Headline news on December 26, 2018

Fujifilm who has appointed Actress · Tree Kirayashi who died on 15th September to CM for 40 years released a special image using past CM images. The total number of CMs that appeared was 268 in total.

"Tree Kazumori Mr. 2018 Special End" Hen (60 sec) | FUJIFILM - YouTube

"Tree Norinobu 2018 Year End Special" Hen Interview Movie | FUJIFILM - YouTube

By the way, I posted such an article on the same day of the same month in the past.

What is the route of "latitude" and "meridian" passing through the most countries and regions? - GIGAZINE

Why do not you succeed in life even if you get perfect score? - GIGAZINE

Spanish people used "sun" to spread Christianity to Native American - GIGAZINE

Strategy taken by AI "Libratus" who has defeated human in incomplete information game poker will be released in thesis - GIGAZINE

Will the increase in the world population lead to the destruction of mankind? - GIGAZINE

I met "Pepper" of panda appearing at Ueno station of Tokyo Metro - GIGAZINE

What are the pitfalls that are likely to fall in the way of thinking "Growth · Mindset (Sayaka Mindset)" that ability and character can grow? - GIGAZINE

What is an "underground park" that conveys the sunlight captured from the world's first earth to the underground plants? - GIGAZINE

The most searched keywords on adult sites during Christmas period are Gore - GIGAZINE

Pistol "Jenga pistol" to revolutionize the simple building game "Jenga" - GIGAZINE

Until Lawson transformed into Sigganshin District at the southernmost tip of Wall Maria of Advance Giant is like this - GIGAZINE

When Lawson was decorated in the style of "Advance giant", fried kun sell well at the store - GIGAZINE

"Yoyonene" who went on a day trip to Korea at Christmas Day Street Traveling - GIGAZINE

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Geomorphological change accompanying the eruption of Krakatau volcano, Indonesia, December 22, 2018 | Geographical Survey Institute

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"Do you still believe in Santa?" Mr. Trump, speaking to a 7 year old child and a flames photo 12 international news: AFPBB News

US president cast a doubt on the existence of Santa Claus himself seems to have entered Santa's "bad child list" - US President Donald Trump said Saturday the North American aerospace defense that provides location information on Santa Claus A 7-year-old child who called the headquarters (NORAD) said "Do you believe in Santa yet?" And the voice of condemnation on the Internet is rising.

Represented from IWC to Represent commercial whaling resumption | NHK News

Chief Cabinet Secretary Yasushi Kan said, "We decided to resume commercial whaling in July next year and decide to withdraw from the International Whaling Regulation Treaty," and will withdraw from IWC to resume commercial whaling from July next year We announced to do.
"We have been looking for solutions for more than 30 years aiming to implement sustainable commercial whaling, but we have not seen compromises from countries that only emphasize the protection of whale stocks, but in September IWC "It was revealed again that the coexistence of the position of sustainable use of whale resources and the position of protection is impossible at the general meeting, and this decision was reached."

"I am not a slave" "Brainwashed" Japanese "The Strongest" Technical Intern Trainee's Independent Diary | Bunbun Online

Large number disciplinary request "Fear of retaliation if it responds to settlement", plaintiff's lawyers explained trends in litigation - lawyer dot com

Shimazaki also pointed out the problem of settlement. "There are people who are afraid of attacks as they hear that there is a movement to attack those who respond to the settlement, cults themselves" and pointed out that the name of the settlement is kept secret and pointed out reflections etc. I showed intention to accept the settlement if shown.

Also, due to the movement of requests for disclosure of information by blog owners, Mr. Sasaki said, "I want the information to be shared by the attorney seeking disclosure and I want to ask about the responsibilities of both criminal and civil affairs."

"100 yen sleeves" is sold out in the shadow of "winter ice" fixing, Fushasaku "evolutionary shaved ice" war | ORICON NEWS

Radar irradiation, Japan's stance to calm the trend of consultation between Japan and South Korea: Asahi Shimbun Digital

More attention to downside risks overseas, monetary policy "endurance" is important = Governor of the BOJ | Reuters

Business Special Feature What's up! Ministry of Finance - at the site of budget formation at the end of Heisei ~ | NHK News

"Osaka Municipal Conception" Governor Matsui Mayor Yoshimura resigned and intends to resume | NHK News

Decided to be a man who left his wife's body unidentified 30 years Fukuoka District Court - Mainichi Newspaper

Original plum jam disappears at the end of the year 70 years founded, discontinued beliefs: Nihon Keizai Shimbun

Skin Care is Important Atopic Dermatitis Children Kindergarten Minimally | NHK News

The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology has found that children with atopic dermatitis are the fewest in kindergartens since FY 2006. Experts analyze that the importance of "skin care" to infants is an indication of the spread of the importance.

Mr. Trump tells you that it will not resume government until the acquisition of wall construction fee Five photos International News: AFPBB News

Japanese officials leaked information = Fujitsu by system bidding: current affairs dot com

Management of childcare center childcare, one employee possible Decision of decentralization reform policy - Kyodo News | This kiji is

British, prohibit shop sales of puppies and kittens Next year introduced new photography introduction picture 1 international news: AFPBB News

Shock not named yet, the credit valuation loss rate of TSE Mothers market is recorded - 34.97%: Market situation Kabu full force 2 stories

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Regional number plate banquet is announced and the difference between "dangerous area" and "city" is too bad and topic → "The bad 8 numbers are too convincing" - Togetter

The actual condition of Christmas cake mass disposal 500 kg of food a day for pig's food and half of the hall for household garbage is discarded (Rumi Ide) - Individual - Yahoo! News

"Button battery erroneous drinking is increasing" Doctor's alert and experiences with bacon Experiences with accidental images Talk of parenting or parenting "I thought it would be safe unless you put it in the reach of the hand ..." - Togetter

40% of cancer-end-of-life medical survivors "Patient was in a state of pain" | NHK News

Tokyo Olympic borough that occurred in Takahiro Osamu Is it the responsibility only for the scene written by all the compulsion problems? (Reiko Otsuka) - Individual - Yahoo! News

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Notice of end of CID font support for Creative products

CID fonts will not be available for products offered after 2019.

