Which beer experts are higher in the two beers Check the rating, see the difference in price?

Although it is one of the most popular alcoholic beers, some are affordable, others are surprisingly expensive. A beer specialist does not see the brands of two beers A and B, it is such a feeling when doing a blind test to hit which price is high.

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Brooklyn Brewery beer expert Garrett Oliver is doing a rating check on "Which beer A or B is expensive?"

The first thing to check is " Pilsner "

"It is very good to start with Pilsner," Oliver said. Pilsner is the most popular beer in the world, most Japanese beers are also Pilsner.

The elements that determine the taste of Pilsner are four, "barley malt" "yeast" "hop" "water", the manufacturing method is relatively simple.

First of all check the appearance.

Pour A 's beer into the wine glass. In the past there was an idea of pouring beer into a glass of wine, but "It is not so bad now," Oliver said.

"Antique gold is very good"

It is very transparent and it seems that it looks exactly as Pilsner imagined.

It seems that it is a very good sign that the size of the foam is not aligned.

Mr. Oliver confirming the fragrance. It sounds like a tasting of wine.

It is a high evaluation that it is a certain aroma that aroma of vegetable nature is mixed with a little scent of sulfur.

Then B beer. "While it is a bottle it is not so expensive," while pointing to the glass ... ...

"It's a bit different (it is different from A) It's pretty brown."

"We have all the bubbles"

"It is strange if scent is also Pilsner."

"It smells kind like a banana, it's thin, it's not a good scent, it's not like Pilsner."

After the appearance check is over, I actually try to check the taste by drinking.

First is A's beer.

Mr. Oliver unexpectedly gives a voice of admiration of "Zap".

Certain bittern is exactly that of Pilsner. It seems to be "very appetizing" and very good taste.

Next, B beer.

There is sweetness and foaming is good. However, bitterness is considerably weak, and it is different from the taste of traditional Pilsner.

"There is no depth at all, the bubbles begin to bubble and it looks like a banana, it looks like it came from the laboratory."

"The most problematic thing is that it is not delicious" is a scanty evaluation.

Mr. Oliver responded to the question "Which of A and B is higher?" Without hesitation, "A is higher".

After removing the paper and confirming the correct answer, A is 12 ounces (about 340 grams) and is $ 1.62 (about 180 yen). B for $ 0.95 (about 110 yen)

"I never thought that it would start from scratch," he says, but Mr. Oliver was surprised at Mr. B's super-discount price.

As for beer A, it is considerably cheap to be able to enjoy flavor like Pilsner.

He also said that B is not too bad if he / she is lucky.

Belgian White (Belgian White) is next. It is also called "white beer".

It is common that beer is made of barley malt now, but it used to be made half of wheat and barley. There seems to be addition of hops, chocolate, orange peel, coriander.

First I checked it from A's beer.

"It's darker than the general Belgian white, it's a dark gold color"

"The bubbles are very nice, with the wide opening bubbles and the fine bubbles in it."

"This kind of haze is common in this beer."

Check the fragrance.

"It looks like pasta, but from wheat it's not surprising, the scent of coriander seems to be a hot dog."

Next, B beer.

"Oh, this is a traditional color and it is very bluish."

Mr. Oliver who smells fragrance "It is my favorite fragrance, it is very clear, fresh, I want to drink quickly"

Real drink

Oliver who drank A's beer got a voice called "Wow". It looks pretty sweet.

Slight sweetness and a bit of bitterness spread to the tongue, but it seems to be a creamy "not" taste.

Next, B beer.

A voice of admiration called "Boon" came out.

"With very good bubbles, the features of the orange peel are very clear, the bitterness is perfect, it looks like I'm drinking it."

Of course Mr. Oliver's answer is "B"

A is a Belzian white, somewhere a childish taste. B is the real thing.

If you turn the paper while saying "If the correct answer is reversed," she said, "It's amazing," she said.

A said that it is unsatisfactory for Belgian white in terms of "refreshing". Mr. Oliver said, "It is worth paying extra $ 1 for B."

Next is " IPA "

It is not well known that IPA stands for India-Pale Yale. Originating in the 1700s and its history is old, it seems to be a traditional beer that should be said to be the original style of beer.

IPA born in the UK is sent to South Africa and further to Calcutta, it is a beer symbolizing the colonialism of the British Empire. Characterized by dry, sharp, bitter, intense hop scent. It seems that it adapted to a 6 month cruise by storing a large amount of hops in a wooden beer barrel and storing it.

Pour A 's beer into the glass.

Although it seems that IPA of the past was transparent, recent IPA has said that it is a hazy condition often.

Intense hop scent.

Since hops are expensive, there seems to be a simple guideline that beers that feel strongly about hops are high.

