Large scale opposition campaign to the draft of the EU's revised copyright directive including 'link tax' etc. broke out


The amended revised copyright directive which the EU is about to establish is to strictly control copyright management, such as the introduction of link tax and penalties for copyright infringement on platform operators. A large scale opposition campaign involving the entertainment industry and artist groups has been developed against this revised copyright draft directive that the final document was announced on February 13, 2019.

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What is considered to be a problem in the draft revised copyright directive is that Article 11 (link tax) where copyright royalties occur only by posting links and copyright strict for platforms such as SNS and YouTube Article 13 is not only asking for protection but also seeking liability for copyright infringement. In addition to predicting that traffic to the news site will be reduced by 45% if Article 11 goes into effect, Article 13 is said to be " companies are forced to produce magical wand ".

Also, against the draft of the revised copyright law law concern from various circles that the Wikimedia Foundation that runs Wikipedia complains " We will destroy the Internet ", YouTube's CEO strongly condemns it as " not fair " And the opposite voice is being received.

However, despite such a large number of opposition, the EU closed negotiations towards agreement on the final document of the draft revised copyright law directive on February 13, 2019, and the final vote for approval It was decided to be done. In order to prevent the revised copyright law draft directive from being approved, we have to win opposition in the final voting carried out by all the European Parliamentarians from March 25 to 28, 2019 and April 2019.

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Even within the EU there is persistent opposition to the draft revised copyright law directive. There have been opposed activities against many entertainment enterprises involved in music, sports, broadcasting business, etc., lobbying and artists' groups opposed .

Actually, a few weeks after the final vote of the revised copyright law directive, there is a European parliamentary election held in direct election. Activists have put pressure on the members of the European Parliament to activate opposition campaigns in an effort to prevent approval of the draft revised copyright law directive. In particular, Axel Voss , German member of the European Parliament, led the draft of the revised copyright law directive, and the opposition from Germany became important.

The German Consumers Association condemned the draft revised copyright law directive and insisted that "the revised copyright law directive does not benefit not only consumers but all related people," and the European Parliamentarians We should refuse the revised copyright law draft directive. Already also been demonstrations by hundreds of people in Cologne, Germany, in the future towards the final election scheduled demonstration activities are carried out is. Hash tag used for demonstration is " # Artikel 13 Demo ".

EU Commission calls opponents of Copyright Directive a "mob," as thousands take to the streets for the # Artikel 13 Demo / Boing Boing

In addition, signatures by people who oppose the draft revised copyright law directive are gathering one after another, and approval of less than 5 million people was obtained from around the world at the time of article creation.

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