Female brain turned out to be younger than male brain

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Although it is known that women and men have various sex differences such as hormone secretion amount and reproductive organs, researchers are "biologically young as female brain is 3 years older than male brain" I found out.

Persistent metabolic youth in the aging female brain | PNAS

Women's Brains Are 3 Years 'Younger' Than Men's, Study Suggests

The research team at Washington University School of Medicine used a metabolic process called " aerobic metabolism " as a marker for comparing male and female brains. It is said that aerobic metabolism which obtains energy by decomposing glucose using oxygen has the effect of promoting brain development and brain cell growth.

Aerobic metabolism is more active in the brains of young people, decreases with age, and it seems that only a very low level of aerobic metabolism will be done in the 60s. Researchers performed a brain scan with a PET test that is also used for cancer diagnosis and conducted an experiment to measure the level of aerobic metabolism.

In the experiment, a brain scan was conducted for 121 women and 84 men from 20 years old to 82 years old. After that, by training the machine learning algorithm to be able to measure the age of people from the aerobic metabolic level in the brain, the machine learning algorithm can predict people's age with high accuracy from the result of aerobic metabolism by brain scan It seems that it began.

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Next, the research team trained a machine learning algorithm to predict actual age from aerobic metabolism using male brain scan data only. And with an algorithm made from data of only men, when we predicted age from female brain scan data, it was found that the predicted age was 3.8 years younger than the actual age on average.

Furthermore, contrary to the above experiments, the research team made a machine learning algorithm to predict the actual age from the level of aerobic metabolism based on brain scan data of only females, to predict age from male brain scan data I heard he saw it. Then, it turned out that men were aged 2.4 years old on average on average than the actual age.

Interestingly, the difference in age between men and women was not only seen among older people, but also among young men and women in their 20s that they were commonly confirmed. Associate Professor Manu Goyal who conducted the research said, "From the research results it is not that men's brain" grows soon ", but it is already shown that there is a biological age difference between males and females at the age of 3 years It was done. "

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Mr. Goyal thinks that the difference between men and women clarified from this research result is slightly different from well-known gender such as height. However, it is said that the biological age difference of the brain in this man and woman may affect the gender differences and the thinking ability of cognitive symptoms accompanying aging, brain disease risk such as Alzheimer's. Mr. Goyal said that further research is necessary to see how the age difference between men and women affects people's thinking and cognitive abilities.

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