Five points to be done in the first year of entrance to lead a successful university life

by Raka Muhammad Iqbal Ismail

Many people think that they have decided to leave the local residents who lived for a long time at college and start new lives with less land in urban and rural areas. As I say "everything is important at the beginning", how to make friends and live school life in college life in the first year has a big influence on the long student life after that. The Conversation summarizes what kind of things to do in order to be successful in such first year of university entrance.

Five top tips to succeed in your first year of university

◆ 1: Find support services

by Victoria Heath

Many universities offer counseling, mental health, sexual health, disabled services, financial support services, etc. for students, and there are facilities for support such as career center and accommodation facilities. And the first thing a student should visit to find out perfect support services for themselves is the official website of the university. Students can also obtain detailed information on college life by attending presentations during the orientation period, talking with teaching assistants , or contacting the student center, which is a "necessary" Action and The Conversation wrote.

Also, the best way to get information on new student life coming from now is "to talk with other students" and new students should actively participate in opportunities such as " peer mentoring " about. In addition, The Conversation wrote "Pleasing sessions that senior students teach methods to tackle issues and exams" about peer mentoring.

Also, in the first year of entrance to the university, "I should be familiar with university libraries focusing on improving literacy and math ability". There are cases where free workshops on academic writing, reading strategy, time management, etc. are held at the learning center of these facilities, and participation in these opportunities improves skill which is very useful in student life You can do it.

◆ 2: Manage the time well

by Markus Spiske

What is especially difficult in the first year of university entry is how to coordinate social and academic initiatives, that is, time management in school life and private life is one of the challenges for college students. One of the best solutions to such a challenge is to create a semester plan at the beginning of the semester.

Plan in the timeline or calendar format, first enter all the assignments and tests, then assign the time required to do the exam and other tasks, such as investigation, planning, proofreading, checking the reference I will continue. By adding all kinds of information such as part time job and private schedule in this semester plan, it will be possible to manage good time in college life, which is a much more free time compared to life up to high school students.

◆ 3: Keep constant reading volume

by Alejandro Escamilla

There are various undergraduates in the university, and the student life changes greatly depending on which faculty belongs. However, as one of the common themes across many undergraduates, "excellent challenges are supported by accurate evidence". It shows that the interest of interest is gathered only to the opinion of firmly supported students, that is, how much research and reading the student has become a prerequisite for submitting excellent tasks.

However, the amount of reading required for college students for freshmen in the first year of university entrance is overwhelming. So, The Conversation wrote that "As a good news, I do not need to read all the texts," he points out that it is necessary to look up relevant information and find out.

◆ 4: Wear a way to avoid plagiarism

by Jazmin Quaynor

It is very important to learn how to properly use references so that you do not steal others' research results in your student life. The Conversation explains, "At the beginning of the semester I have to complete an online module that explains the complexity of academic integrity."

Because students may be deprived of units or revoked their degree by stealing, in order to prevent such a situation, it is necessary to be able to correctly reference the books and research papers cited by them. Also, you need to be aware of the fact that you have to use various reference styles depending on things.

By making appropriate reference, students will be able to become part of the academic community and show the instructors of the university that they can respect the rules of the community. Also, if you are able to handle information such as the author's name, title, publication year, page number, etc. of the reference correctly from the first year of university entrance, you will acquire a great weapon in the long college life after that, And The Conversation wrote.

◆ 5: Enjoy college life!

by Priscilla Du Preez

If you are not satisfied with your university life, you should receive advice from undergraduate departments. Students are expected to be responsible for progress in their own learning, but if there is some concern, it is also important to rethink their own path, such as "talk to the instructor in charge" etc. . It is important to properly design your own future, taking into consideration the transfer to other departments.

And while college life is a study period to form your own future career, it is also an important period to build a lifelong friendship relationship. The Conversation wrote that friendships built during the school days are likely to be of great help in universities or later life, so it is necessary to build playfully friends relationships correctly.

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