A school that adopts 'smart uniform' appears to prevent students from going to school refusing

There are students who skill school or fail school in many countries, but Chinese schools adopt " smart uniforms " that incorporate the latest technology to manage students, and attendance status and whereabouts It is reported that you are grasping.

Chinese schools monitor students activities, targeting truancy with 'intelligent uniforms' - Global Times

In more than 10 schools in Guizhou Province and Guangxi Autonomous Region in the southwestern part of China, it is said that attempts are being made to grasp students' attendance status and whereabouts by adopting "smart uniform". Guizhou renhuai first 11 Lin Zongwu, who served as the principal of the school is, the "entry and exit data of students dressed in smart uniforms addition to being sent to the school authorities, will also be automatically sent to the parents and teachers." I am talking.

According to Mr. Zoungwu's school, management of students started in the smart uniform from the fall of 2016, and at the time of article creation, over 800 students are wearing smart uniforms. According to companies in Guizhou Province that developed technologies used for smart uniforms, voice alarms are working if students wearing a smart uniform went outside school without permission.

If you exchange uniforms, you may think you will not get out even if you leave school, but this point has also been handled. A face recognition device is introduced in the door of the school, so if the data of the student embedded in the smart school uniform does not match the face of the student actually wearing, an alarm sounds .

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According to Yuan Bichang, a project manager of a company that manufactures chips used for smart uniforms, it is said that chips that manage student data are embedded in both shoulders of a smart uniform, They seem to be able to withstand 500 times of washing. Also, Mr. Bichang said that it can withstand 150 degrees of heat.

While it is very convenient in terms of student attendance management, smart uniforms are designed to allow students to grasp their whereabouts even if they are outside the school, so "Does not infringe the student's privacy" There is concern that it is.

Regarding this point, Mr. Zongwu said, "We have decided not to accurately grasp the location of the students after school, but if the students were absent from school or skipped classes, smart uniforms would identify whereabouts they were It has become possible to do. " Zongwu said that since the adoption of smart uniforms, the attendance rate of the students has improved greatly.

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