One fess 2019 [Winter] with the distinctive idols of Aymas lined their shoulders together, popular units such as LiPPS, etc.


Idol Master, which celebrates its 14th anniversary in 2019 with the start of arcade game operations, includes various series such as 'Idol Master', ' Idol Master Cinderella Girls ', ' Idol Master Million Live! ' Idol Master Side M, ' Idol Master Shiny Colors ' While being derived from, has created a number of attractive idol. Even at Wonder Festival 2019 [Winter] , there were many figures of diva who played an active part in such an eye mass series.

◆ Commercial booth
Arisu Tachibana's ' [Only My Flag] + ' was exhibited at the PLUM booth from 'Idol Master Cinderella Girls'. Scheduled for release in April 2019, the price is 13,800 yen after tax.

I always show a cool face for adults, but I have a dazzling smile appropriate for the year. It is said that this smile part is a reservation privilege in PLUM direct sales.

The lightly flirting skirts and waist ornaments and the sleek, healthy legs are attractive.

At the Alter booth, ' Amagase Touma ' is from 'Idol Master Side M', which produces male idols. Ms. Soga (Mowano) is in charge of prototyping, and DUTCH is in charge of coloring.

The scale is 1/8, and the release date / price is undecided.


Asuka Ninomiya 偶 Idol 偶 Fragment Ver. ' Has the motif of SSR of the same name, which can be obtained in ' Idolmaster Cinderella Girls Starlight Stage '.

An asuka-like figure that purports to have a

two-stroke disease , such as a black cloak on the back and a huge silver key accessory on the waist.

Sculpted in

the Hongu sweet -san, coloring is Eimi Hoshimei. Expected to be released in October 2019 for 21800 yen after tax.

It is 'Sei Fuji Reiko's Fortune Woman's Fortune Woman Ver.' Based on SR + 'Fortune Woman's Fortune Woman' appearing in 'The Idolmaster Cinderella Girls' carrying the background behind Mt. Fuji, Taka and Eggplant.

A lion who shows an elegant dance with a fan in one hand. The prototype work was Hiroyuki Nailzuka, and the release date and price were undecided.


Shuko Shiomi Blue Horizon Ver. ' Has the motif of Suko's limited SSR that appears in 'Idolmaster Cinderella Girls Starlight Stage'.

Shuko's bright smile and skimpy swimsuit are well reflected in the bright blue sky.

Misaki is a prototype maker, and the color is Akemi Hoshina. The release date is undecided and the price is undecided.

What makes the

Aksagi Miria Party Time Gold Ver. So remarkable is a glamorous smile full of passion like Miria that shines like gold. The costume 'Party Time Gold' is the costume that first appeared in 'The Idolm @ ster Cinderella Girls View In Gravure ', and the CD jacket of ' Yes! Party Time !! ' Ria was also drawn.

In addition, it is said that two kinds of expression are reproducible.

The prototype is Mr.

sai , the color is Mr. Watanabe . The price is 14,800 yen after tax and will be released in July 2019.


Chie Sasaki Party Time Gold Ver., Which will be set after Mari Akagi, was on display. Same as 'Akagi Miria Party Time Gold Ver.' The prototype is sai, and the color is Dai Watanabe.

The appearance of the healthy futon and gorgeous and pretty costumes is reproduced.

Chie, who has a dazzling smile on her face. Sales time and price were undecided.

At the booth of Tokyo Figures , knead 's ' Kanzaki Ranko: The Waiter of Destiny ver. ' Was displayed. The prototype work is Yuko-san, and the coloring is Masayoshi Murakawa, and is scheduled to be released in April 2019 at a price of 17,130 yen.

'Drink in the dark!' Is one of the greetings that symbolizes Ranko, but it is likely to be drunk by the smile of Ranko who holds up the wedding bouquet.

At Licorne 's corner, 'Jogasaki Mika Tulip Ver.', The fifth of the LiPPS figure project, a popular unit in 'Idolmaster Cinderella Girls', appeared and finally the five members were in a row. She is dressed in the costume 'Fragrance of Night', which is also depicted on the CD jacket of LiPPS's masterpiece ' Tulip '.


Ichinose Shiki Tulip Ver. ' Is a figure of Shiki who sings while looking at a naughty smile somewhere.

Yuma is for prototyping, Fio is for direction, and Noa is for coloring. The price is 14,800 yen and is scheduled to be released in June 2019.

