A Movie that a former NASA engineer created 'Glitter Gone Fart Bomb' and a painful eyes on the delivery thief of the package delivery

In Japan, basically you can not receive baggage unless you sign or stamp the receipt, but in the United States the parcels delivered often are left untouched at the entrance and the garden, and the baggage that was left at the entrance Disposition damage is rampant. Likewise, Mark Rober of YouTuber, popular among former NASA engineers who was victimized by the settlement , has published a movie that gives sanctions to those who are unwilling to steal baggage by self-making the crime prevention device " Kirakira Fart Bomb ".

Package Thief vs. Glitter Bomb Trap - YouTube

Rober says that the package did not reach about seven months ago, despite receiving the message "Delivery of package has been completed".

When checking the surveillance camera there, one of the couple walking along the street is plucked to the entrance of Rober's house ......

It struck the situation that the cargo steals naturally and leaves the place. Rober brought this video to the police, but he said he did not keep in touch.

Rober decided to lower sanctions on justice with the technical strength cultivated as a NASA engineer once.

Easily summarize ideas ......

We will assemble the electronic components.

Of course, I write the program by myself ....

It is the kore completed. The device is packaged in the Apple HomePod package.

Four smartphones are stuck in the device.

A peephole has been made on the exterior of the equipment so that the state of the criminal who opened the box and the surrounding situation can be taken with the camera of the smartphone.

A hole is also drilled in the outer box, and a sheet is stuck so that the inside can not be seen.

The board inside not only controls the operation of the device, but also records how the device stolen by GPS is stolen from home. Also, smartphones that have inserted SIM contracted with LTE data plan also keep GPS on, so even if thrown away anywhere else, they can be found reliably.

The cup at the top of the machine is designed to rotate ... ...

I will put lame powder here. When the device operates, the cup turns amazingly and it gets dirty around the neighborhood with sparkling powder.

To make it even better, a function to spray the farty smell five times on the spot every morning is also on the spot.

There are two switches installed in the device. The box of HomePod was opened and all the gimmicks are activated at the moment when two suppressed switches are released.

Rober carefully wrapped the box of HomePod and sealed it with a heat gun.

I will also paste the paper that wrote the sender and destination. The sender and address "Kevin Mccallister" ......

Kevin (act: Macaulay Culkin ), the hero who repels the thieves attacking the house with the movie " Home Alone ". Also, the name of the addressee is the name of a thief of a two person attacking Kevin 's house in the play.

Actually testing this "sparkling fart bomb" is like this. A tremendous amount of lame powder is scattered around in a blink of an eye.

Rober left the finished "sparkling fart bomb" at the front door. If you find an Apple HomePod with a list price of $ 349 (about 39,000 yen), you must be willing to take the thief.

At a later date Rober reported that a brilliant fart bomb was stolen.

GPS was attached to the bomb, it was taken away from the entrance of Rober's house, and then it was found that the GPS stopped within the parking lot located a little away and it came to collect.

When I was looking for, I found a glittering fight bomb thrown to the ground. The lame powder is scattered on the ground, and it tells us that the device was fully operated.

Picture of a surveillance camera attached to the entrance of the stolen day. A man enters into the premises of Rober's house pretty ... ...

Without knowing that it is a glitter fart bomb, I will take home a box of Apple HomePod at the entrance.

And the image will change to that by smartphone. The man who stole opens the box of HomePod in the car ... ...

At the moment of opening, lame powder burst into the car. "What is this!" Men panic.

While he was bad, the man threw away the HomePod's box and glitter fart bomb as it was in the parking lot.

Also, I tried placing this sparkling fart bomb at the co-worker's woman's house ......

A man who came down from the car stole.

Although it is a man who opens HomePod excitingly in the car ... ...

The contents are sparkling fart bombs. A large amount of sparkling powdered lame powder colors instantaneously in the car.

Furthermore, "Cachan Cashan Cashan" and if the spray spray function works is recorded in the camera.

A male gives a shout that will not make her voice. Although the smell is not transmitted in the picture, it is not difficult to imagine that it is just a hell picture that the stinky is full of glittery narrow cars.

A man who was unbearable furiously abandoned the bomb in the streets woods.

This time, a middle-aged man with gray hair in his head will steal baggage from the entrance of Rober's house.

As soon as you opened it at home, the glitter fart bomb crashed.

I think that it will be a panic, or take a while to swallow the situation a bit, then move and touch the device, show the coolness to check its structure.

And the man said nothing and kept silent and vacuumed the room.

"The moral part of this story is" Do not steal human's stuff. "That is not quite cool and there is nothing like a good thing," Rober says to the viewers that absolutely quit the baggage trash Appealing, the movie is over.

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