Dali of a painter who died 30 years ago uses AI technology to revive marvels, a movie of completeness that is said to be able to say 'Dali was alive' is on sale

Melted drew a watch " The Persistence of Memory of the famous mustache in the" painter, Salvador Dali has died of heart failure in 1989, but the "Dali is really alive had," said Iwanbakari of realistic work of Dali The video has been released on YouTube.

Dali Lives: Museum Brings Artist Back to Life with AI - Salvador Dali Museum Salvador Dali Museum

It is possible to see the image Dali moves speaking from below. Face movement, facial expressions, body movements, everything is too natural and "Dali was alive" is said to be uncomfortable.

Dali Lives - The Master of Surrealism is Back - YouTube

"I am Salvador, Domenech, Faripu, Jacine, Dali, Lee, Domenech," Dali made by AI. Movement of voice and mouth, movement of body is matched, there is no unnaturalness which is likely to be found in the image made.

Scratching his head for a while ... ...

"I came back"

Longer images can be seen from the following.

Dali Lives - Art Meets Artificial Intelligence - YouTube

Dali painting in the dark.

I got up and headed for me.

Dali appeared from the dark.

"I have died quietly for nearly 30 years for a long time ..." Dali talks about.

A slightly distorted eyebrows ... ...

Gestures and gestures and gestures etc.

"I do not believe in my death - you are?" And the movie is over.

At the end of 2017, the technology "deepfake" that can replace the face of a person in the movie with another person without a sense of incompatibility using AI has appeared, and "fake porn" which changes the face of AV actress into a famous actress has soared It was regarded as a problem.

"Fake porn" to synthesize famous actress and game character on the face part of AV actress using AI is rapidly increasing, YouTuber and game distributors "Internet celebrities" are targeted possibilities Ali - GIGAZINE

Deepfake has caused the situation that actresses, journalists and civilians suffered, and it is pointed out that fake porn is more damaged than revenge porn . On the other hand, such technology using AI which synthesizes human faces is used for editing movies, it is used for technology to transfer dancers' movements perfectly to another person at AI, and greatly develops video contents It is drawing attention as a thing to make it. The images released by The Dali Museum in Florida, USA are not identified in deepfake but are considered to have used similar technology.

Dali made by AI said the Dali Museum cooperated with advertising company Goodby Silverstein & Partners (GS & P). The Dali Museum gathered hundreds of Dali interviews and quotes, stock footage , and GS & P got these materials to learn Dari's face in the AI algorithm. After that, he searched for a person with a physical characteristic similar to Dali's body, synthesized the expression of this person and the face of Dali with AI and created "Ai made Dali". Dali made by AI was made for the exhibition "Dali Lives," commemorating the 30 years since the death of Dali, and those who visited the Dali Museum from April 2019 are Dali under the commentary of Dali You can see the work of.

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