Headline news on February 6, 2019

It was decided to realize a collaboration between " Theatrical Version City Hunter <Shinjuku Private Eyes> " and Shinjuku which is closely related to the work.

Shinjuku Golden Street participated for the first tie-up promotion. If you tell "XYZ" when ordering at 100 stores participating in tie-up, you can get a special seal.

At the center east exit of JR Shinjuku station, a message board which is an item representing City Hunter appeared.

A message by Mr. Akira Kamiya and others is written.

In addition, a huge advertisement has appeared at the Metro Promenade in Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line Shinjuku station.

"Theater version of City Hunter [Shinjuku Private Eyes]" is released February 8, 2010 (Friday).

"Theater version City Hunter [Shinjuku Private Eyes]" second announcement | February 8, 2019 (Friday) National Road Show - YouTube

© Tsuji Hojo / NSP · "2019 Theater version City Hunter" Production Committee

By the way, I posted such an article on the same day of the same month in the past.

"Artificial virus" will be developed that starts attacking and destroys if it adheres to bacteria - GIGAZINE

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I went to the local fast food "Jollibee (Jolibee)" in Philippines who is considering entering Japan - GIGAZINE

Encryption of the world's mail depends on only one man, and found out the shocking fact that development funding has become zero - GIGAZINE

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ORIXBLOG @ ORIX · Buffaloes Summary Blog: TAKEMOTO Piano Companies that do not re-CM even if they are worn out

4: 2019/01/31 (Thurs) 18: 48: 08 ID: MEk.net
Even though I watched it once, it remains on my head, and it's not quite so easy to do that

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Sharing end of shared computer "Kyo" computing resources | RIKEN Center for Computational Science (R - CCS)

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Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare, "Real Wage Minus" Accepted Numerical Releases Refused Attitude Statistics Incorrect - Mainichi Shimbun

impact! The wage of the Japanese was down to "the level of the great recession" (Keisuke Nakahara) | Money Hyundai | Kodansha (1/3)

It is clear that the rate of wage increase in Japan has been raised by monthly monthly incorrect labor statistics, and the National Assembly is in confusion. The opposition party says "Abenomics Impersonation", but in essence the essence of the problem is not in such a place. When I tried its own trial calculation, it became clear that the wage of the Japanese had already become "comparable to the period of the great recession"

Hog cholera Aichi Osaka Nagano Shiga Expands to 5 prefectures of Gifu | NHK News

Elucidation of the sinking mystery during the Pacific War where the battleship "Hiei" can be found ... | NHK News

Provide gift voucher of 10 billion yen at hometown tax payment back Osaka Izumisano | NHK News

Osaka Izumisano City calls "closed campaign" for the fact that the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications aims to amend the law aimed at strengthening the regulations over the return town of the hometown tax payment, in addition to the return item, the gift certificate of 10 billion yen We have begun an effort to provide the. The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications says that the provision of gift vouchers is contrary to the purpose of the system and is regrettable.

Nara Park deceased by deer this year already over 200 people past the worst | NHK News

Gouard's dawn gun at Leopalace 21 (third time in 8 months), suspicion of progress on investigation of illegal building problems · suspicion of in-house judgment · scoop allegedly suspended suspended public offering: market situation full power two stories

'Restrict questions of specific reporters' Protestor protests to the official residence: Asahi Shimbun Digital

On December 28, last year, the Prime Minister's official residence told reporters club "Cabinet press conference" at the prime minister's official residence on the occasion of a question by the Tokyo newspaper reporter concerning the relocation work of Futenma Air Station on Nago city to Henoko " "I think that the act concerned by the reporter is a serious thing, I ask you to share such problem consciousness with your press conference, and I will raise a problem," requested by the document. To this, the press club side said, "I can not limit reporters' questions."

