Cloud Funding starts to bring 'ninety five-type light tank' to Japan as a technical heritage, with none remaining in Japan

Cloud funding for bringing home the " Ninety-five style light tank " that there is not one existing in Japan while the production number of over 2,300 tanks in Japan is the largest, began with Readyfor.

The "Ninety-fifth formula light tank" is regained in the hands of the Japanese. Restoration, relaxation plan (Masahiko Kobayashi 2019/01/30 published) - Cloud Funding Readyfor (Lady Four)

The project planner is Mr. Masahiko Kobayashi, a representative of NPO corporation "Defense Technology Museum Creating Association". In 2014, we have established a restore project of Japan's first domestically produced four-wheel drive passenger car "Kurogane four-up" and have been successfully recovering over two years.

I was going to see it because the "Kurogane four raised" that was restored as it was over the past two years was released at the end - GIGAZINE

It is also a tank lover, I got a real large prop of the 9 type light tank made for drama shooting and exhibited it in the country.

Appearance of the "95 type light tank" real chariot proprietor acquired by the president who likes tanks too much, the real power of the masterpiece of the masterpiece of the masterpiece can be experienced in front of you - GIGAZINE

It is summarized briefly in the following movies as to what the plan for the returning home is like this time.

The "Ninety-fifth formula light tank" is regained in the hands of the Japanese. Restoration, homecoming plan - YouTube

"Association to create a defense technology museum" is an organization that is engaged in making museums in Gotemba city, Shizuoka prefecture, and the tanks to be collected are targeted for vehicles that were picked up and picked up by victorious countries or local forces through disarmament etc. I will. There are about 15 "Ninety-five formula light tanks" left on Pompei island of Federated States of Micronesia, and in 1981 two people were returned due to the good will of American former soldiers. One of them was repainted and returned to Pohnpei Island.

The remaining one was exhibited in "Kyoto Arashiyama Museum of Art" from 1986, but in 1991 the museum was closed and it was transferred to "Nanki Shirahama Zero Park". However, this facility was closed in 2004, and it came to hand in British enthusiasts · Mr. O. However, the vehicle which passed to Mr. O was worse than I thought, restoration by a specialist in Poland has been progressed, but Mr. O who holds the vehicle to be restored also has the ninety five formula light Abandoning further repair of the tank.

Mr. O seems to have remembered "Association to create defense technology museum" when thinking about where to sell the vehicle. The "Association to create defense technology museum" was in touch with Mr. O in 2004, as well as being in touch with Mr. O. In addition to Mr. O's cooperation with the aforementioned "Kurogane four-up" restoration project Also said it led to the offer to sell this time.

Although saying "The condition is worse than I thought", the parts are left at that time and it seems that the condition is good in the remaining vehicles of Pompeii.

Kobayashi et al. Began repair work from the early summer of 2018. We completed the complete overhaul of the key engine, and at the end of 2018 I was able to get into trial operation.

After this, trial operation after completing the adjustment of auxiliaries in March, 2019 is scheduled to be completed at the end of May 2019.

Kobayashi and others gained the right to purchase tanks. In this cloud funding, 50 million yen will be sold out of the 100 million yen purchase cost.

There are six investment plans, the following reply is planned.

· 5000 yen: message message of thanks · 10,000 yen: E-mail report on the state of exhibition at the Borington tank museum + message of reply e-mail · 100,000 yen (1): contents of booklet + 10,000 yen recorded from restoration to completion · 100,000 yen (2): (The content is the same as the 10,000 yen course)
· 1 million yen (1): Contents of original shoes (Caterpillar) of Ninety-nine style light tank (Caterpillar) (about 25 cm × about 15 cm · about 3 kg) + 100,000 yen (1) · 1 million yen (2) :( Contents are the same as 100,000 yen course (1))

By the way, "The exhibition at the Borington tank museum" is because the current Japanese law can not import tanks to Japan at once, so for the time being, it will be exhibited as a rental item at the Borington tank museum in the UK. The Bobington tank museum boasts one of the world's best tank collections, and a parade of storage vehicles is held every June, and if the restored 9th-style light tanks are exhibited, they are arranged side by side in the world's famous tank It is said that Japanese tanks are running in Europe.

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