Screenplay of 'FLCL Alternative' and 'FLCL Progres' released by screenwriter Hideto Iwai

Hideto Iwai, who was in charge of writing the script for the anime movies ' FLCL Alternative ' and ' FLCL Progres ' released in the theater in 2018, has started to be released in his own note.

About FLCL script release | Hideto Iwai | note

'FLCL Alterna' and 'FLCL Progres' are sequels to the OVA 'FLCL', which was released in 6 volumes from 2000 to 2001 and is very popular overseas. Kazuya Tsurumaki, who was the director of the previous work, was in charge of the supervisor, and Katsuyuki Motohiro, who is known for 'PSYCHO-PASS' and 'Bayside Shakedown', was the general director.

The movie version of 'FLCL' will be released continuously in September 2018 with 'FLCL Alterna' & 'FLCL Progres' --GIGAZINE

Mr. Iwai was in charge of the script for both 'Alterna' and 'Progressive Rock'.

The script was released in the note, 'FLCL' is 'a very special work that' everyone interprets each and each has a truth ', and' 2 'and' 3 'are customers. From the idea that each director and the scriptwriter has the truth, just as each of us has the truth, we want you to enjoy the script stage as an independent work, and ''The script stage. I hope it will become a culture of 'enjoying'. '

In addition, in line with this script release, ANIME Bros # 3 released on January 23 (Wednesday) contains the 6th episode script with illustrations drawn by Mr. Yoshinari and an interview with Mr. Iwai.

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