Google wanted to restrict the employee's right to protest against the company, asking US administrative agencies

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At Google, activities such as various protests against company policies and requests for improvements from companies are becoming active, attracting attention from all over the world. Under such circumstances, it is obvious that Google wanted US administrative agencies to "restrict the right to conduct activities on company's mail system for employees engaged in activities that oppose company policy" became.

Google Urged the US to Limit Protection For Activist Workers - Bloomberg

The National Labor Relations Committee (NLRB) of independent administrative agencies that enforce the labor relations laws of the United States has decided that employees of companies discuss employment, workplaces, work-related issues, protests, etc. We are guaranteeing the right to do activities of the Obama administration. Companies are forbidden to punish their employees for reasons such as circulating petitions to corporate executives using internal mail systems, calling for protests such as strikes, forming unions, etc. And that.

Google has cultivated a culture that actively accepts feedback from employees for many years and active debate at meetings and online forums has been held. In such a culture, employees often do activities such as opposing company policy or submitting petition.

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November 1, 2018 protests that more than 20,000 employees worldwide will strike against the fact that a former Google executive has paid a large amount of severance payment when leaving due to sexual harassment problems An activity was held.

Google received sexual harassment related strike from employees announced policy change, including transparency enhancement - GIGAZINE

In addition to strikes held at offices such as New York, Tokyo, Singapore and London, at California headquarters, employees with placards sent messages to the Sander Pichai CEO with a loudspeaker, attention from the world We gathered. Mr. Pichai apologized for inappropriate response to the sexual harassment problem, etc. and promised to improve the transparency of the company, it is said that all the employees were delivered an e-mail.

Just three weeks after the protest, Google was restricted to the NLRB during the Obama administration era, "Companies prohibit employees from organizing protests against companies using internal mail systems" We should revive corporate rights. "It was clarified from a document obtained by the Information Disclosure Act of the United States. A Google spokesperson said about this, "We are not doing lobbying for any rule changes, Google's claim is one of many defensive behaviors against the non-merit claim by NLRB," He announced a statement by e-mail.

Colin McMillen , a Google engineer and activist who joined the protest action in November, Google's internal mail system plays a major role in the protests of employees against the company and NLRB accepts Google's claim If you do, it says that there will be considerable adverse effects. More than 1,000 employees are participating in the e-mail list for protesting against Google, and it is essential to utilize an in-house mail system to mobilize all the employees scattered around the world to activities. That's right.

A person who organized an employee's strike said, "Pichai CEO sent an e-mail that Google strikes, but the request to NLRB felt Google's will not want to accept strikers' strikes I will do it. " The man who wanted anonymity claimed that if companies were to be able to prohibit employees from working in the company's internal mail system, they would limit the rights to workers across the country as well as Google.

by Rosemary Ketchum

Google spokesperson said, "Google is one of the most open workplaces in the world, employees announce their views in many forums on the Internet, express concerns about the problem, internal forums We can connect with each other through ourselves ".

Also, Google's objections to the NLRB are not in opposition to the November strike, but they are said to have been made to defend Google himself against the allegations previously made by the regional director of NLRB. This allegation is one of Google's employees being dismissed from Google by their own discriminatory claims. According to lawyer Noah Peters, a lawyer of a dismissed employee, the employee refuses to comment or reveal his identity.

In addition, this dismissed employee is a person different from Mr. James Damore who fired Google in August 2017 due to female contempt remarks.

Google's entire e-mail body from Google CEO to all employees is released on the net with employees who made remarks of "female contempt" on the net - GIGAZINE

Mr. Peters said that his client was against Google's "extremely leftistic culture" and was punished by Google for disputing "tribal" political collectiveness. In response to the allegations made by NLRB on this dismissal, Google violated Google's legitimate interest in maintaining a workplace where fired employees "release illegal bias, discrimination and harassment from women and minorities" We insisted that in this argument we should override some precedents such as internal mail system activities.

Wilma Liebman, who chaired the NLRB during the Obama administration, said that ensuring the right of employees to use their internal mail system for activities is "extremely basic" given the modern workplace environment It is pointed out. It is ironic that Google, which recommends free exchange of views and presenting various communication mechanisms to the world, takes such a narrow position.

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