A valuable movie containing the state of Paris at the end of the 19th century was released on YouTube and exceeded 900,000 times playback

Speaking of the 19th century, it seems like a long time ago, but a black and white movie taken at Paris in France at that time has been released on YouTube, so that I can overcome distant past.

Late 1890s - A Trip Through Paris, France (speed corrected w / added sound)

This movie entitled "A Trip Through Paris, France" is a movie showing the state of France and Paris from 1896 to 1900.

First of all it was in front of the Cathedral in Notre Dame in 1896.

It is noticed at the time that the horse-drawn carriage had run like a natural way, as the horse-drawn carriage passes in front of me. Contemporary movies are shot in 24 frames per second, but at that time film was filmed at a rate of about 16 frames per second, and turning the film as fast as the modern movie makes it fast forward. Therefore, in this movie, the rate of the film is slowly adjusted to the eyes so that the image looks natural, and environmental sounds recorded separately are added later.

A number of carriages appeared in succession, it was possible to see how the horse-drawn carriages were frequently used as people's legs, such as the carriages passing each other immediately.

People of the bicycle running lightly in the back, gentlemen wearing a silk hat are watching here.

The carriage not only carries people but also seems to carry goods such as timber.

Next it is the appearance of the Alma bridge over the Paris · Seine river in 1900. Many people come and go around and we can see many women who put parasols.

Many men are wearing a stick ... ...

Female hats are very gorgeous and they are decorated abundantly.

People who noticed that cameras are unusual still seem interestingly here.

Then, in 1899, the Champs Elysees in France.

The 2018 Champs Elysees street has a demonstration activity ......

Mobi-demed France demonstrators raided FENDI and Apple stores and plunder branded goods

There was not such a thing back then. A horse carriage ran around with a very wide road with our own face, and a man looking to the right sees the timing to cross the street.

The passengers of a senior high carriage are still dressed gracefully.

Bicycles that pass lightly through the carriage were conspicuous, without going through as many cars as possible.

There are no roads or pedestrian crossings, and the bicycle men pass the front of the carriage at the critical timing.

This is Paris · Concorde Square in 1897. The needle of Cleopatra is rising with the fountain back.

A carriage ran around even in the plaza, and the man saw the timing at which the carriage broke off, ran in haste.

People who want to call "just a gentleman" with a stick on the silk hat are walking ... ...

A male running a bicycle with shorts pants moved away.

Next, I shot the " Paris fire brigade " in 1897. I wonder where on earth there are fire brigades ......

Firefighters wearing a helmet on a two - horse carriage were on board.

There is a large ladder on the back.

Either one runs in front of me with full speed ......

The last carriage was smoke.

Next is the garden of the Tuileries palace in 1896. A boy is putting a stick in the pond.

Children also firmly dressed as men's clothing called silk hat.

Apparently it looks like he is poking through a ship floating in a pond.

A boy with a big ship appeared from the left ... ...

It floated on the water of the pond. From the left side of the pond the fountain is blowing up vigorously.

There was also an image of the Paris World Exposition held in 1900. What is shown on the screen is a " moving walk " that called a big reputation.

Everyone who is on the moving walkway at a fairly high speed is caught in a stick.

People who look like monks also were on moving walks.

Two men who noticed the camera and saw smile here.

Apparently the get-on and off was unexpectedly free, and the woman who appeared from the left hand grabbed the stick a little and got on the moving walkway.

The last reflection was in 1897, the Eiffel Tower seen from the Seine river. A rugged foundation is visible.

The ship is floating above the river, and the shadow that is visible beyond it is like bean.

As distance got far away, I could gradually reach the top of the Eiffel Tower, but the movie ended before I could see the top of the Eiffel Tower.

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