British psychologist who practiced sorting technique of 'Konemori' which dominates the world and arranged sorting of Mari Kondo evaluated its effect

Psychologists practicing Masae Kondo 's method "Konmaru" which is sweeping the world now, with a bold reorganization technique of "throwing away except throbbing things" is examining its effect based on his own experience .

Marie Kondo: a psychologist assesses the KonMari method of tidying

Mr. Kondo who has a title titled "Tidying consultant" has expanded the stage of its activities to overseas, and its method has been highly appreciated and breaks all over the world. Activities especially in the United States are remarkable, and the method method program is also popular in Netflix.

KonMari ~ Tear-off clutching magic ~ ~ Netflix (Netflix) official website

Mr. Kondo advocates a lifestyle that life is changed not only by conveying merely organized techniques, but also life changing by tidying, life is enriched, as described in the book " Tenchu Kanashi Mahou ".

Dr. Chris Stiff who studies psychology at UK · Kiel university actually examines the method and checks the effect and evaluates it from a psychological point of view.

Dr. Stiff who put "cleanliness" as a goal of 2019 started clearing up according to the main method. In the main method, it says that "I do the whole thing at once rather than little by little", "Organize by the category of things rather than the place" "Leave only the throbbing things and throwing away the other" unnecessary things "" .

Dr. Stiff who practiced the most popular method said that he was as successful as ever to maintain a clean room even after two weeks. Originally Dr. Stiff who worked on method as a sort of organizing procedure, it seems that it became refreshing feeling by looking at drawers line up neatly organized T - shirts, and feeling the space that was arranged.

In psychology already there are a lot of views that there is a scientific effect and good influence brought by organizing, but Dr. Stiff decided to analyze and evaluate the main method as a psychologist.

First of all, not only the simple method of "disappearing things" but also the rule "to arrange things accurately in required places" are presented in the main method. Thanks to this rule, Dr. Stiff says that it is easy to find things and has the effect of "reducing stress."

And Dr. Stiff is paying attention to the point that big discretion is given to those who practice tidying about the judgment of "Tokimeki" which is the main feature of the most popular methods. Dr. Stiff says that the degree of freedom given to criticizing, non-quitting judgment is helping to enhance the sense of accomplishment felt when the task of organizing is completed.

In the world of psychology, it is said that research results that "thinking ability improves by staying in a well-organized environment" is known. And " self-efficacy " is advocated as an experience that recognizes that "learning, growing and succeeding" has a big influence on the feeling of happiness of that person. Also from these viewpoints, it is thought that the main method is good psychologically.

Dr. Stiff who answers "yes" based on his own experience against the question "Do you want to try Konumari method?" However, there are some points to be noted. In general methods, rules are strict, and efforts are necessary to penetrate the goal of "clean up". "If you do not have Aki Kondo in front of you, it may be difficult to accomplish," he admits that there are certain difficulties with the method. And there are also studies that it is bad for health to be caught by self-responsibility by giving up tasks, so it seems that it is not a good idea to take out hands easily. We should carefully consider the time and energy we can spend and set executable targets.

In addition, in the main method, there is the idea that "Thank you for what you had done before" or "Throw away after thanking" for things you decided to throw away after judging "Do not stop". It is easy to understand for Japanese people, but seems to have felt for Dr. Stiff of the British, "It will become more emotional to deal with things (PDF file) study Because there is a result, there is no need to be confused about that idea. "

Also, Dr. Stiff thinks it is OK to fine-tune the main method to self-flow. Dr. Stiff notes that utilizing the content included in the method as a "hint" rather than "instruction" helps to get a sense of accomplishment.

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