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The announcement day in Japan of "Star Wars / Episode 9" in charge of Director & Screenplay by J · J · Abrams was decided on December 20, 2019 (Fri) same as the United States, the event of Sapporo Sessions Festival It was announced within.

This is the third time that the snow image of "Star Wars" appears in the Sapporo Snow Festival, this time it has been reproduced in the state where "X wing fighter plane" can ride.

By the way, I posted such an article on the same day of the same month in the past.

A relatively recent change that occurred in the shape of the human brain greatly developed humanity - GIGAZINE

Find a visionary Ferrari hidden for 30 years from one room in the apartment - GIGAZINE

The future of communication interception and encryption is "in the dark" and many experts agree with each other - GIGAZINE

Hydrogen plasma generation succeeded in nuclear fusion reactor "Wendelstein 7-X", practical application is around 2025 - GIGAZINE

Trauma in childhood continues to adversely affect health and property aspects even after becoming an adult obvious - GIGAZINE

【Dango】 Mr. Aum Monti Aumu died as top creator of 3DCG web animation "RWBY" - GIGAZINE

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Unheard of, the ancient insects in jewelry, not amber | National Geographic Japanese version site

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Publication status Chronicle 129 (January 1st - 201st January 31st) - Publication · reading memo random

Noshi Hitoshi "Inauguration period" begins from voluntary discontinuation of Matsushima Book Store in Kamata village Takeshi in 1998 at the "Trail of publishing media pavement (2013)" (publishing media pal, 2013), Yanagihara He pointed out that bankruptcy lasted until 2005, such as bookstores, Kitakorakkan, Suzuki Shoten, Kanagawa books, Nishinido bookstore, Adachi books, Samsung, Kinya Books.
Unfortunately, I did not end there, and even in this chronicle I have reported bankruptcy such as Toho Books, Kurita Exhibition Sales, Osaka Shop, Taiyo Shrine, Nippon Map Common Sharing etc even after that.
Besides bankruptcy of medium and small transactions, Tohan, Nissan's 400 billion yen minus is also occurring, and the decline in the sales of publications seen in 1 is also reflected in the two major transactions.
Moreover, as mentioned in the previous chronicle, the interim settlement of the two companies is on a deficit basis, and the full year account settlement is expected to be a big deficit. And in the case of the distribution industry, once it gets in the red, it will accelerate and follow the way to accumulate.

NT $ 40 million to NTT DoCoMo and KDDI donate to members of the Mobile Fee Council | Kyodo News

Mr. Aso, "The one who did not give birth to a child is a problem" due to the aging population declining birthrate TBS NEWS

"There are lots of funny bastards that the old people are bad, but it is wrong, because those who did not bring up children are problem" (Taro Aso and Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister)

T card only not personal information provision how far: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Optional provision of personal information in response to inquiries is being made by similar service companies.

The royalty marketing which operates "Ponta" says, "Although information on who used the card at which shop is available for voluntary offering, purchase details are not disclosed." NTT DoCoMo, which operates "d-point", and Rakuten "Rakuten Point" also respond to any offer.

It is not just point cards to provide information. Tokyo Metro dealing with transportation IC card "PASMO (Passmo)" provides a pass record (card number and time) of the automatic ticket examination machine in response to a request in the inquiry document. It does not provide a user name.

JR East dealing with "Suica (Watermelon)" will provide the necessary range if there is a reference book, details can not be commented ".

The free communication application "LINE (line)" says, "In principle, we need a warrant, but we will respond after discussing legality, etc. to the request in the inquiry document." It provides registration information such as telephone number and mail address of users and communication information such as source IP address.

"Even though there are several lives ..." Olympic construction site International organizations survey: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Deputy Director-General of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare of the Reshuffle, the ruling party refuses to invite "Incurrent": Asahi Shimbun Digital

On the 4th, the House of Representatives Budget Committee's Board of Directors asked Mr. Yasuyuki Onishi, former policy director, who was dismissed over the issue of fraud investigation of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare's Basic Statistics of Wage Structure, I decided not to be invited to the budget committee as a government reference person for the reason "It is not". Opposition parties asked for the invitation but the ruling party refused.

Behind the scenes of "Real wages in 2018 minus majority" behind the scenes - Monsiri talks summarized in three minutes of monocillin

Originally should be revised backwards, the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare does not do it, compares the data of 2018 and 2017 which are different in calculation method "as is" and announces it as "published value".

The samples are also half different and the benchmarks are different, so comparing it is the same as comparing the height of different people.

That's why it is false to say briefly.

The figures of the lie are made a "published value" for a long time.

I wrote that number, trying out how to find out the lie in statistics: Asahi Shimbun Digital

The author of "Law to lie in statistics" wrote a book that "It is necessary to know how to fool to not be fooled". In the last chapter, five methods to be verified such as 'source of statistics', 'survey method', 'problem replacement' etc. are listed as a method of finding lie in statistics.

