A simulator 'Pink Trombone' which can understand visually and structurally how the voice changes with mouth movement

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" Pink Trombone " which can simulate the human voice by controlling the movements of mouth, throat and tongue displayed on the browser is released. It makes it possible to visually understand how the voice changes with how the mouth moves.

Pink Trombone

When accessing the above URL, the following page will be displayed. Clicking somewhere on the screen ... ...

A page like the following appeared with the voice saying ah ah. If you click the first screen, you will hear suddenly, so be careful.

In the middle of the screen, the left is the throat side and the right is the labial side. The pink part is in the state in the top of the nose and the bottom is in the mouth, and as you move the tongue and lips, the state of the voice changes in real time.

Move the slide at the bottom of the screen left or right to change the voice height ......

By moving up and down, you can adjust whether it is a clear voice or a whisper voice.

For example, if you lift the tongue and narrow the space inside the mouth, it changes from the first "a" sound to "No". When actually managing the shape inside the mouth, the sound of that struck surely.

If you put the upper lip and the lower lip together, the sound stops ... ...

If you move the cursor to the nostrils as it is, release the back of the nose and let it hum.

When I smile the tongue, I get close to the sound "eh", but when I close the back of the throat a little, the sound changes.

When I moved the tongue from there, it became a slightly muffled sound.

You can turn on / off sounds from "always voice", and switching "pitch wobble" makes it possible to create or erase "shaking" of voice.

In addition, you can see how you actually change mouth movements and change your voice from the following movies.

I moved the virtual mouth of 'Pink Trombone' and changed the voice - YouTube

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