Tumblr who made a decision to prohibit adult content ask the user for understanding

" Tumblr ", a mini blog service with a large number of users worldwide, has been effective from 17th December 2018, "Guidelines for completely prohibiting posting of adult content regardless of user's age" became effective. The Tumblr official posted a blog asking for understanding against the decision of banning adult content which is criticized by many users.

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Tumblr fell into the situation that the application was deleted from the App Store because "Uploaded images included child pornography" at the end of November 2018.

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Tumblr announced on December 4, 2018, "We will completely remove adult content from the platform", because we saw this situation severely. Deleting from "December 17, 2018 just two weeks", "contents such as photos, movies, GIFs, illustrations, and photographs, movies, GIFs and illustrations including sex acts" of human genitalia and female nipples Did.

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Tumblr took action on the issue very quickly, but it seems that there are many people who rebel against the decision to prohibit adult content. You can also see the opinion that "if there is no adult content from Tumblr, nothing remains".

Also, Tumblr was trying to distinguish adult content uploaded by its own AI, but it also revealed that AI itself is considerable ponkuts. It was almost as if warnings were received as pornographic invisible images to pornography, and to the post of Tumblr official staff blog "We are in violation of guidelines".

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Meanwhile, the official Tumblr updated the official staff blog on December 17, 2018 when the guidelines for banning adult content came into effect, asking the user for understanding. "I am sorry that banning adult content in Tumblr is difficult," it is very embarrassing to check billions of GIFs, videos, images and flag whether it is adult content or not It is a difficult challenge.

In addition Tumblr claims that the platform is a place to pursue user's own identity and recognizes the obligation to provide a place to the alienated community. Images concerning LGBT · sexuality · gender problem posts and transsexual surgery, nude on political assertions and nudity in art are not adult contents banned by Tumblr.

In the official blog Tumblr shows an example of "This is not applicable prohibited adult content", you can check the GIF movie (about 2.9 MB) by clicking the image below.

Tumblr acknowledged that "AI is not perfect," he said, "I am disgusted that many postings were erroneously determined to be adult content." On that basis, we urge users to cooperate as "AI will learn more and classify adult content more correctly" the more you report the posts that you think are mistakenly classified as adult content It is.

In addition, as an important point, emphasizes that "posts that have been certified as adult content are not deleted, they are only unpublished". The user who posted the content him / herself can see the contents. Tumblr's blog itself will not be deleted when posting obvious adult content in the past or exchanging content. On the other hand, "Please do not forget to download your own content", too.

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