With the spread of sex robots on the verge, what are the issues to be solved for laws and regulations?

About half of Americans believe sex with robots will become common in the next 50 years

, according to a 2017 survey . However, there is still a problem that needs to be solved about legally controlling sex robots that have become realistic, says Francis X. Shen, a law scholar at the University of Minnesota.

Sex robots are here, but laws aren't keeping up with the ethical and privacy issues they raise

◆ Definition of sex robot
There is no definition for the generally recognized 'sex robot'. While this may not seem like a major problem at first glance, it is actually a serious legal problem. This is because without the definition of the regulation subject, it is impossible to prohibit or regulate.

Alabama, the United States, is the only state that prohibits the sale of sexual toys, but the legal definition is 'a device whose primary purpose is to stimulate human genital organs,' focusing on its use.

However, in the future, sex robots should have more purposes than “stimulate genitals”. It is also conceivable to adopt machine learning algorithms that satisfy the emotions of partners, rather than just “sexual stimulation”.

The beauty-like robot Mark 1 is generally recognized as a “sex robot,” but developer Ricky Ma Tsz Hang clearly stated that “Mark 1 was not created as a sex robot”. To say. Mark 1 was created to help with a variety of tasks, from 'Preparing for Children's Lunch' to 'Caring for the Elderly.'

Human beings can make 'sexuality' and 'non-sexuality' compatible, but the robot can be switched in the 'playing mode with children' and 'playing mode with adults' with one switch as well. If this happens, the definition should be more complicated.

◆ Child-style sex robot
For the first time

in the Lawrence-Texas case , the court first mentioned sexual privacy rights. As the right to sexual privacy expands, Shen believes that there will be no laws that ultimately prohibit the sale of sexual toys, but the story is different for child-type sex robots.

The Curbing Realistic Exploitative Electronic Pedophilic Robots Act (CREEPER Act), which appeared in 2017, passed Congress unanimously six months after its appearance. It is thought that such a tendency will be seen in the future.

However, it is not clear whether the state law as described above is constitutionally problematic. The Supreme Court has ruled that the ban on child pornography does not violate the First Amendment to the United States Constitution, which guarantees freedom of expression, while preventing child pornography in 1996, which regulates child pornography that does not include real children. The law determines that the prohibited area is 'too broad'. There should be a lot of debate about how to deal with child-type sex robots that don't involve real people.

◆ Safety


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The issue of how the US Consumer Product Safety Commission should regulate sex robots is often overlooked. However, without proper regulation, it is possible that harmful paint will be used on robots that human beings touch and kiss. In addition, it is possible that the robot crushes human fingers etc. during the act.

Furthermore, if the robot is advanced, personal information such as the type and touch of words used by the user should be accumulated. Regulations and hacking measures are necessary to properly protect such a large amount of confidential information.

◆ Recognition of sex robots
The regulation of sex robots depends on what we have learned about sex robots and how we recognize them. In 2018, the city council of Houston enacted an ordinance prohibiting sex robot brothels, but in this forum, 'This kind of business destroys the finances of homes, families, and neighborhoods, causing confusion in the city's main community. The claim was made that

However, there is no evidence about the effects sex robots have at the individual or social level, and the claim is merely speculation.

It is not clear whether a child-type sex robot harms a real child, or substitutes for a human being like a general sexual toy or improves human relations. It is possible that the sex robot will heal the mind of a lonely person, or act as a practice platform for sex inexperienced people, as the pilot practices with the simulator.

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There are many unanswered questions about sex robots. Shen argues that experts should do research before conservative politicians make decisions based on guesses and fears.

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