Azure lane summary full of charms of characters such as 'Sygnit' 'Yamashiro' 'Prinz ・ Eugen'

The characters of the smartphone game '

Azur Lane ', in which attractive characters with an existing warship motif appear, are exhibited at various booths at the venue of the 20th Winter Festival .

We found 1/7 scale 'Yamashiro Kai' at the PLUM booth. The release date and price are undecided.

The 'Prinz Eugen' was exhibited at the Alter booth. The prototype work is Tanaka Futoshi and the release date / price is undecided.

A 1/8 scale 'unicorn' was exhibited at the booth of Tokyo Figures . Production is HOBBY MAX and release date and price are undecided.

'Belfast', also deformed to the Tokyo figure booth

And 'Enterprise' was exhibited. This is also manufactured by HOBBY MAX. Release date and price are undecided.

“Pinghai Pleasure Summer? Ver.” Was also on display. It is said that the commercialization of “Ninghai (Animal Summer) Ver.” Has also been decided. Both prototype production is

shy coloring in Eimi Hoshimei has become, Release Date and price are undecided and things.

A 1 / 8th scale 'signite' is also on display. The prototype work is Chizuru (Tsuru no Kan) with colored houses (Tsuru no Kan) and the price is undecided. The release is scheduled for summer 2019.

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