'Spicts-client' which can make mosaic art simply by selecting images

" Spicts " is a service that creates mosaic art by specifying images. In addition to being able to create mosaic art automatically using images uploaded to website, you can also make mosaic art of uploaded images yourself.


When accessing the above URL, the home screen like the following image will be displayed.

Click "Create MosaicArt".

I made a transition to the mosaic art creation screen.

At the bottom of the page there are already images uploaded by other users.

I will make one mosaic art for testing. First, click the image you want to make mosaic art.

Press the "Confirm Image" button.

Click the "Create" button.

Mosaic art is completed. Click on "Download image" to download mosaic art.

Mosaic art was saved in the download folder with the file name "spictsMosaicArt8.png".

When there is only one image selected, it is said that the main mosaic art will be created, but if it is only one landscape image it is difficult to understand at a glance what the mosaic art is, I do not seem to be able to demonstrate your way.

Next time, I upload the image myself and try making mosaic art. The following image is prepared by downloading free images from the stock photo service " Pixabay ".

Click "Add image" ... ....

Click "Browse".

Select multiple images to upload and click "Open".

Since the selected image is displayed, click "Submit" at the bottom of the page. Please be careful not to upload images related to privacy, since uploaded images will be made public to other users.

Upload succeeded when "Upload completed" is displayed. Click "Create MosaicArt" to return to the mosaic art creation page.

The images uploaded to the mosaic art creation page are mixed. Next time, I will create mosaic art based on this man's face.

Continue to select other images by clicking. The image selected first becomes mosaic art, the next clicked image becomes the image that makes up mosaic art. You can choose any number of images.

As before, press the "Confirm Image" button.

Click the "Create" button.

I could make mosaic art like this.

Comparing the original image with the completed mosaic art, it looks like this.

Click "Gallery" from the mosaic art creation page ......

You can see the mosaic art created so far.

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