Evangelion New Theatrical Version: 'Miraculous 5 Hours' Planning, Together with Free Distribution of Introduction & Breakage and 'Cruel Angel 's Thesis' Live Singing etc

Two pieces of "Evangelion New Theatrical Version: Introduction" and "Evangelion New Theatrical Version: Destruction" are distributed by Video Distribution Service from December 2018, but Abema TV has a special project to celebrate the delivery of these two works " Miraculous 5 Hours "will be broadcast from 18 o'clock on January 14, 2019 (Monday, congratulation).

"Evangelion New Theatrical Version: Introduction,: Destruction" Abema TV - Free Everything Delivered on Evangelion Official Site

Distribution of "Eva: Introduction" and "Eva: Breaking" starts from December 20, 2018 (Thursday) on Amazon Prime Video (for rental) · GYAO · Store · Nico Nico Video · Rakuten TV · Video Market etc. . Subsequently, from December 31, 2018 (Monday) Amazon Prime Video (unlimited subjects) · · · · · · Bandai Channel · d Anime Store · dTV · FOD · Hulu · Unlimited Subscribe to Softbank Anime · U-NEXT Distribution is done in.

Also at Abema TV, distribution is being done with that unexplored service "Abema video", but from 18 o'clock on January 14, 2019 (Monday, public holiday) it will be the world's first to implement free delivery It was decided.

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In addition, after these two works · 4 hours in total, we broadcast 'Abora TV' s regular program of anime LIVE channel 'voice actor and night play'. Monday's personality is a voice actor, Emi Ogata and voice actor Aya Uchida who plays Shinki role as the hero, but Mr. Yoko Takahashi of the singer appeared as a guest, and the live broadcast 'fastest turning talk' and 'cruel angel' It says that there is a live singing of the thesis. Mr. Ogata and Mr. Takahashi who are indispensable as a person who colors "Eva" will be the first co-star in live broadcasting.

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