Shuko, who sings at '

Shuko Shiomi Tulip Ver. ', Is a cool idol's book that usually shows a slick appearance on the stage while at a quick pace.

Sculpted by the

reclamation 's, Direction Mr. Fio, coloring is Mr. Noa. Scheduled for release in April 2019, the price is ¥ 14,800 after tax.

The '

Hayasumizu Tulip Ver. ' Has been on the market since January 2019 and the price is 14,800 yen after tax. The prototype is by Fio and the color is by Noa.

The leader who plays the role of LiPPS has a mature atmosphere and a mysterious smile somewhere.

Miyamoto Frederica of French and Japanese half and a little devilish cute idol. She is a playful girl who talks to Tekito at the moment, but she is always sincere as an idol and attracts fans by making the most of her charm.

The prototype is Mr. Chikai, the direction is Mr. Fio, and the coloring is Mr. Noa. The “

Miyamoto Frederica Tulip Ver. ” Is scheduled to be released in June 2019 for ¥ 14,800 after tax.

Then, the Jigasaki

Mika Tulip Ver . Careful Mika is a valuable common-sense person frame among LiPPS that is free and unique members. Mika, known as a charisma model, has a wink that feels cute but cool.

'Jogasaki Mika Tulip Ver.' The prototype production is

Anna a Mr., Direction Mr. Fio, coloring is Mr. Noa. It is scheduled to be released in September 2019, and the price is ¥ 14,800 after tax.

Not only LiPPS, but also making a figure for the Pink Check School was being produced. 'Pink Check School' is also the name of a costume, but the three people are wearing a uniform costume that was worn when they decorated the CD jacket of the unit's first number '

Love Letter '.

Shimamura Uzuki Love Letter Ver is a picture of Shimamura Uzuki quietly holding a love letter. The prototype is Mr. Ann and the direction is Mr. Fio. The release date and price were undecided.


Kotoko Igarashi Love Letter Ver. ' Is prototype work Mr. Teijin and Fio, the direction is Fio, coloring is Ecoshi , and the release date and price are undecided. While smiling, Kyoko raises a love letter and throws a soft wink.

And 'Mio Kohinaga Love Letter Ver.' Is prototype production by Fio, and the release date and price are undecided. While showing off the skirt, it shows a glimpse of the situation here.

◆ General booth
'[Puriprisamine] Abe Nana +' exhibited at the

Shinbarade (8-35-03) has the same name-limited SSR motif of 'Idolmaster Cinderella Girls Starlight Stage'.

Her cute and fancy atmosphere has been reproduced completely by claiming the idol from Usamin.

'Idolmaster Cinderella Girls' SR pattern '

Momoi Aoi Summer Mademoiselle ver.' And encountered at the booth of Polygo Noise (7-46-06). The slender legs and navel are very sexy.

A girl who is showing a mature pose and expression. The water dripping on the skin is also expressed properly, and there is a color that I do not think that it is 12 years old.

The practice of the keyboard harmonica as if embarrassed before the special training 'Sasaki Chie Marching ☆ Major Ver.' Is the motif of the illustration of SR that appears in 'Idol Master Cinderella Girls'.

The school bag was well contained in the school bag and the title was well written. It was a work that had been made to a very fine place, such as slightly blushed cheeks and slippers that were slightly stripped off.

It is 'Hoshizaki Hikasa Rika Funaido Reiming + ver.' That has the SSR of 'Idol Master Million Live! Theater Days' as a motif.

Prototyping is a portrait-and-scene-like, which reproduces the smile of a bright and serious star Rika who tries to actively learn whenever she touches something she does not know in her boxed daughter.

The same name SSR of 'Idolmaster Million Live! Theater Days' is the motif of 'Yuriko Nanao's Sunshine Girl + ver.' At the sea breeze on a sandy beach, I will wrap up and sing in Blue Marine Realize.

She loves literature and is usually quiet, but she was reminded once again that she was a good idol with a bright smile on the stage.

Heaven Metropolitan If you think I feel a wave of overflowing from the booth of (6-24-13) 'cute', found a Sachiko Koshimizu. Akira Motomiya is for prototyping, and Mr. Watanabe is for coloring.

It is Sachiko who puts up a crepe next to a smile that is too cute, but resale was undecided.

Kanako Mimura was sitting down with a knee on the beach.

It is 'Kanko Mimura sweet summer time' of Nyankoromochi studio (6-26-03).

Kanako's white, rich body looked well in a red bathing suit.

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