A movie that helps the owner whose cat is locked out from the house has been played over 500,000 times and it is a topic

Gabby Tropea, a student model, was mistakenly closed out of the house, and when she released the appearance that she had helped by removing the lock on the door, she had a movie, more than 510,000 at the time of article creation Has also been reproduced, it has become a big topic by collecting more than 130,000 retweets and over 510,000 nobles.

Cat comes to the rescue and unlocks door for its owner stuck outside

The movie that Tropea 's beloved cat, Boko, is showing off to the fullest is as follows.

Tropea, who has been out of the house by accidently leaving the key at home, tries to enter from the sliding door behind the house. However, the sliding doors can not enter because of a crime prevention stick. Boko, my beloved cat, rushed to the troubled owner.

In order to respond to Mr. Tropea's shouting "Move the stick!" I try to grab the stick with the forefoot.

Pull it a little to the front ... ....

Boko held it like holding a stick and succeeded in removing the stick from the window. Tropea is surprised at Boko who shows wisdom that only seems to understand the human language and the principle of the stick.

And the sliding door is safe open.

Talkea rushes onto Boko while sitting beside the window unexpectedly and the movie is over.

According to Mashable of overseas media, it seems that it was encounter to have protected Boko under the university's bench where Tropea is attending, "When you recall from now on, you should pick up obviously weak stray cats I probably did not have it, but I picked up Boko and started taming, "Tropea says. Boko was pretty weak when he was picked up, but Tropea's Twitter and Instagram has shown a completely healthy appearance.

About Boko who became world famous overnight, Tropea says "I am proud that we can share our smart child!" Boko seems to be interviewed from various media, but Tropea commented on Mashable's interview "Because the movement of the internet is so fast, everyone is interested only for one week" It was.

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