North Korea's "Convenience Store of Horror" (Kosui) - Individual - Yahoo! News

Tokyo newspaper: Chiba's small 4 girls died, mother also conspired with father arrested and suspected injuries: society (TOKYO Web)

EU withdrawal, riot mission to retreat Queen British government plan and coverage | Kyodo News

Ollean family head of the former royal family died, Royalists from various countries attended the funeral Photos 17 pictures International news: AFPBB News

40 rioters extinguished illegally arrested cabaret shop manager and others manager | NHK News

College student dies after drinking one's parents complain about circle students | NHK News

Otoshi, a 20 - year - old male student at Kinki University found that he had died after repeated drinking at the circle 's drinking party. Student parents accused students of the circle that they were together due to not doing appropriate measures, such as calling an ambulance, for prosecutors who suspect the death of abandonment, and the police are investigating detailed guidance.

Protest against the SDF Harbor workers 400 staffs Stolen indefinitely in Okinawa, fear of stagnation | Okinawa Times + Plus News | Okinawa Times + Plus

We resold cars lent by individual car share! Even though there is an exchange of stamp proof - lawyer dot com

"A fire is coming" Mayor Akashi criticizes the problem of the violent question ... "The theory of advocacy" Translating the rapid increase Translating the media "How to report" | [West Nippon Shimbun]

Ruling party refuses to invite executives of reshuffle ministry officials to criticize opposition party "secret witness hidden" | Kyodo News

CNN.co.jp: "Dickens Disease" in the 19th century recurs, patients with scarlet fever rapidly increased UK

Drugs, robbery, public execution! "I saw one corpse a day" From Guangdong Province "Another China" | Bunbun Online

"Exactly the same address as 250 households" for 70 years ... with the new address NHK News

Renesas Wanted to Retire Desired Retirement of 1000 Persons | NHK News

Narita airport extended late operation until midnight Operation time extension decision first since the opening of port | NHK News

Mexican pipeline explosion, to 125 dead people 4 pictures International news: AFPBB News

Column: Three values went down to "villain" in Heisei, banks lost = Mr. Otsuki Nana | Reuters

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Ebisu rolled waste exceeded 1 billion yen a year ... Researcher "Surprised" trial calculation: Summary Lotte!

"Ehumaki" half-price culture, totally established: Market situation Kabu full force two stories

Son suddenly read "Manga !!! Why human beings !!! Wow !!!" as I cried, I asked what was wrong and I was reading cartoons collecting episodes of extinct animals - Togetter

"It's a company's slip arrangement system" which came to be able to search in 10 seconds after devising an operation manual of the household electric appliances and furniture which are not easy to keep, while the method of digital faction - Togetter

Is it a violation of manners to take medicine in public? Talketter talked about getting angry with a child accompanied by "feeling bad" "Illness shifts" when trying to take medicine with family food

Characteristics of Japanese tourists who think that they often see in Taiwan "Loud out stories of customs" "I'm not happy · I do not speak loudly · I talk loudly if I do not understand Japanese" "I complain if it is not a familiar day" - Togetter

Drivers of heavy-duty trucks "New employees are over 60 years old and average age goes up" "Children now can not drive 4 t vehicles due to licensing system revision" → Is future logistics okay? - Togetter

"Although I kept a Shiba Inu, because I do not have a discipline, I want you to pick it up" and talk that it is being brought to a protective group - Togetter

Consider the identity of the noodle machine that appeared in continuous TV novel "Mang Puku" - Hobby noodle

The reason why the 3-year-old son dashes to the front door earlier than anyone whenever the chime rings is shocking ... the voice of "This is love" also - Togetter

Excessive burden of Japan's working mother's wife · Under-support of her husband - The New York Times

Is Haruka 's' boku' evolved in Japanese? Expert explanation is quite deep - withnews (with news)

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Warning on viewing government and piracy screen Block screen connection "Judgment after countermeasure": Nihon Keizai Shimbun

On December 6, 2018, a communication failure affecting approximately 30.6 million lines of users occurred in SOFTBANK's network over 4 hours 25 minutes. Softbank and Wybone's 4G (LTE) cellular phone service, "Oita no Telephone", Softbank Air, 3G service, etc. were affected.

This trouble is caused by the fact that the certificate hard-coded inside Ericsson's MME has expired, so SGSN-MME (Serving GPRS Support Nodex - Mobility Management Entity) repeatedly restarted. However, I did not understand why the certificate expired, leading to large-scale communication failure. I did not quite understand at the last year whether the communication equipment will be restarted by designing what kind of design as the certificate has expired.

Since then, I was able to know the cause, a little time has passed since the failure occurred, but I tried to summarize it as an article.

