 2 is heavy Perhaps it is perfect for a person who says "Pencil axis is narrowly narrow".

So the completed illustration looks like this. Work time is less than 1 hour and 30 minutes, as the pen runs crisply, it seems that the drawing of the hair has come a long way.

In addition, Wacom Pro Pen slim is sold on Wacom's official online store at 9720 yen including tax.

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