A bar exists that uses insects to produce beautiful cocktails in the world

"There are things that can sense acidity like lime and lemon in some ants" Vijay Mudaliar makes remarks such as "Flavorful like miso is in grass and cocktail adds fragrance" and A cocktail bar operated " Native Cocktail Bar " exists in Singapore. Mudaliar 's commitment to literally walk around on his feet and find ingredients is on YouTube with a lot of beautiful cocktails.

Garnishing Cocktails With Edible Insects - YouTube

"We are trying to broaden the range of materials that can be used for cocktails," said the cow reflected with a voice saying.

I understand milk, but ...

Hermaphrodite and ...

It seems that the material that you do not see in a common bar, such as grasshopper, is also being tried.

The cocktail actually produced was like this, it looks very gorgeous.

At first glance, none of them seems to be using strange materials.

Even kimchi and salmon rolls will become cocktail ingredients.

The rule of cocktail making seems to be "to do it in their own way".

Mr. Vijay Mudaliar who is a co-owner of an image male bar "NATIVE".

NATIVE is a cocktail bar in Singapore. Under the logo ......

I have a shop.

Mudaliar says Mudaliar, who is the second year since running the bar, was originally interested in unusual ingredients imported ... ...

In Singapore the natural environment is unique and in recent years I have been walking around Singapore and looking for ingredients.

Mudaliar picking the nuts.

Sometimes I search for ingredients in the city and sometimes enter the forest.

It is also possible to walk around the coastline looking for seaweed and shellfish.

Mudaliar says that unique taste can be made by using unusual ingredients. Ali who pinched from the branches of the tree was ants.

Push the ant against the tongue. There are things containing formic acid in ants, and it seems that you feel bitter like lime or lemon when you bit it.

Mudaliar who is touching the machine like something.

"In the case of grasshoppers, there is a miso and vegetable , a flavor like soybean", so it may be something of grasshopper.

Grasshopper adds fragrance to cocktails.

Mr. Mudaliar seems to spend six months preparing one cocktail.

Cocktail making begins with drawing ideas based on environment, culture, place, customs etc.

For example, it is said that alcohol called " Pranakan · Cocktail" was inspired by the dessert "Quaisalada" based on the culture of planarian.

They use pandan reef and Vietnamese coriander purchased from local organic farmers.

Mix the goat 's milk in a stirred jack fruit ......

Goat 's milk coagulates with the enzyme of Jack fruit, so it seems that you can get a clear cocktail with rubbing with cloth etc.

And we will blend materials that have been used for hundreds of years in culture, in a glass.

A complete cocktail is this.

Besides this, Mudaliar is creating a lot of beautiful cocktails.

By fusing various materials you find out into one, you can deepen your understanding of the environment in which you live ... ...

Mudaliar said that he also likes to re-discover "forgotten ingredients" of their culture.

Mudaliar says that "to walk around and find ingredients" will no longer be "novelty" in the next few years. "I think that people want to experience their own place of residence, and I think that when traveling I would like to feel a sense of" myself "and" my place of residence ", Mudaliar said It was.

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