A bar that was baffled with a remark by a brutal wife. However, the actual situation was a store managed by the overthrowing perpetrator of "Kobe Anime Street". - Togetter

About the correspondence and current situation that I did to the photograph which is being sold ___ ___ ___ 0

From around late 2018, some of the photographic materials distributed by us "Pakutasu" on the service of the same photograph material site "Shutterstock" company are on sale. (As of February 3, 2019)

Deno officially adopted anime logo and tolerable leader stories - No Regrets in Bathing

The logo is a dinosaur. "deno" sounds similar to "dino" (dinosaur). This logo imagined that he was "standing in the rain of the night and confronting the stoic in the dark fight of software development".

Customer support AI failure and lessons learned - mixi developers - Medium

Is it better not to use commercially available anti-virus software or security software? - Quora

Blog | coinhiveuser.github.io

Although it is a blog delayed four days after the article release, Naburabo says, "Why coin hive" only "is targeted by the police forceful investigation, the boy who was cleared before the examination talks about dissatisfaction with the undeveloped law , An article on the investigation in my Coinhive was posted. Thanks to such things as entering topics of Yahoo news, I was able to get a big response.

I have not surfaced anything that the case of a person in @ coinhiveuser knows that it is a juvenile incident so I think that there are also many people who are surprised.

I examined about the display of illicit advertisement after GOMPlayer ended - piyolog

Amazon launches technology for super bowl that Alexa does not respond even if it flows from "Alexa" on TV | Akimoto @ Cybozu lab, programmer, blog

Write out data from the iOS standard application "Health care" and convert it to csv - memo of u ++

Restructuring of 1,700 people in 2 weeks, what is happening with US media | newspaper theory

I summarized the obstacle of the CARDNET center in February 2019 - piyolog

A story of three unknown men who bombed TikTok - technology is human.

Bug report of the order panel of Susirow → If you order sushi in a certain order, you will receive "announced handfuls" because it is very hot ~ - Togetter

Posted 360 degree images from THETA directly to SNS (impossible) - Qiita

Cause of softbank large scale communication failure: Geek's page

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"Fairy gone" teaser PV - YouTube

【Anime "A3!"】 Animation Decision Tiza PV - YouTube

TV anime "Advance Giant" Season 3 Part.2 PV - YouTube

Remember that the animation that influenced "SSSS.GRIDMAN" is not only "Eva" - Remember Shin · A pasta and a tepid cola

Needless to say, "SSSS.GRIDMAN" is a work packed with countless tribal books and there is nothing you can not say because you did not touch those related works. However, as well as being able to ignore the degree of tribute to "Neon Genesis Evangelion" influenced the work base and not mentioning the influence received from "that work" - "Captain Earth" It is terrible.

Looking back over the cobalt bunko in the last few years from his book + Cobalt bunko research book 2 books - Daily reading and memorandum

Reason and remarks for retiring the grubbles - blog that Raita talks about grubbing

"BLEACH Illustration Collection JET" Release Memorial Kubo Saito Sensei Signature Super Personal Report - Black and White

Crayon Shinchan: Shiro is the protagonist's animation "SUPER SHIRO" Actually he was a hero ... To the general manager Masaaki Yuasa - MANTANWEB (ま ん た ん Web)

"Mirai of the Future" Annie Award for Independent Work Award | NHK News

Does Yoshinori Kobayashi still drawing such comics - to read · to think · write

Mamoru Oshii Director: masterpiece "Beautiful Dreamer" Looking back from Ikaike - MANTANWEB (MANTAN web)

Addiction awareness cartoon first episode

Ys I · II History (3): "Regrass" to "Romancia" :: Colorful Pieces of Game

About FANZA Doujin "Natsui Sale Trim Sail 1" Stop Suspension - Shonen Building Communication

Notice: About "Ace Combat 7" is a growing story of a wingman - a hit judgment of zero

This is the world where the actual game brain is visible! And the images presented are trembling and trembling ... Asakuri Brain, Zelda Brain, Sparrow Brain, Mikura Brain etc - Togetter

It seems that the e-sports convention "Horiemon Cup" held at the Horiemon Expo was terrible. - Togetter

A suspect in the abandonment of a female college life dead body reports "Kimo Ota" ... Refusing the matter, "Another cry of kimoi and otaku", "Rejection of loser" etc. - Togetter

TV animation "Mobusaiko 100 Ⅱ" opening video - YouTube

PV2 "Sengoku Musou 4 DX" PlayStation® 4 / Nintendo Switch ™ - YouTube

Splatoon 2 Tenta Live Battle Conference 2019 - YouTube

"God of War" singer Eivør (Ivor) interview - YouTube

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"Star Wars / Episode 9" Japan release is decided on December 20! - Cinema Today

Yamaguchi Maho et al 'NGT 48' notation worried fans are also concerned - AKB 48: Nikkan Sports

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"Nissin Shokoba UFO Oil Soba" (released February 18) | Nissin Food Group

"Cup Noodle Lasagna-like Cheese Meat Sauce Big" (released February 18) | Nissin Food Group

"Mabo Tofu Shibi Spicy Soup" (released February 18) | Nissin Food Group

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