Next, when pouring B beer into the glass, it is quite dark shades for IPA.

It seems that it is not bad smell, but it is a bit different from that of IPA. There is a lot of malt or biscuit-like fragrance.

Bubbles seem to be not bad.

Mr. Oliver who has checked the fragrance and drank a bite.

"I drank unintentionally" I smiled bitterly.

Tasting again.

A beer said, "The fragrance is very strong, the bitterness is soft, but it's well-balanced, the smell of hops keeps staying down", which is a great evaluation.

Next, B beer.

It is said that it tastes a bit like a metal.

Although it has a chemical impression from the technical point of view, it seems that it is not bad as the direction of beer.

It is predicted that A, which seems to have been made with a lot of hops, will be high with a firm taste like IPA.

The result is a big difference.

Mr. Oliver was also surprised at the price difference beyond imagination.

However, Oliver said that both beers are worth the price. If I want to enjoy a rich hop A, I say that B seems to fit for hamburgers and pizza.

It seems that the taste that will start on IPA-like tongue is A.

Next is "Munich Dark Lager (Munich · Dark · Lager)"

Prior to Pilsner, Dark Lager was the most common beer.

First is A's beer.

"It's a beautiful bubble,"

The smoky scent is also pretty good, it seems to be a dark lager that is deep enough to become several layers.

Meanwhile, B beer.

"It's not that dark, but it's not a bad color"

Large bubbles do not have density like "rock", it seems not to be compared with A.

Simple aroma, the caramel element is stronger.

Drinking from A ... ...

Jump out "Boon"

The bitterness is soft and comes from malt.

It seems that I want to drink with a big roast beef on a holiday for a slight sweetness and a strong creamy.

On the other hand, B is ...

Light and one-dimensional taste, the evaluation is low.

Of course Mr. Oliver's answer is "A"

Again correct answer.

It is said that the difference of the price nearly two times is the difference of malt. The deep caramel flavor of a traditional dark lager made from Munich's malt seems to be worth the price, unlike the artificial one made from sugar.

"Barrel-Aged Beer (Barrel Aged Brewery)"

Barrel aged beer to be aged in wooden barrels seems to be expensive as the aging time is longer. There are also ways to insert chips for time.

First is A's beer. It is quite dark shades.

A tightly packed foam like a rock is a good impression.

Mr. Oliver who smelled fragrance stated that it was Scottish barrel.

If you use chips to speed up maturation, you get a scent like vanilla or coconut, it does not seem like this genuine depth.

One beer of B. It is a much thinner color compared to A.

"It smells a bit like vanilla or coconut, and the smell of authentic wood is a little."

The texture of the foam also seems to fall off when compared with A.

Oliversea who drank A's beer, "Wow" capped.

"I'm silent. Let's talk."

It looks like dark chocolate, a wonderful softness just aged in barrels.

"You can assert that this is not using chips, it's really gorgeous."

As opposed to B beer ......

It definitely has a solid taste, but it does not reach the authentic taste aged in a barrel for a long time.

Mr. Oliver's choice is "A"

The difference in pure aging time is said to have appeared.

As a result, the price is surprisingly different.

Mr. Oliver surprised.

To be honest, I think that choosing B is not bad at all, considering the difference of nearly four times.

If you want to taste a special beer that has been aged over a long period of time, you should choose A. I am sure that it will be a special experience.

At the end is "Fruit Sour"

It is said that it was done from long ago to add flavor to beer using fruits as well as other drinks such as cocktails. In particular, it seems that things containing fruits in barrels were common.

Mr. Oliver pointed out that B's bottle is a traditional design with a "cork" stopper.

You may think that it looks like champagne, but in reality historically fruit and sour ahead. It seems that it was champagne that imitated fruit · sour.

Pour A 's beer into the glass and it' s bright red.

"It's a beautiful color like raspberry"

Then B. Pull out the cork stopper.

Dark color when pouring.

"It's a color that Dracula is likely to drink"

The brownish color means that the fruit has oxidized after a long time.

It seems that there is a sour scent slightly like vinegar.

It can be imagined that it is the fragrance produced by natural yeast in the barrel.

First off from A.

Mr. Oliver looked at the unnaturalness that sugar was added.

On the other hand, if you include B in your mouth it will leak "Wow"

The taste like cherry makes the sour taste stronger but refined taste.

Of course Oliver's answer is "B"

Correct. It is the largest price difference ever.

"A is a pleasant taste like a cheesecake, while B tastes like a rich cheese of a goat," he made a unique expression.

According to Mr. Oliver, the world of beer is tremendously wide and extraordinarily deep. For beers of various price ranges, there is "value" commensurate with that, and high beers can have a special "experience" that matches their value, so they want you to experience various beers.

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