In 2018, the video game industry recorded sales of more than 4.7 trillion yen in the United States alone, games become more popular than movies and streaming services

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The Entertainment Software Association (ESA), an industry association of the computer game industry in the United States, and NPD of the research company announced data summarizing sales of video games in FY 2018 etc. According to this, the revenue of the game industry in fiscal 2018 is 43.3 billion dollars (about 4.7 trillion yen), which is good with an 18% increase from the previous year.

Video game revenue tops $ 43 billion in 2018, an 18% jump from 2017 | TechCrunch

ESA and NPD have released data classifying revenues in the US video game industry by category in 2018. NPD wrote that "Game machine and PC, mobile game has grown remarkably in both fields", and from the game special machines such as Nintendo Switch and PS 4 to mobile games that can be played on smartphones and so on, in 2018 I can see that the game industry was doing very well.

The total sales of the American gaming industry in FY 2018 will be as follows. Hardware sales such as game machines and peripheral equipment amount to about 820 billion yen, and software sales such as game data is about 3.9 trillion yen.

Hardware sales including peripherals: $ 7.5 billion (about 820 billion yen, a 15% increase over the previous year)
Software sales, including in-game purchases and subscriptions: $ 35.8 billion (approximately 3.9 trillion yen, an 18% increase over the previous year)
Total: $ 43.3 billion (about 4.7 trillion yen, up 18% from the previous year)

According to data released by comScore, a digital market analyst firm at the end of 2018, sales by ticket sales in 2018 are estimated to reach an estimated $ 41.7 billion (about 4.6 trillion yen) worldwide. In addition, the cumulative sales of OTT services in the United States reported by Multichannel was estimated at $ 28.8 billion (about 3.2 trillion yen). Comparing these data, TechCrunch points out that overseas media, "The video game industry is making more income than streaming services and movies, becoming a new entertainment beyond generations," he says.

One of the things that boasts high popularity as a new generation of entertainment is Netflix, a streaming service. In fact, Netflix is one of the services that are taking the place of traditional entertainment as survey data shows that it accounts for 10% of TV viewing. As Netflix's lead and Hastings CEO says at the company's shareholders' meeting that "Fort Knight is a business threat rather than Time Warner or HBO", it is different in diversifying entertainment Even Netflix that releases recognizes video games as a powerful rival.

Free playable architecture × Battle Royal game Played the Nintendo Switch version of "Fort Knight" - GIGAZINE

ESA's Stanley Pierre Louis said, "The remarkable economic growth of the game industry, which can be read from today's data, is comparable to the growth of the industry that is the mainstream culture of the United States." "Interactive entertainment like games "It is established as the most influential entertainment in the United States today," he praised the remarkable growth of the game industry.

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