'Haagen-Dazs Decorations' which a rich sweetness and kalisak texture gave birth to a new taste I tried eating almond caramel cookie and matcha cheese cookie

Almond caramel cookie and green tea cheese cookie of 'Decoration's' which has a completely different concept from previous products are added to Haagen Dazs' lineup known for ice cream from Tuesday, February 19, 2019. The point that the taste is rich is the feeling of Haagen Dazs ice indeed, but it was a product of a new sense that was not in Haagen Dazs up to now by eating with a large amount of topping and ice.

"Decorations (Decorations)" Almond caramel cookie "," Matcha cheese cookie "on February 19, 2019 | Haagen-Dazs Japan

"Haagen Dazs Decorations Almond Caramel Cookie" and "Haagen Dazs Decoration Matcha Cheese Cookie". It is the same size as the traditional Haagen Dazs cup ice, but the lid's color is gold and slightly noticeable.

All non-fat milk solids are 9.0%, milk fat is almond caramel cookie 15.5%, matcha cheese cookie is 13.5%, egg fat content is 0.8%. "Cream, defatted concentrated milk" is lined up at the top of the raw material name. For calories, almond caramel cookie is 300 kcal, matcha cheese cookie is 263 kcal.

When removing the upper cover, almond caramel cookie was made transparent so that the film was almonds like topping with transparent film. It is a pretty rare case at Haagen Dazs.

The top of the ice cream is filled with gypsy with topping and it does not look like Haagen Dazs.

Almond caramel cookie has a bittersweet caramel sauce under the topping, and a caramel butterscotch ice cream is crowded under it.

Matcha cheese cookie had alternately matched green tea ice cream and cheese ice cream.

The point of how to eat this "Haagen Dazs Decoration" is not to eat as it is, but "to mix". Haagen-Dazs ice may tick in such a way that it can not be scraped off a little unless you warm up the spoon for a while, and if you set the melted part too, it will become ticky again by other cold air, but this ice is soft as a whole It became easier to mix. So, Let's · La · mums ·.

Almond caramel cookie is a dish that you can enjoy the crispy texture of sliced almonds while the thick sweetness of caramel spreads throughout the mouth, enjoying the feel and taste. Although it tastes belonging to the royal road not aimless, the accent of texture stirs up the fun of the meal experience.

In the case of green tea cheese cookie, it is the two types of cookies which are accentuated as crunchy and crispy. The balance of sweetness · bitterness of matcha ice cream and sweetness · sourness of cheese ice cream is also exquisite, and the hands to eat do not stop.

All prices are 300 yen including tax. Please be sure to enjoy the taste of the new Haagen Dazs, which is different from the past.

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