In order to keep enjoying the job of being an engineer | shu 223 | note

We invited Fenrir, famous for application development etc., and gave a lecture on the theme "Career strategy to keep enjoying the work of engineers". I gave permission from Mr. Fenrir, so I will publish about 60 pages of slide materials used within that lecture on every page.

Career strategies to keep enjoying the work of engineers

UI design technique for personal development - Crieit


MUCOM 88 is a tool for music production targeted at YM 2203 and YM 2608 (sound board Ⅱ) mounted on NEC PC-8801 mk II SR or later developed by Yuzo Ancient himself.

In this site, the original MUCOM 88 disk image is released free of charge.
The operation is assumed to be on the actual machine and on the emulator.
(We can not answer specific implementation methods) Please refer to attached text for usage of software.

MUCOM 88 Windows page

Is Python installed in Excel? Later - Let's use xlwings - Qiita

Identify the internal structure of fashionable malware "EMOTET" | MBSD Blog

Since it was confirmed for the first time in 2014, malware called EMOTET has undergone various changes. Originally it was recognized as an online banking malware mainly aimed at the stealing of authentication information of an online bank, but after that various changes have been made and now it has completely different behavior and purpose from the time it appeared in 2014 It has become malware.

As of the end of 2018, EMOTET has been aggressively spread all over the world and there is concern that the damage will be expanded, and Japan is not an exception in Japan, and there are illegal mails aimed at infection of EMOTET to various companies.

Despite this situation, at least domestically, we can not find any massive information on the current EMOTET infection to behavior.

Therefore, we will explain the results of our investigation and the overall picture of the present EMOTET here, based on EMOTET's fraudulent mail used for attacks on real domestic companies from November to December this year.

Explain briefly the mechanism of webpack - Technology search

Every year, Mercari after Xmas annually has been exhibited more than usual this year "The work of this world is clogged" - Togetter

Engineers can be happier if they fight UI before fighting implementation ~ TIPS of mental model driven development ~ - Qiita

Why does organization creation and software architecture resemble? - Qiita

Web site of the Ministry of the Environment tampering, disguised as a mail-order site | Nikkei x TECH (Cross-Tech)

Vulnerability to CDN? Fowarding-Loop Attacks in Content Delivery Networks

High school dropout programmer graduates from high school he made by himself - Kwappa lounge room

I tried to verify the judgment of narrow ads judgment - Qiita

"To package delivery ..." Fake SMS also came to reporter's smartphone: Asahi Shimbun Digital

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"Theater version of Young Girl Warfare" announcement - YouTube

"Movie Congratulations on this wonderful world! Red Legend 」Special News - YouTube

【Official】 TV anime "Hataraku Cell" Special Edition "Cold Syndrome" Blu-ray & DVD Release Announcement CM | Release on March 27! - YouTube

Anime "Today's rice of Sanniya" Episode 13 episode (last round) Announcement CM - YouTube

November 2019 "Grimm Notes The Animation" 2nd PV - YouTube

TV animation "Tsurunane - Kaze High School Archery Department" - YouTube

New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe CM - YouTube

Character production workflow at Ryu ga Gotoku - SEGA TECH Blog

Speaking of the feature of this title, is not Takuya Kimura appearing as a hero?
Many real people will appear in the title being produced at "Ryu ga Gira studio".
In this SEGA TECH Blog I will introduce the flow to create a real character of "Ryu ga Gotoku Studio" character commemoration as "JUDGE EYES: Will of the Death" release.

Winter in 2018, it is supposed to be challenging when you look at the temperature, so please participate well if you participate - Togetter

Mellon Circle Portal / Notice

Regarding the subject matter, regardless of genre "SSSS.GRIDMAN"
We requested to stop handling at our company from copyright holder.

For the future work of the same genre in the future,
We will hold back all handling.

In addition, we will stop handling sequentially even for works that are already handled.

3flab inc. | Animated movie "GODZILLA" - TOHO CO., LTD.

I was in charge of the primary design of the animated movie GODZILLA series.

[Pinch] Games that helped the pinch that was asked for board games as a surprise party of the year-end party, where 20 facial citizens of the town got together - Togetter

Look at the supremely Yuri Children's Literary writer · Hiroko Inori - Children's Book Reading Diary (Tentative)

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Growing in Cuba popular football, a national sports baseball threatening image 10 pictures International News: AFPBB News

How to distinguish generations / former bandmen (with chronology) - Law of the forest

"Sugar Rush: Online" Taro Yabe draws "Vanelope and I" - YouTube

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Handmade dessert "Famima Sweets (Famima Sweets)" stuck to raw materials · recipe "Ichigo used sweets are released in accordance with strawberry days (January 15)! ~ Baked bread · sandwiches too. A lineup of up to 9 types! ~ | News Releases | FamilyMart

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