How many things are not used in the domain name?

by Alexandru Acea

There are countless domain names in the world, but not all of them are in use. In the meantime, Christopher Forno of the data science company Singapore Data Company Company specifically visualizes how many domain names are not used.

How Many .com Domain Names Are Unused? - Singapore Data Company Pte Ltd

There are 137 million domain names according to Verisign data as of January 27, 2019. Because it is difficult to find out how all of that is used, Mr. Forn crawls randomly until the number of effective domains gathers from the top level. Com DNS zone file until 100,000 domains are gathered. On that basis, we extracted 2188 cases as samples and conducted a survey.

When collecting 100,000 .com domains, GoDaddy accounted for the largest number of registrars, accounting for 33% of the total, and it got a big difference from the second place Tucows Domains (5.3%). GoDaddy has registered 45 million .com domains.

When you color-coding the result, it looks something like this. What is painted in red is what is being used for speculative purpose such as "advertisement" or "domain trading", what is painted with green system is something like content or mail server in use somehow, Blue line is "unused" that there is no server or the contents are empty. Well divided, each one is about one third.

Looking at small uses, it looks like this.

The largest number of applications was "content usage", 31% (43 million) of the total. GIGAZINE ( and Google ( etc are also included here.

The second most common "advertisement" was 23% (31 million cases). Half of the domains belonging here belonged to registrar · GoDaddy owned domain not set page, Google advertisement using keywords related to domain name was posted.

by Aaron Sebastian

The third is "no Web server" (11% · 16 million cases). If Mr. Forn could not connect when investigated or there was no MX record because it could not obtain a valid response from port 80 · port 443 of the top level domain or WWW subdomain, it is classified here. It seems that some FTP servers and game servers are included in the first place, which are not web servers in the first place.

The fourth is "sky" (9.2% · 13 million cases). Although there is a response from the Web server, an empty page, 404 error, default templates etc. are displayed. The default template is a state where, for example, WordPress setup is done, but no page setting is done.

Below, sales (7.1% · 9.8 million cases), errors (5.7% · 7.9 million cases), park domain (4.8% · 6.5 million cases), gambling relation (3.0% · 4 million cases), mail (2.6% · 3.5 million), redirect (1.1% · 1.6 million), private domain (0.64% · 900,000), porn (0.59% · 800,000).

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