I actually tried using `` Omo no frying pan '' which can burn delicious meat enough to repaint the value of `` baking meat ''

Omoi Frying Pan ” is a frying pan that responds to the desire of “I really want to eat delicious meat!” Everyone wants to eat meat deliciously, so at the time of purchase `` Wait for 950 days until delivery '' I had to wait until 2020, but since I came to the editorial department earlier than the scheduled arrival date, the meat is actually delicious I tried to burn it.

Oyster frying pan


“Omoi no frying pan” was like this, and arrived at the editorial department with a slip attached directly to the outer box.

When I opened the inside, there was a main frying pan body, instructions, and a recipe book.

A comparison of the size of the main frying pan and the transportation IC card looks like this. The outer diameter is 21cm, the inner diameter is 20cm, and the length including the handle is 34cm.

The height is like this, the total height is 6cm. The height of the grilled surface is 5cm.

When weigh it, it is about 1.2kg. When comparing the weight with a teflon frying pan with the same inner diameter of 20 cm, the Tefal frying pan is about 510 g, and the pearl metal frying pan is about 410 g. The main frying pan weighs 2 to 3 times the teflon frying pan.

If you take it, it will take a heavy weight on your arm. It is difficult to use it like shaking a fry pan like fried rice.

There is a hole in the handle. It does not mean that it is easy to hold a finger and it seems to be a hole for heat dissipation that prevents the handle from getting hot.

Try to compare the performance before actually using it. This time, we prepared a

LODGE frying pan made of cast iron that could be purchased the same day.

First, set the frying pan and the frying pan of the lodge on fire, measure the temperature with the

FLIR i3 infrared thermography, which can measure the temperature and save the image by simply holding the object .

When the temperature rose completely, the surface temperature of the main frying pan was 238 degrees at the center and 270 degrees at the hottest part.

In the lodge pan, the temperature at the center is 212 degrees and the hottest area is 247 degrees. The main frying pan seems to be about 25 degrees hotter than the lodge frying pan.

Wait for the frying pan to cool down before actually using it. The first time you use a large frying pan, first wash it thoroughly with water.

Keep on fire until the water is completely blown.

A process called “oil return” is performed. Warm the frying pan over medium heat and add 2 cups of oil into the frying pan.

Turn the oil so that it fits all over.

Return the oil to another container such as an oil pot. If the oil is returned, the oil will become familiar with the frying pan, the cooking will be hard to burn, and the surface temperature of the frying pan will become uniform. It is recommended that the oil return be performed every time before cooking.

I will actually grill the meat. As a result of going around the supermarket saying 'Let's burn thick meat that makes it easy to see the difference', I decided to use lamb's thigh meat, which was sold the thickest, for cooking. Return the lamb to room temperature and shake with salt and pepper.

Make the fire a little stronger than the medium fire ...

After redrawing the oil, grill the meat.

Let's try grilling lamb according to the page of Nippon Ham's “ How to grill lamb! Lamb was put almost simultaneously in both the main frying pan and the lodge frying pan.

In about 5 minutes, it looks like this. Since the oil will bounce well, it may be necessary to draw a little light on the surface.

The lamb meat baked in a big frying pan looks like this. Although it looks like raw burnt, it has been cooked properly, it can be bitten and it is very juicy. From the editorial staff who sampled the comments, “simply delicious” and “never baked lamb like this”.

When eating lamb meat baked for the same time in the frying pan of the comparison lodge, although the surface has a beautiful grilled eye, the heat does not pass to the center and the meat muscles still can not chew, chew meat It was in a “raw burn” state that tasted like blood.

Return the raw baked lamb to the lodge pan and heat again. This time the fire is going properly. However, the meat baked in the lodge's frying pan has a lot of gravy flowing, and the overall impression is that it is closer to the pasasa, the difference from the main frying pan is obvious. However, even lodge frying pans were rated as “better delicious than baking with a teflon frying pan”.

I thought, “Isn't the baking method bad?” “Is there a difference depending on the meat?” I decided to continue experimenting with “pork loin for steak”, “chicken thigh meat”, “loin meat for steak beef”. What I learned after baking various meats was that the meat fried quickly when I used a frying pan. If you use thin meat, the fire will pass twice as fast as you feel in the lodge pan, and the meat will be baked at an explosive speed to the extent that it is said, 'Is it already burned?' In addition, it seems that gravy does not escape outside in the fried pan, and keeps it juicy. The following image is after grilling pork roast for steak, the left side is the main frying pan and the right side is the lodge frying pan. From the difference in how you burn, you can see that the way of gravy is different.

Even after eating, the way of gravy was different. We used pork loin for steak of the same size, but the left side of the frying pan is trapped in gravy, so it doesn't remain on the plate. However, the lodge on the right side has a lot of gravy on the plate. There is also a difference in texture, and the steak pork loin baked in the lodge's frying pan is pasasapa, commenting that 'chicken fillet looks like this'. However, if the meat cools, you will not know the difference between the frying pans.

There was also a difference during baking. Omoy frying pans are almost never stuck ...

Meat sticks to the pan like this in the lodge pan of the lodge.

The frying pan after grilling chicken thigh fillets looks like this. Compared to the left side frying pan, the lodge on the right lodge is more scorched and sticks to the meat. Of course, the more scorched burns, the harder it will be to clean.

After using the main frying pan, use a scrubbing brush while it is warm to remove dirt with warm water without using detergent. Washing with cold water while the frying pan is still hot can cause cracks due to sudden temperature changes. For scorching, put water in a frying pan, bring it to a boil, and then scrub it. Since the surface is not processed, it is OK to use a metal scrubber for stubborn scoring.

Apply to the fire, dry the water clean and dry.

What I learned from using a large frying pan is that 'the frying pan alone changes the taste of the dish.' Some members of the editorial staff who tasted said, “I licked the importance of frying pans in cooking, but I reviewed it.” There is a difference in the juiciness of the baked meat compared to cheap cast iron frying pans and frying pans such as Teflon processing, and the taste of meat provided in the shop. Cooking time can be shortened. However, although it is an excellent impression regarding cooking ability, it is cumbersome to maintain, such as the oil return process before cooking and the need to wash the frying pan with warm water alone. Also, as the meat cools, the difference due to the frying pan will not be understood, so it seems necessary to consider the preparation of cooking so that it can be eaten immediately after the meat is baked. This pan is recommended for people who want to make delicious food by all means, even if they have overcome the hassle.

'Omoi Frying Pan' can be purchased from the official page for 9720 yen including tax. It will take 450 days to deliver, but it may arrive a little faster.

Oyster frying pan

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