Snow on the first day of 3 consecutive holidays in the center of Tokyo, possibility of snow accumulating in the northern part of Kanto - weather news

The unemployment rate has been higher if quantitative easing is not done - Prime Minister Abe | Reuters

Toyota downgraded to 25% lower net income down to 1.8 trillion yen in the current term: Nihon Keizai Shimbun

"Let's stand for a long time without giving food to heartfelt" From 2 days ago ": Asahi Shimbun Digital

Featured section February 05, 2019 | Media Coverage Runner | Kansai TV Broadcasting

【Special Feature】 Economic burden of "millions of yen" to bereaved families who were killed by a small 5 son ... Why? The "reality" faced by the victim's family

CNN.co.jp: North Korea, Nuclear Capability "Hiding" and UN Report

Pope, the priest admits that the nun was sexual slaves - BBC News

Reduction tax rate introduction, financial resources 8 billion yen shortage = revenue reduction filling measures found - consumption tax increase: current affairs dot com

National and public secondary exam, the night's accommodation rate ... ... the university soaring to 5 times: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Papa Circulation Cash 40,000 yen Arrest of female high school student Fukuoka Prefectural Police - Mainichi Newspaper

A man who licked a woman's hair and salivated her with an escalator at "violent crime" station arrested - lawyer dot com

Change to CCC "Provide warrants only" for T card information provided to the investigation authorities Difficulties in the National Assembly - Attorney Dot Com

CNN.co.jp: Men strangled Puma with bare hands, attacked during running, Colorado State

Children in the world, one in five living with a poverty of 400 million, less than 210 yen a day | Kyodo News

"Liberalization without pressure" "Labor under the minimum wage" - Successive complaints from the parties at "withdrawal support" facility - Yahoo! News

Arrested father arrested on suspicion of violating Son 4 small son, Hyogo prefectural police confidently confessed to a teacher | Kyodo News

The third son and the second son of junior high school students said that "violence was routinely being imprisoned," and the child guidance center temporarily protected the two. My wife said that he was afraid and could not stop.

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A former school catering salesman looked at the "Famima Children's Dining Hall" 's gigantic appearance. - Everything you've ever Dreamed

"Yamagi Noguchi" problem and the current "Japanese language education" - until the battery is someday

[From the field of examination guidance] Why drop out in high school mathematics 2 Know the "Function Wall" (1/5 page) - Sankei Biz (Sankei Biz)

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Goodbye, love FreeBSD | Kenji Takeshi / Rikkake Kenji | note

Softbank's first settlement of accounts, "Does not reduce communication fees" "PayPay deficit", "Communication disorder is boobs ......" | My navigational news

Shot inappropriate movie by Kura Sushi Byte Posted by Osaka Store | Kyodo News

I thought that it was time to pay a yearly deed, but I do not have a yearly talent to put in trouble - I do not get anything today Z

How to make a doodle judgment model that runs on the browser - Exa Wizards Engineer Blog

An attempt to estimate the emotions of readers from arbitrary articles on WEB - Qiita

JASRAC, introduction of block chain Transparent music usage fee: Nihon Keizai Shimbun

The words I want to send to those who are suffering from the walls that I can not design my favorite "I can not design my own" that hits the first designer is "the wall collapsed and sounded off" - Togetter

【Front of Semicon Industry in Akira Fukuda】 SSD shipments in 2018 grew 37% to 167.15 million units ~ Japan HDD Association January 2019 Seminar Report (SSD Market Edition) - PC Watch

Yahoo! Algorithm Education Initiatives - Yahoo! JAPAN Tech Blog

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Approximately in about 1 minute "Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion" ① Kokodo - YouTube

Approximately in about 1 minute "Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion" That ② Rebellion - YouTube

Approximately in about 1 minute "Code Geass - Lelouch of the Rebellion" That ③ Emperor - YouTube

TV anime 'Neverland promised' 1 episode -4 episode digest movie - YouTube

<Story> Festival ~ 10th Annivarsary Story ~ Concluding decision PV - YouTube

TV anime "Flame Flame Fire Brigade" Akira Sakura Character PV - YouTube

Family Computer Nintendo Switch Online Additional title [February 2019] - YouTube

PlayStation (R) 4 / Xbox One "JUMP FORCE" JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Short PV - YouTube

"Anthem ™" This is "Anthem": story, progress process, customization - YouTube

"Inversion Trial 123 Sekido Selection" Promotion Video - YouTube

Even though it was midnight all the time. "Dazzling DNA only" MV - YouTube

[SoftBank News] Minoru Mizase Special Interview - YouTube

Comic Takaoka: A long-established manga specialty shop in Jimbocho closes at the end of March and ends in more than 100 years history - Mainichi Newspaper

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【Konmaru alone interview】 "I want to convey values that value truly important things" (Kasumi Abe) - Individual - Yahoo! News

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Nutrition functional food made by mixing with milk (* 1) "GREEN DA · KA · RA Mild Smoothy" newly launched | News Release | Suntory Food International

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